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About John...

I'm a retired local government officer with serious health issues but I still retain a sense of humour. I originally trained as a librarian but after a few years in libraries I moved to the Housing Department and then the Chief Executive's Department where I was responsible for anything no one else wanted! Despite all that I still tend to think of myself as a librarian.

I have three living children - One boy (aged 28 and living at home) and two girls by a previous marriage (in their thirties and living with their husbands in Sheffield and Exeter respectively). Both girls have a child so I have a grandson and a granddaughter. My present wife (of 29 years and one of my best friends) and I also had another boy who died in infancy and will always be missed.

I have a genuine interest in the world and all the lovely people in it. I believe in peace and I dislike prejudice in any shape or form. To my EU neighbours I am devastated by Brexit and can't believe that it's going ahead. I didn't vote for it!

My main interests nowadays are blogging, reading, photography, natural history, and family.

Since taking up blogging and postcrossing my circle of friends has become truly international and I love the opportunity that blogging and postcrossing give for spreading kindness and love around the world.

My main blog is
but I also have a postcard blog at

My favourite cards are listed below but I will be quite happy with whatever postcard you send, especially if it relates to where you live.

So here is a list of ideas for you…
- something showing people or animals(!) reading, books and libraries (cards by Danny Chen would be wonderful!)
- anything to do with the postal service (postboxes, postmen, postwomen, etc)
- UNESCO World Heritage Sites
- Department maps of France
- State maps of the USA (I also like US State flowers, insects, etc.)
- a map of your country, your region, your town - any type of map
- cards with the name of your state / town/ area across the front and a picture or pictures of the place
- magnificent or unusual geology / nature
- I also like Inge Löök cards from Finland.
- Anything by Francine Van Hove - please, please, please.
- Other things that make me happy include dragonflies; moths; reptiles; smiles; kisses; national costumes; cats; and birds.
- If you look at my favourites you'll see a variety of other things that I like such as pictures of Audrey Hepburn, women in Nineteenth Century costume and photos or paintings of women's backs.

I like unusual stamps and especially ones with wildlife or flowers on them. (I don't collect stamps I just like to see them on the cards.)