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About Karin...

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I'm Karin and I'm living in Southern Germany (near Munich). I studied Industrial Engineering and I am working as a Technical Writer.

I love travelling and trying out my language skills - but as I never get enough days off work, real travels happen not as often as I would like. ;-) Therefore I travel by reading books and writing letters and postcards, too. But at the same time I love taking my motorbike for a ride!

I love getting letters and postcards from all over the world. Every postcard is welcome, except for ones with spiders, insects and stuff like that on it...

I'd love it if you write something about yourself, or about your country, or even about your language. Perhaps you even want to write me something in your language (please include a translation as I wouldn't be able to understand otherwise)? :-) If you want to tell me more than there is space on a postcard, I don't mind letters either!

If you need any ideas for the picture on the postcard:
- I love books and libraries!

- I love furry animals, as well as birds, e.g. all cats (big and small), dogs, wild animals, owls,... - but please, NO insects, NO spiders, etc.

- My favorite artist is Alphonse Mucha, as well as other artists from that period designing those big, old advertisements. But I also love Krtecek and Sarah Kay as well as the blue cats! ;-)

- I'm interested in all kinds of science, but especially physics and mathematics.

- Food cards are wonderful: ingredients, spices, bread, sweets, tea, local cuisine. If you send such a card, tell me: what do you like to eat or to cook? And why?

- Other things I like are old castles, lighthouses, nature sceneries, especially the ocean and beaches, nature in general, flowers, trees, ...

- Where are you from? Send me your hometown or your most favorite place as a postcard.

- I like motorbikes, old cars and big boats and ships! The illustrations by Bychkov Aleksey Leonidovich are wonderfull, too.

- Special cards I like are for example Lali-riddle-cards, Pola-cards and Maxi Cards.

- The Lord of the Rings, the Hobbit, Sherlock Holmes and Doctor Who are some of my favorite films/books/TV series. I enjoy the Marvel movies a lot, too.

Feel free to use my favorites for inspiration: I would love to get those cards.

But don't worry, I'm happy with every postcard that you like and want to send me. :-)