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Chrissy Lau is an award-winning, British-born Chinese designer/illustrator based in Sydney, Australia. Her designs are inspired by her Chinese heritage and are instantly recognizable by her signature delicate lines and intricate patterns.

A sheet of Christmas Island stamps on the theme of the Lunar New Year of the Ox 2021

Chrissy took the time to answer Clarisse (aka CStar9)'s questions via email last summer, including sharing her unexpected journey from law school to full-time illustration, the many ways her family and culture influence her work, and why she always begins her drawings on A4 paper. Lunar New Year is just around the corner, so this seems like a nice time to publish her interview here on the blog!

A photo of Chrissy in her studio
Photo courtesy of Chrissy Lau
Your recognizable style carries across many different media (stamps, Royal Mint coins, sculpture, labels, murals, books). I learned from another fantastic interview that you’re a self-taught artist. Wow! What was your journey to professional art?

Ever since I can remember, I loved drawing. It had never dawned on me to pursue a creative career, it was just something I did to express myself. I was also very academic. I went to a private high school where they focus on careers such as medicine or law… which is why I graduated with a law degree.

I never became a working barrister; I knew after two weeks of law at uni that I didn’t like it. I carried it on anyway, as I thought it would be a good degree to have! A bit silly, but you feel responsible when you grow up with two parents who left school very young and worked very hard at their Chinese takeaway. They were always very supportive of any decisions I made, but I put that pressure on myself to finish my degree.

A few of Chrissy's designs. Some of the illustrations are featured in coins and wine bottles.
A few of Chrissy’s designs (explore more in her portfolio!)

Growing up, everyone was so encouraging about my drawings and always told me how creative I was but I never considered it as a career. There was an insane amount of reading to do at uni, so I drew more and more to keep myself sane. After uni I decided to see if I could sell my drawings. I still didn’t have the courage to pursue illustration full-time, so I continued with commissions at night whilst juggling various day jobs.

You took the plunge in 2013 to work as an illustrator full-time. What was your first postal commission?

An envelope featuring Guernsey Post's Lunar Year stamps for the year of the horse My first postal commission was Year of the Horse 2014 for Guernsey Post (read more about that philatelic series here).

Since then, I have illustrated each animal zodiac. 2024 will be the Year of the Dragon. The final animal of the series will be the Snake, in 2025—that will be a full zodiac collection of stamps.

In 2021, Australia Post commissioned the Year of the Ox, and I’ve continued with them on an annual Zodiac series. Australia Post's Christmas Island stamps for the New Year of the Tiger. Australia Post's Christmas Island stamps for the New Year of the Rabbit

In general, do you approach stamps differently than other work?

Stamps are really small, so the designs need to be eye-catching and not too detailed for technical/manufacturing reasons. The stamps I create for Guernsey Post and Australia Post are gold embossed (or foiled), so there needs to be enough breathing space between the lines as well as a minimum line weight so that they can be printed correctly.

What’s your personal relationship to paper in general, and to postal mail specifically?

I always sketch on paper. I need something physical to hold and see in order to get started. I like plain A4 printer paper. If the paper is too nice, or if it’s in a nice notebook or sketchbook, I always fear ruining it!

I like sending cards but I’m not fussed about receiving them. My family lives in England (where I’m originally from; I now live in Sydney) so I always like to send letters, photographs, and drawings to them.

Can you give us an example of how your East-meets-West identity manifests in your work?

I take my experience of growing up in England (1984–2007) and Australia (2007+) and mix it with my experience of being British-born Chinese. I have only lived in the Western world, so the inspiration/imagery of Chinese culture is what I’ve seen in England and Australia.

Illustration from Chrissy’s interactive<br/>
StoryBox animation My Father's story
Illustration from Chrissy’s interactive
StoryBox animation, My Father’s Story

My late father was my biggest inspiration and a fountain of knowledge when it came to learning the deeper meanings and symbolisms of Chinese culture. My dad had an incredible journey climbing over the border from China to Hong Kong when he was 10, to escape poverty. He was a big believer in feng shui and also very superstitious, so we always had long chats about my designs as well as Chinese history and Chinese art. When I create Asian-influenced art, it runs quite deep with meaning and symbolism as I pay homage to my heritage and my dad’s influence, whilst also creating something mesmerising to draw in anyone of any heritage. I grew up in Northern England and pretty much experienced racism on a daily basis, so to create Asian-inspired art means I am sharing my culture/heritage to create more familiarity and less hostility.

The stamps I create are launched from the West, but they are also sold in China and other Asian countries, so before they’re approved, we seek feedback from Chinese stamp experts.

I spend lots of time researching to ensure each object in the illustration represents something meaningful in Chinese/Asian culture. It’s important for me to create beautiful art that is intriguing and enticing and can be enjoyed by the viewer in a way that invites them to find out the deeper meanings behind the art.

Chrissy in her studio, a view from above, featuring her at her desk surrounded by artwork
Chrissy in her studio. Photo courtesy of Chrissy Lau.
The foundation of your artwork seems to be fountain pen and ink. How does that manifest in the digital age?

Before 2018, my art was very detailed and hand drawn: lots of black ink and splashes of red. I really enjoyed the style of block printing, so I liked to emulate that. I also drew a lot of hair with fine lines and lots of patterns. In order to become more commercial, I have had to evolve and inject more colour into the art whilst retaining my signature patterns.

In late 2018, I started to use an iPad to create art. I was very skeptical, but it was recommended to me by Luke Shadbolt who is a very talented photographer and husband to fashion influencer Nicole Warne. I was commissioned by them to do some illustrations for their wedding invitations, and they both said the iPad was a game changer for them. I haven’t looked back since – a small investment but one that has paid dividends.


My old process was hand-drawing sketches, scanning and emailing to the client, and once they were approved, I would outline in fountain pen and rub out the pencil marks. If I didn’t have a firm hold of the paper it would scrunch along with the eraser! I would then scan the outline and email to the client. Once it was approved, I would colour digitally in Photoshop on my laptop (I taught myself how to use Photoshop when I was 12, so years later it came in handy!).

My new digital process cuts out scanning/erasing, which speeds things up a lot. The iPad also allows me to create artwork in vectors (vectors don’t diminish in quality no matter how much you zoom in, as opposed to raster – when you zoom in it gets blurry) on the Adobe Illustrator app. It’s like drawing with a pen and paper, and it cuts out the need to learn Adobe Illustrator’s desktop version with a mouse, which is much trickier.

What element of your job as an artist do you like the most, and why?

I enjoy the challenge of turning a brief of words into visuals. I really enjoy creating art that’s inspired by my Chinese heritage because I can share the art with my children and teach them about their culture.

What do you like least about your work as an artist?

I’m not keen when clients change the brief halfway through as I’ve already completed a lot of research and brainstorming, or they tell you it’s a rush job and then take ages to give their feedback. It’s not that bad really, though as it doesn’t happen that often.

What is something are you proud of, outside of your artwork?

An illustration featuring a person and lots of small drawings floating above their head I’m proud that I am a good problem solver. I’m good at teaching myself how to do anything I put my mind to.

In 2010, I was asked by a recruiter if I knew what search engine marketing was and if I’d be interested in a job. I didn’t know what it was, but I learned to analyse data with various formulas and turn it into a report presentation… so I got the job! I did it for three years and I didn’t actually enjoy it, but I’m quite proud that I figured it out.

I am proud of my two sons – and of the fact they can grow up worry-free. I grew up as a translator for my parents (English was their second language), so a lot of responsibility fell on me. I also worked in their Chinese takeaway from a young age; it was just what had to be done. But I am grateful that I learnt lots of skills (using a wok, counting money, preparing food).

To learn more about her Chrissy, check out her website and portfolio. Over the years, she has given several interviews — for instance, about her work for the Sydney Lunar Festival, Guernsey Post, IllustrationX or Collective magazine.

Good news, everyone! Clarisse has a few sets of postmarked FDCs featuring Chrissy’s Lunar New Year stamps to send out to some randomly picked postcrossers! 🎉 To participate, leave a comment below sharing your Chinese zodiac sign or what your plans are for Lunar New Year celebrations (if any)! Come back this time next week to check out the winners, which will be selected randomly.

And the winners of this giveaway, as chosen by Paulo’s random number generator are… KeepItReal, Annemarielouise, norma4728 and skyjuice! Congratulations, and thank you all for participating!

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Lilou_lavande, Germany

My zodiac sign is the rabbit. Unfortunately here in Germany, lunar new year is not widely celebrated in a big way. But when I lived in London, I went to see a Chinese lunar new year’s parade, which was really interesting.

BestWishesEric, United States of America

Great interview! It was fascinating to read about the design process. I'm a horse. :)

debbiemilly, Canada

Lol I am Rat 😊 but I love it. I plan to try and buy some stamps to celebrate!

jjmedusa, United States of America

Her designs are absolutely stunning! I especially like her tiger 2022 stamp designs. Maybe because I am a tiger! :)

shieru, Russia

Such a brilliant person! And the art is simply gorgeous, those stamps surely inspire lots of people. Thanks for sharing the interview!

HM, Netherlands

I turned out to be a snake. I usualy celebrate Chineese new year by visiting my local Chinese Restaurant. They are very friendly.
If I take postcrossing postcards with Chinese quotes or writing with me they give a quick translation.

Süper to see this interview with such a famous succesfull designer!

CindyMc, United States of America

I really enjoyed learning about Clarisse and her beautiful art. I’m an Aquarius. ♒️

Ma100084, China

The design of the horse year stamp is amazing!

Saleant, Canada

Stunning artwork! I am a Rooster and Hong Kong is one of my very favourite cities in the world. I work with many Chinese colleagues and we always have a big Lunar New Year celebration at the office.

CorgiGirl, United States of America

Chrissy‘s artwork is beautiful. Thank you for sharing her interview with us.

PeggyLoh, Singapore

Hi all, I was born in the year of the Rat.
Lunar New Year is a holiday to bond, visit friends n little red packets for the children. A great way to spend the holidays n make it more productive n enjoyable.........Have a great 2024 everyone.

JonathanChua, Singapore

Hello everybody, I was born in the year of the Dog.
A loyal n trustable guy according to the Dog Horoscope.
Lunar New Year - a time to catch-up with relatives n friends n a time to figure how n what to do to make it a better 2024. Cheers everyone n have a thoughtful n productive 2024.

katsmother, United Kingdom

Hi all! I really enjoyed reading about Chrissy and her work is stunning :))
I visited Hong Kong many years ago and still have lots of good memories.
I was born in the Year of the Rat. As I live near London in the UK I will be attending the Chinese Lunar New Year parade on 11th February with my family and am planning to enjoy lots of good food.

anna_2020, Russia

Stamps are absolutely beautiful and lovely! I was born in the year of the Monkey 🙈According to the Lunar horoscope, I'm an ambitious, optimistic, and talented person 😄

Philatelist, United States of America

I used world-wide postage stamps in collage art for many years and always thought it would be so great to design stamps. Her work and career is amazing to this year of the wood horse!

Ejderha, Netherlands

Thank you so much for this interesting interview! I love the illustrations and designs by Chrissy: as an artist it's always inspiring to see other artist's work and artistic journey.
I am a Dragon, so this is my year! 🐉💜🐲
I'm also an avid dragon collector and next to figurines or other items have collected many stamps and cards from previous Dragon Years and other zodiac years.
Wishing you all an amazing Dragon Year full of good health, great luck, warm happiness, hope, peace and postcards!🎊

beesknees, United States of America

Beautiful illustrations. I was born in the year of the tiger which I love, and ask for tiger postcards. My work at times has exhibits for different cultures - one year we received a beautiful red envelope at Chinese New Year

Ricardo_Chen, Malaysia

I think the zodiac is very Chinese. Each zodiac sign has its own unique symbolic meaning, often related to people's character traits, destiny and personality traits. (I actually think this is a bit superstitious). I am very happy to see this Chinese culture beginning to spread around the world. In fact, in ancient times, the dragon represented the emperor, and only he could be called a dragon.
Thank you to the designer for the design. What touched me most was her father’s story and her persistence in art.
I wish everyone a happy Year of the Dragon and everything goes well.
By the way, February 10th this year is the Spring Festival. Maybe you can go to Chinatown in your city to feel the atmosphere of the Spring Festival.

cjf3848, United States of America

Thanks for a lovely interview! I am an Earth Rat and will celebrate the New Year by attending the Lantern Festival at our local zoo with my son and his wife.

kcm76, United Kingdom

What wonderful artwork and designs!
I'm a Metal Tiger, born January 1951 right at the end of the Year of the Tiger!
Although we personally don't celebrate Chinese New Year (maybe we should?!) there are quite a few celebrations in the UK.
I wonder if I can make it to 2034 to see the dawning of the next Year of the Tiger -- I'll be 83 by then, so wish me luck!

bell91095, United States of America

Such beautiful, detailed designs! I'm a Tiger!

aerobear, United States of America

What a cool insight into such a creative process! In my city of Seattle, the USPS will have a First Day of Issue ceremony for the new Dragon stamp, but I’ll be in France for their First Day Dragon instead. Seattle has a big parade and festival for Lunar New Year.
I was born in the Year of the Snake. 🐍

EMJE60, Netherlands

A very nice interview with this kind and talented artist Chrissy. Thanks a lot. The stamps are so great! "Little" peaces of great art! I found out I'm a Water Snake. And 2025 will be my Zodiac year of the Snake -;)

Verabrady, United States of America

I’ve been boasting to everyone that this is my year because I was born in 1952, a dragon year! On New Year’s Day I got the piece of cake that had the lucky coin in it ( a Greek tradition) so that doubles my luck as far as I’m concerned. I’ve been getting books from the library’s children section and the one I have at home now is THE CHINESE BOOK OF ANIMAL POWERS by Chungliang Al Huang. The illustrations and calligraphy are so extraordinary. Ms Lau’s designs are exquisite. I’m so glad Postcrossing introduced me to her work. May 2024 be the year that the wood dragon fires us all up to be kind to each other.


Very nice interview. I'm a zodiac year of the Rabbit

fredapepla, United States of America

What a fantastic interview! Thanks, Chrissy and Clarisse. I was born in the year of the Ox. This is extra jolly because I love oxen.

JoanneW, United Kingdom

Great interview - I was born in the year of the monkey

Seasidecaroline, New Zealand

Chrissy’s art is amazing, so talented. Congratulations on all your commissions, so cool. I love Chinese Zodiac art and collect stamps and first day covers of them. Luckily here in NZ they print Zodiac stamps and I like to use them on my postcards.

mysweetlife63, United States of America

I love your work!

Chirp2lou, Canada

Beautiful work, Chrissy!
I am a Rat, married to a Dog. I live in Victoria BC, location of the second oldest Chinatown in North America. Even though Chinatown is not big, Lunar New Year is a big celebration here. When I was growing up, our family always went out for a special Lunar New Year dinner and I like to do that still as well as attend New Year celebrations.

industria, Germany

thank you so much for this very interesting interview! I had never thought about my Chinese zodiac sign, but I would like to win the giveaway (thank you, so generous!) and looked it up. Seems like the year I was born in was a year of the snake.

squinklepost, Canada

Thanks for a great interview! I'm a dog, and my husband is a dragon, so it's always an adventure with us.

farrallon, United States of America

I’m a rat! 🐀 I will be celebrating Lunar New Year in San Francisco. Awkwafina is our parade Grand Marshall. Thr parade is in the evening and one of the most beautiful events of the year.

babytreese, United States of America

Amazing interview! What a talented young lady! I hope to receive some of her stamps someday. I was born in the Year of the Monkey.

norma4728, United States of America

Beautiful, creative and inspiring personal story and art! I am an artist myself and love to how other creative types do their work and are inspired, Thanks for publishing Chrissy's story and thoughts! I am a Rooster. My husband of 56 years is a Dog. I am alerted when he calls me on my cell phone by a barking ringtone!! I love it!!

Casehandler, United Kingdom

Beautiful, beautiful artwork - thanks for a great blog! I’m a Metal Ox 🐂 - sending Chrissy, and all our Postcrossing family, good wishes of safety, peace and happiness this coming Year of the Dragon 🐉

Ebi, Belgium

Full of wonder - her style, the details and soul of her artwork is so tangible. Beautiful story, bringing joy and inspiration. Winterwishes,
a fire dragon & aquarius

suxies, Spain


Beautiful designs, I love it!!
I was born in the year of the monkey and Acuarius!!

Luborges, Brazil

What delicate and gentle work. I'm a fire goat!

petrini1, United States of America

I was born in the Year of the Dragon, so it's my year! I love her exquisite artwork!

Bossmare, United States of America

I am a goat. Greatest of all Time! LOL I love your drawings, they are so whimsical and fantastic. I love the stamps and hope to receive them from fellow post crossers!

djcid, United States of America

Year of the Boar 🐷 🐗
Nice interview 👍
Always good to read about Postal Illustration ✍️ 🎨 📮📬

DianeM, United States of America

Thank you, CStar9, for sharing Chrissy's story! Chrissy, your artistry is stunning and exquisite. I hope I am fortunate enough to receive some postage stamps that you designed. In the Chinese Zodiac, I am a horse.

CYCyx, China

Those stamps're so beautiful! My twin daughters are two little snakes, just the final animal of Chrissy's zodiac stamps series :)

feral, Australia

I am a snake ... I have a beautiful brew-in teacup from HK to prove it, ha! I am always awe struck by such artists as Chrissy Lau.

LovelySunshine3, United States of America

Beautiful, Chrissy!!! Thank you!!!

roy506, China

These are very excellent designs! The stamples of Chinese animal zodiac are very beautiful.

Michaela-SK, Slovakia

Beautiful illustrations! I just found out my sign is an ox. In Slovakia we do not have the special celebration of Chinese Lunar New Year.

Knirin, Germany

Thank you for the interview, her artwork is lovely!
I was born in the Dragon, so I assume this will be my year... ;-)
I don't really know anything about the lunar new year. It's not celebrated much here in Germany.

saintursula, Germany

I was born in the year of the Pig. I've been to the big new year celebration in San Francisco before, which was a lot of fun and super crowded.

seattlestacia, United States of America

I am Year of the Ox. I didn't pay much attention to the zodiac until I married my now-ex husband, a Japanese American. He was Year of the Dragon - very auspicious. :D One of my sons was born in 2000 - Golden Dragon!

marijeuk, United Kingdom

I love the art work and enjoyed reading the interview. I am a water ox🐮🐃

islander61, Bahamas

My husband and older daughter are Dragons so this is "their" upcoming year. Younger daughter and I are an oxen team :) We usually get takeaway Chinese food. I have a cousin here who married into the Chinese community and they have four daughters and now two granddaughters.

parthacosmos, India

Didn't know this earlier, I checked and found out that i was born on the year of the horse. I collect stamps and coins. Just loved to read the creators perspective.

maria90, Germany

what a beautiful way to express the own art style!

my zodiac sign is the horse:-)

Classic, Australia

As an Australian it was great to read about the person behind our wonderful LNY stamps! I'm excited to get our 2024 Year of the Dragon LNY stamps also designed by Chrissy Lau later this month (Jan 29th!).

Personally I was born in the Year of the Rooster, waiting until 2029 until we celebrate again.

lama1, Netherlands

I'm a tiger.
In a few big cities in the western part of the country they celebrate Lunar New Year with lion dances. Nothing in this area of the country.

VilhelmR, Denmark

I'm a fire rabbit, and I have very specific travel memories associated with lunar new year, so I'll be reminiscing about those :).

shelopolis, Canada

I was born in Year of the Tiger... I do miss Canada Post's annual Lunar New Year collection, but luckily just found a few old dragons for this year!

tw1nlyn, United States of America

1957 is the rooster, right? Your designs are amazing!! Lynne

Tetsuko, Germany

Thanks a lot for the lovely spotlight. Very great designs.

I'm a fire rabbit.

marupiter, United States of America

I hope to attend a local museum's lunar new yeae festival this year!

qrd, United States of America

Beautiful designs!

Year of the rat.

kburrell, United States of America

I am a Libra, born in the year of the Wood Sheep. I'm attending a stamp issue ceremony in Chinatown, Seattle,USA, and a meetup as well. Seeing the new stamp for the Lunar New Year in the US will be fun.

MareGel, Philippines

From 2013 ... the Year of the Horse 2014 for the Guernsey Post
up to the Australian Stamps they are spectacular and very intricate ....lovely !!! Chrissy Lau is truly a sensational artist!!! I am a Sagittarius, I was born year of the Snake :) kudos to postcrossing and Chrissy Lau !!!! :)

Tisfortexan, United States of America

Beautiful designs and an interesting read! I was born in the year of the Monkey. Though the lunar new year is not widely celebrated in my area, I am beginning to see more decorations each year. Of course the USPS issues a special stamp each year. This year, I am celebrating by hosting a giveaway in the Forum where I'll share the USPS stamps with fellow Postcrossers as well as a dragon red envelop and special US currency for good luck.

Gyuzel, Russia

Thanks for the interesting interview! Chrissy's work is very beautiful. My zodiac sign is the metal pig. And I'm very passionate about Chinese metaphysics. I study Qi Men Dun Jia and Bazi. I look forward to the coming year of the Wooden Dragon

Kewl, Philippines

The first line screams "international" as how this world has become. Such an embodiment in the artist is a joy to read. Thank you for sharing your art.
I was born under the year of the pig!

hola_olaaa, Spain

Interesting interview with Chrissy, enjoyed reading her story of an immigrant family. I admire Chrissy's self-determination of learning and pursuing the dream, which led to being able to turn her hobby into a full-time job. The designs are beautiful, stamps are little pieces of art.

I was born in the year of the monkey. ✨

Aleeesa, United States of America

My Chinese zodiac sign is a rabbit!

This year I will be at a Postcrossing meetup to which I will drive 3 hours one way, so I will not have time on Feb 17 to attend any other fun events.

Such an insightful interview! Thank you!

Maddymail, United Kingdom

I'm a Stallion Baby!

Guernsey Year of the Horse is one of my favourite sets, I am a Capricorn born is the Year of the Metal Horse

mere5oh, United States of America

Horse! And my Lunar NY plans are to keep recovering from a very bad last couple of months in 2023, and to work on recovering my emotional state.

orihalcon, United States of America

This story resonates with me. Thanks for sharing Chrissy’s story. I plan to celebrate by making a new year rice cake. It’s my parents’ tradition passed down to me, one that I hope to continue!

jrowley, United States of America

Beautiful contributions to the world of art. I am an old Horse who loves your artwork.

skyjuice, Malaysia

My Zodiac sign is monkey
My plans for Lunar New Year celebrations are baking some cookies to share with my family members and friends and we are going to have a gathering on the 5th days of Lunar New Year.

Sprinkledonut, Canada

Thanks for sharing this artist profile! I'm year of the rat.

Van_Nasa, Singapore

I'm a rabbit zodiac, but since someone in my family passed on recently, we will be abstaining from a Lunar New Year celebration this year. But if my friends are unopposed, I might visit them if I have time!

Mirfi, Australia

Every year I always make sure to buy some Luner New Year stamps.
And now I know who has illustrated them! I love them, especially with the foil highlights. I also like that there is always a decorative gutter strip. I leave that on when I use the stamps.

KeepItReal, Germany

I really enjoy her wonderful artwork. My zodiac sign is goat.

Meanderingmarvel, United Arab Emirates

My Chinese zodiac is the Goat and according to the Western zodiac, I'm a Capricorn, so it's the perfect blend of East and West! Loved this interview and would enjoy more of a similar theme.

mounten, Italy

My Chinese Zodiac is the Rabbit, in the Western Zodiac I*m a Libra. Chrissys story is fantastic and I love her illustrations. Great topic.

Patrick, Germany

Beautiful illustrations! I really appreciate the background info. I wonder if Germany will start a nice tradition like some of our neighbors. I am an Ox.

genk, Slovenia

Hello !

Very interesting interview.
Fantastic illustrations and beautiful stamps.
My Chinese Zodiac is the Rabbit.

Marko, ciao.

gilk3, United States of America

I am a rabbit, which may in fact match up well with my personality. Chicago has a nice Chinatown and my wife and I went down on Chinese New Year and celebrated one year.

AnMiSa, Germany

I was born in the year of the dog and am lovely, honest, prudent- sure ;-)
I'm very interested in the stamps on my received cards and always have a colourful variety of stamps to put on my cards. I like the shown designs and am impressed by the way Chrissy went to make her passion a profession.

Toome2, Netherlands

Beautiful work! I am an Ox so know what hard work can be and enjoying.
Love to draw too and because of my grand-grand-grand parents, I have also an intrest in the Chinese feng sui. So thanks for this interview and the great artist.

wilmavz, Netherlands

Lovely interview.

I'm a Metal Ox.
In my birth city Rotterdam Chinese New Year is always celebrated in a big way. I've been there a few times.

mooseontheloose, Japan

What a great interview - I love Chrissy's designs. I was born in the year of the (wood) tiger, which didn't matter much growing up in Canada, but now I live in Japan and the Chinese zodiac has a lot more presence here, especially at New Year's.

GracielouDavis, United States of America

I am a Tiger! It’s my favorite Zodiac sign. I haven’t managed to enjoy day of celebrations for the Chinese New Year but I have been a few places to see the preparations and they are always so beautiful!

mar872, Canada

I am the year of the dog. I am married to a Chinese, so we do a small lunar New Year celebration every year. However, we live in a major Canadian city and there are festival around the area to celebrate the New Year. :)

ilse98, Netherlands

Hi, im from the year of the tiger, which is by coincidence also the name of my lovely older cat. unfortunatly we dont celebrate the lunar New Year so i dont have any plans for that. Enjoy the year of the Dragon everyone!!!

Bookhuntress, United States of America

Beautiful work!
I am a Fire Rooster. I live in a small town so there aren't any celebrations for the New Year.

helent, Australia

I just ordered the cards for our Lunar New Year meet up, can't wait to pair them with Chrissy's stamps.

I am a Dragon, this year's is especially important for me.

jeannor, United States of America

Fascinating! I just learned I am an Earth Ox!! Beautiful artistry! Iive in small rural city, and I am unaware of Lunar New Year celebrations,

valeri20, United States of America

My Chinese Zodiac sign is the Sheep/Ram/Goat depending on what your preference is. The stamps are amazing and the article provides more insight on what goes on with stamp illustrations. Thank you for sharing!

Blissbee, Australia

Ha! I've been buying the LNY full sheets since 2020. For some reason Auspost does zero release for international postage- they are domestic post only. I loved the 2021 so far- the stamps are hard to capture in a photograph. The entire motif is raised (embossed), the red is actually holographic (rainbows) and there's gilding (shiny gold) too.

I wasn't so much a fan of the others- the style didn't grab me. The LNY tiger 2022 was also gilded though was over the top I thought.

But the 2024 Dragon, coming out next week, looks gorgeous. Totally cool. It'll be very popular I'd bet, like the 2021 was. I'm in a very Asian centric area which I love for the food/groceries available but can be bad too... Meaning the day of release I'll probably have to hit up 5 or more post offices before I find a single sheet XD

houseofsnarf, United States of America

I really appreciated reading this article, and am so enthused about joining the Postcrossing community! While I may be new to Postcrossing, I have been making my own postcards (painting, collage, etc.) to send to friends for years, but now I am inspired to delve more into designing and creating more for the postcard lovers and collectors out there. I was born in the Year of the Metal Pig, and have been loving the lunar new year stamps issued by USPS.

userchongc1, Singapore

I'm a rabbit. Looking forward for the food and catch up time during the Chinese New Year.

The feature stamps was in my wish list. I have no idea who the designer list. So glad that PC do an article on that.

poetess, Canada

Thanks for showing us the beautiful work!

I am a Snake.

orange_memo, United States of America

I was born in the year of the Horse, The design of the horse year stamp is amazing!

GoCindy, United States of America

Year of the Pig

Reader_7, Ukraine

Quite interesting article.
I was born on year of rabbit

Kainaize, Latvia

I am Dragon!

Luziaceleste, Brazil

I am a dragon and we will gather in a Postcrossing meetup.
Although lunar New year is not the most relevante marker, there is a big communiy of Oriental People that brought celebration to São Paulo, where I live.
This year, a moment to celebrar New Year, v my dragon self and the joy of this community.

By the way, what a beautiful work from Chriss, Love it.

SnailXPRS, Australia

Oh wow! I just recently bought her Year of the Rabbit stamps here in Australia, but I didn't know she's the artist cause unfortunately AusPost doesn't write the name of the artist on the sheet or the stamps! Such fun to realize that I've had her works in my hands :)

Annemarielouise, France

Bravo Chrissy for your wonderful illustrations and the magic of your stamps that illumites the mail. It is very beautiful.
I am from the year of the Monkey. Thanks.

clara6201, United States of America

As another self-taught artist, Chrissy's works are amazing! My Chinese zodiac sign is the Pig. For Lunar New Year I won't be celebrating, but I will be wishing all my friends who celebrate it a Happy New Year! :)

nards_Nuggles, Australia

I am a dragon and I feel that our year has started aleady.
Proud to be a dragon, and lookingforward to celebrating with others.

judy_0112, Taiwan

I was born in the Year of the Dragon.This year I plan to send out some postcards about the Year of the Dradon.It feels very meaningful!

arasmi, United States of America

Such beautiful art! I'm year of the rabbit and I love the rabbit illustration with the moon cakes! So cute!

leaflets, China

A real artist !

GlasgowLove, Germany

Ich bin im Jahr des Hasen geboren. Sehr tolle Zeichnungen. Ich wäre begeistert eine zu erhalten. Viel Erfolg weiterhin.

esmccune, United States of America

when i saw the marvelous 2021 Lunar New Year stamps i thought to myself, 'how did i miss these!?' then i saw that they are from Australia. my wife's a dragon (lol), my daughter's a tiger and my son and i are lowly snakes. a visit to the chinese cultural center here in tucson is a must! at the university of arizona the center for english as a second language always puts on an international festival.

Robin67, Austria

Beautiful art and interesting to read (again)!

I am a goat and my granny was a dragon, so I am being reminded of her a lot now!

Carol1, United States of America

I am a tiger. I love the art, especially the rabbit. Wish we could use the stamps here in the US.

EmmaG, United Kingdom

Chrissy’s work is beautiful.

I am a horse, as is my husband. We have celebrated lunar new year together for the past few years because it’s such a lovely joyous celebration & because I am mostly housebound we like to plan special things to do together at home whenever we’re able. This year we are combining it with our valentines celebrations, we have decorations, activities to do (including making dragon lanterns) and hopefully delicious food. I’m also hoping to send out some New Year postcards x

LordPuffin, United States of America

Beautiful work! I'm an ox.

MishaBueno, United Kingdom

I loved this interview and Chrissy's artwork.
I am also an aspiring artist, so Chrissy's journey really resonates with me and gives me hopes of one day be a full time artist too :-)
I am a Dragon and I really feel that this is my year ! The sky is the limit :-)

Elschwobo, Germany

Wow! Her story and her art is wonderful! I love this interview, I was born in the Year of the Rat.

nisnoopy3, Malaysia

I'll be going back to my hometown to celebrate Chinese Lunar New Year! :D

Junebug1970, United States of America

Your art is beautiful! I love Chinese New Year stamps. I was born in the Year of the Dog.

triomom, United States of America

I loved the art and the interview! I am an ox according to my birth year. I assumed that meant I am stubborn, which I can be lots of the time, but there are better qualities involved. Ox is patient, hard working, and determined. Determination is the positive side of stubborness, and I can see myself as an ox-type person. One of my favorite memories is from about 10 years ago, at the Cleveland, Ohio (USA) zoo during the Chinese Lantern Festival of Lights. What a gorgeous display. Our extended family took a long time at the Zodiac display. We found so many of us displayed traits from our birth year symbols. It was fun and remarkable.

-Arwa-, Mexico

My zodiac sign is the monkey, and to celebrate the Chinese New Year, I may attend one of the festivals that take place in my city.

KienMei, Malaysia

My zodiac is dragon
I will celebrate Chinese New Year with family in Malaysia and look forward reunion dinner

betslets, United States of America

Postcrossing is one hobby that has encouraged me to learn more about different cultures. But having Chinese New Year to celebrate (every year) also encourages me to learn more about Chinese Foods (at least the American versions) and focus on enjoying a great Chinese meal. I am an Ox (at least according to my birth year) and proud of it.

kmc22, United States of America

Years ago, I got to celebrate the new year in 🇻🇳 Vietnam. Tet as it is called there was such a fabulous experience. Being from New York it was fabulous spending the new year outside in warm weather! The lights the color the celebrations and hospitality of friends old and new are an experience this Pig (1971) will never forget!

ningnong, Australia

Thank you Chrissy and Clarisse. Australia will release Chrissy's stamps for the lunar new year of the dragon for Christmas Island tomorrow! Mostly red, of course, but some red and white. With Cruising Yacht Club friends we will celebrate with yum cha at Star Capital Seafood organised by our chinese mate - it’s going to be my year (of the dragon)!

IndigoAngel, Australia

lunar new year stamps / designs are one of my most favourite

Chrissy's designs are wonderful

sydney holds the biggest lunar new year festival outside of asia - i live nowhere near there so i may actually be able to find the new stamps at a post office within 100km of home - maybe i'l go for a drive because i'm a little impatient to wait for a philatelics order to arrive

the tiger is a fab design - there are a few tigers in my family, including me

happy lunar new year

DownGirl, United Kingdom

My zodiac sign is the dog! My family have a pet rescue dog, Luna, who I love dearly. I love Chrissy's illustrations and enjoyed reading about her move into illustration. Happy Lunar New Year.


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