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About Michael...

I'm Michael. I live just south of London.

I have a great interest in Postcrossing and last year I managed to succeed in getting Guernsey Post to release a special Postcrossing stamp! Perhaps you have seen it on the Postcrossing blog?

My neighbour and I both collect stamps, so if you choose to send your card to me in an envelope, please can you include a few stamps (used ones are great!) if you have any spare?

I'm happy to receive any type of postcard, literally anything! My favourite postcards are ones featuring

• Anything to do with The Sooty Show!
• Cards with tickets, maps and other things related to modern transport
• Recipe cards
• Flag cards
• Telephone boxes
• Postboxes
• Maps
• Humour
• Postcards made out of strange materials
• Postcards posted in places with strange postmarks (like Poldark Mine and Hafod Eryri in the UK)

If you have a chance, please try and use as many wacky stamps as you can; my local post office is getting so annoyed with all the weird price stamps I keep buying!

Please put the date on your card!

What I really like is when people make up a complete lie about their town, but make it funny - "My village is ruled by a three metre high goldfish named Eric" or "We have a church in the town, made entirely of cheese" - go on, be creative!

Thanks and Happy Postcrossing :-)

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