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I'm a retired local government officer with serious health issues but I retain a sense of (dry) humour. I originally trained as a librarian but after a few years in libraries I moved to the Council's Housing Department and then the Chief Executive's Department. I enjoyed most of my working life and still tend to think of myself as a librarian.

I have three living children - One boy (aged 30 and living at home) and two girls by a previous marriage (in their thirties and living with their husbands in Sheffield and Exeter respectively). I have a grandson and two granddaughters. My present wife (for 31 years) is also one of my best friends. We had another boy who died in infancy and will always be missed.

I have a genuine interest in the world and all the lovely people in it. I believe in peace and I dislike prejudice in any shape or form. I am upset by Brexit and can't believe that it's going ahead. I believe in building bridges not walls. (Apart from that comment I won't mention politics!)

My main interests nowadays are blogging, reading, photography, natural history, sketching, painting, and family. Since taking up blogging and postcrossing my circle of friends has become truly international and I love the opportunity that blogging and postcrossing give for spreading kindness and love around the world.

My main blog is
I often show incoming and outgoing cards (without messages and addresses) on my Instagram account @cjohnedwards. I'm always happy to have new followers.

I will be quite happy with whatever postcard you send, especially if it relates to where you live. And here is a list of ideas for you…
- something showing people and animals(!) reading,
- books, bookshops and libraries
- anything to do with the postal service (postboxes, postmen, postwomen, etc)
- UNESCO World Heritage Sites
- Department maps of France
- State maps of the USA
- Black and white and vintage cards
- Nouvelles Images

- I like cards by Inge Löök; Francine Van Hove; Irina Zeniuk; Sven Nordqvist; Lennart Helje; Alexander Maskaev; Alexey Dolotov; Lena Gnedkova; V A Dakhno;; Cornelis Jetses; Erkers Marie Persson; Bonnier Carlsen; Jan Bergerlind; Elizabeth Bem; Lill and Ge; Lena Anderson; Kerstin Westin; and Elsa Baskow.

- Other things that make me happy include dragonflies; moths; reptiles and amphibians; smiles; kisses; national costumes; pretty women; cats; birds, Audrey Hepburn; costume; photos or paintings of women's backs; and cards with the name of your state / town/ area across the front and a picture or pictures of the place . I would love to receive Icons of the Countries Series cards by or Flags of the World Series by

I like unusual stamps and especially ones with wildlife or flowers on them. (I don't collect stamps I just like to see them on the card

Thanks for reading my profile

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