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The writing prompts invite postcrossers to write about a different topic on their postcards’ messages every month. These are just suggestions though — if you already know what you want to write about, or the recipient gives you some pointers, that’s great too!

We spotted a question on the Questions & Answers tag in the forum a while ago which made us curious, so now we’re opening it up as this month’s reading prompt! Ann-Kathrin (Annkaba) asked this: “What is your favourite word in your language?”

In June, write about your favourite word in your own language!

I know that I spend a lot of time reading, and thus everyone expects me to have a favourite word right on the tip of my tongue—after all, I must love so many words! But I don’t really seem to think about it that way, and I’m much more interested (usually) in the story being told…

A structure of iron letters can be seen against a sky and foliage background

All the same, I do have particular sounds in words that I love to say (and because I love to say them, I’ll confess I often whisper to myself as I’m reading—to the annoyance of my family!). They just make the most satisfying mouth-shapes somehow: stepped, swept, crept, leapt, crypt, tipped… All those “-pt” and “-pped” sounds are pretty delicious somehow.

There are lots of words that mean important things, of course, and that I’m a fan of for the meaning they hold. But I’d be lying if I said they were favourites: the humble “stepped” takes away the prize.

What about you? You can share your favourite word (or words!) in the comments, or use this as a prompt to inspire your Postcrossing messages this month.

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twinkletwonkle, Singapore
Sounds really cool! I might use it on my postcards this month :)
margaridafeliz, Portugal
Hi :)

My favorite your in Portuguese is "Saudade".
This word means a melancholy or nostalgic desire for a person, place or things, which are far away, either in space or time.
Sabina37, Bosnia and Herzegovina
My favorite word in Bosnian language (and it is same in Croatian and Serbian) is 'ispočetka'. Meaning is 'starting something all over again'. For me that is symbol of hope, desire, joy... Even my email address contains that word :-)
Reinamia, Spain
I love how "measure" sounds: [ˈmɛʒɚ] (AFI)
deer_77, China
“Deer ” Because It is the spelling of my nickname, and it happens to be a lovely animal.
portoraj, Portugal
Déjà vu! (have we all been here before?)
wildernesscat, Israel
I like the word "discombobulated". It sounds like a little explosion in your mouth 😊
lindeclark, United States of America
My Favourite word is “Time”. Spending time with my new grandson is a blessing and every minute of time is valuable to me. Each memory and experience I can capture is forever embedded in my mind and heart.
meiadeleite, Portugal
I like the word "pantufa" (slipper, in Portuguese) a lot!
GayeDoreen, United States of America
I LOVE the work “kerfuffle” - it’s just fun to say. 😃
sienemien, Belgium
I love the word Goesting. You say it when you want to do something or to eat something so badly!
CordulaH, Germany
I like the spanish expression "de nada" most. In Northern Germany we say "Da nich für". Both means that we were happy to do something good (please) and don't want to get a thanks.
HBUNNY, Korea (South)
My favorite words are candy, soap bubbles, and princess.
I like these words because they're all cute.
bstb, Germany
I love the English word "onomatopoeia" - for its sound and for the fact that it contains almost all vowels that exist (even all in a row at the end of the word!). :-)
cerres, Estonia
Õhinapõhine - based on excitement. I love the sound and meaning both
Aguaroble, France
I love the Lithuanian word ačiū, it is such a cute way to say thank you!
ruthkepler, United States of America
I like the word "evensong" in English. Both the sound of it and the event.
I like the word "I" in English. "I" can express many of our emotions, just like the beginning of English sentences, we all center around "I" , and thousands of sentences begin with "I" . I love "I" like love me!
Seattleite, United States of America
My favorite word in English is "connection". It's the primary reason I got involved in post crossing. Connection with individual people around the world.
LadyReiko, Germany
Well my favorite word in german, especially in the dialect "pfälzisch" is of course "Dubbeglas". It's a 0,5 litre glass, in a very unique design, which is used for the "pfälzer Schobbe". A mixture with wine and water (always water with gas and always more wine than water).
eat_lift_hike, United States of America
From my Filipino culture, "Mahal" (love) is a favorite. In English, my favorite "serendipity". A close second is "riposte" has French and Italian origins, but I like using it to describe verbal banter and homage to my fencing days.
annegret, Germany
I like the Word Hömma, which is a slang Word in the Ruhr-area and the the closest translation is „Listen to me“😊
heubetti, Germany
I like the German word „Leidenschaft“.
The English „passion“ doesn't really express it, because in German („schafft Leiden“) it "creates suffering" and that is a strong expression.
SannyCollections, Germany
Cool inspiration :) I am gonna share that within sent cards for the month of June. Thank you for the writing prompt ✒️👌
sosa_sami, United States of America
I like the word cattywampus! I just think it's fun to say and I looked up the definition and it says it means "askew, awry, kitty-corner"
I'll also just be hanging out it my apartment and randomly go "womp womp womp" aloud because I remember I have free will lol It reminds me of how the adults in Charlie Brown sound
Constance1, Austria
It's a toss-up between serendipity and mellifluous. Serendipity implies endless possibilities in life and mellifluous is so musical.
wkolev, United States of America
My favorite word is "glorious." When my husband and I both decided to become teachers a few decades ago, my husband said to me this way we would have 180 glorious days together during holidays and summer break. While I was teaching, I would start each year telling the students we had 180 glorious days together in the school year. One time in October, a student raised her hand and said she wanted us to continue school through the summer, because she was having so much fun that 180 glorious days were not enough for her. That moment filled my heart completely, and I use the word "glorious" to describe so many wonderful moments in my life. But most importantly, I use the word to describe life, because life is GLORIOUS!
Tinkatutu, Australia
I find the word sublime...rather sublime!
at61, Italy
Really interesting topic...
Often we don't dwell much on the sound of the words we say or hear, paying more attention to the content of the thought expressed.
But if for a moment we stopped to listen to the speeches of those around us as if it were an unknown language, then perhaps we would be surprised by all the sounds emitted, almost as if they were the cries of a herd of strange bipedal animals. Verses sometimes shrill, or hissing, or still rumbling or caressing the hearing.
I am lucky enough to live in a land, Italy, of which the poet Dante Alighieri (author of the famous "Divine Comedy") almost 800 years ago defined the "beautiful country where the "s" sounds". And all the words containing "s" actually seem to sound, sometimes like a sweet music that enchants you, risking losing the meaning of the speech.
Among the countless examples of words with the "s" I find "Sentimento" (Feeling), "Sussurrare" (Whispering), "Sensibile" (Sensitive), "Sensuale" (Sensual), "Soffice" (Soft), "Sciogliersi" (Melt) and a thousand others...
Greetings from Rome, Italy
Carol1, United States of America
I love the word serendipity. It just makes me feel so good to think that something totally unexpected and wonderful could happen. But for words that feel good in the mouth, I like "le jus de pamplemouse". That is the sexiest word I've ever said.
Laurentina, Portugal
I like the word "maresia" - air laden with sea water droplets.
Rumo_Uladzimir, Belarus
Трезвость или SoberABC
Chuvaness, Philippines
myshadow, Canada
My favourite English word is "obviously". I just like the sound of it, for no reason. ;)
chiko320, Japan
My favorite word is "木漏れ日".
(木漏れ日 = komorebi = sunlight filtering through trees)
Sunlight that penetrates the branches and leaves of trees and shines down to the ground.
When you look at the sunlight filtering through the trees on the ground, you can feel the warmth and dazzle of the wind and the sun in the flickering light, and you will feel very calm.
Nique, Canada


Smock! Smock! Smock!
(From Calvin & Hobbes cartoon)
nlee56, United States of America
Years ago in grade school we were learning about Edgar Allan Poe and my teacher played a recording of The Bells. The narrator was exceptional with all the intonation of the types of bells. For many decades since, I have been drawn to the word "tintinnabulation" the first stanza about the silver bells.

Hear the sledges with the bells—
Silver bells!
What a world of merriment their melody foretells!
How they tinkle, tinkle, tinkle,
In the icy air of night!
While the stars that oversprinkle
All the heavens, seem to twinkle
With a crystalline delight;
Keeping time, time, time,
In a sort of Runic rhyme,
To the tintinabulation that so musically wells
From the bells, bells, bells, bells,
Bells, bells, bells—
From the jingling and the tinkling of the bells.
Yuriko, Japan
My favorite word is memory.
japanese called omoide.
santamia, United States of America
My current favorite word is "succinct." I'm not sure why I have been so attracted to it recently but it feels nice to physically say the word. As a nurse, I try to be succinct in my speech amongst our team members to efficiently take care of our patients!
MariaGaleta, Spain
Good morning everyone!!, my favorite word is "picarol" (it's in Catalan my language) it means rattle and when you pronounce it it's a very musical word.
Annalooni, Finland
One of my favorite words in Finnish is 'kutista' (means 'itch') 😊
DocRoc, Germany
I love the word "Feierabend" - the time of day when work is done. It just nails it.
Brandaris, Netherlands
Ik zit nogal eens alleen in de auto. En op 1 van de trajecten waar ik regelmatig langskom rijdt een dubbeldekker. Ik kan het niet nalaten om dat woord hardop te zeggen als ik een dubbeldekker zie rijden. En dan zo hard en vooral zo snel mogelijk.
En als ik langs een tuincentrum rijd waar op een hoge paal een koikarper staat. (Althans dat denk ik want ik heb geen verstand van vissen) Dan moet dat ook hardop gezegd worden en dan heel vaak achter elkaar.

Misschien maar goed ook dat ik meestal alleen in de auto zit......

I often sit alone in the car. And on 1 of the routes I regularly pass, a double-decker bus runs. I can't help saying that word out loud when I see a double-decker bus driving. And then as hard and especially as fast as possible.
And when I drive past a garden center where there is a koi carp on a high pole. (At least that's what I think because I don't know anything about fishes) Then that also has to be said out loud and then very often in succession.

Maybe it's a good thing I'm usually alone in the car.....
pullermann, Germany
Hello I like the word " gemütlich " it means cozy.
BeckyS, United States of America
Korttien_kuningatar, Finland
My favourite word in Finnish is ”pilvenpiirtäjä” which means skyscraper and literally means ”drawer of clouds”. I like the sound of it, the dreamy feel of it and I also love actual skyscrapers so this word is just perfect for me!
paradonym, Germany
"doch" is the best German word possible. Because most other languages don't even have a translation for it. It means and it can be used as:
1. Contradiction: "Doch" can be used to contradict a negative statement or to express the opposite of what was previously said.
2. Affirmation: "Doch" can be used to affirm or confirm a statement that is being questioned or doubted.
3. Emphasis: "Doch" can be used to add emphasis to a statement, reinforcing its validity.
4. Counteracting a negative question: "Doch" can be used to counteract a negative question and imply a positive answer.
rasanveljekset_mom, Finland
One of my favorite word in Finnish is "lämpimämpi" that means "warmer".
AlexandraBadea, Romania
I like the word caracatita. It means octopus and I think it is fun to say it.
cook_eat_repeat, Germany
I really love the north German "Moin". It is a friendly greeting used any time of day. It is usually said with a certain melody which is just very very charming.
When you use it further in the south, people will think you're saying "(Guten) Morgen", and might get confused when you use it after 10 am. I have brought "Moin" with me from my time as a student in north Germany, and I happily and kind of proudly use it many times a day :).
ceoramalho, Brazil
My favorite word in Portuguese is "saudade" which can't be properly translated to any language... it's a feeling deeper than just nostalgia or missing something or someone... it's even poetic!!! Saudade can hurt and can heal you the same way... and since I love my language it's a word I'm proud to say that only we who have Portuguese as mother tongue can really feel and explain it...
Yimo_, China
lt must be "隽永",which is meaningful, beautiful,elegant and used to describe something (like poem) deserves reciting hundreds of times……
melilot, France
"anfractuosité" since several years is among the favourite list.
Some others : opale, saphir, féline, fuligineux and fuligineuse.
Seems I like the sound of "f".
Learning lip reading nowadays, we learn a lot about how letters or groups of letters sound, are pronounced, and the way the lips are moving to say them. Working with a speech therapist.
F is "consonne fricative labio-dentale" for eg. I would be unable to translate, sorry.
AmyUSA50, United States of America
“Pique” in English for interest or curiosity. “Toujours” in French for Always.
ivanamfreitas, Brazil
My favorite word in Portuguese is "cafuné". It means the simple act of caressing someone's scalp with your fingertips.
moonraker_girl, United Kingdom
I have several favourite words. A particular one is 'thunderplump’ (19th century): a heavy, thundery shower that seems to come from nowhere and soaks you in seconds.
Chris05, Belgium
A few years ago, I visited Ouarzazate, in Morocco : one of the reasons why I wanted to go there was that I love the word "Ouarzazate" ! 😉😊
HM, Netherlands
przewalskipaardje (littleprzewalskihorse)

For 'new Dutch word', written partly from the Polish. rz pronounced as j, w as v - uncommen in Dutch.
For it's history to bring back an old breed or brand of horse.
Lies76, Belgium
I can't think of a favourite word in my own language, Dutch. But I sure do have some in English, such as : ubiquitous, epiphany, ... I love how they are pronounced :-)
Flippie, Canada
I'm my Dutch language, I like the words; kneuterig, moppie & doei.
It means; smallest, pumpkin (a love word) & bye.
In English, I like; Cheers, flabbergast & soul.
melilot, France
About thunderplump (what a nice word!), there is a french belgian word which I like a lot and could mean a bit the same, it's sudden and hard rain : drache.
This word is not used in France (maybe because there is no such rain ;) except in Britanny - local joke ;)), maybe it's used in some parts of the north though.
orange_memo, United States of America
The Arabic word ‘ishq عشق expresses a deep level of love for which there is no direct equivalent in English, though it may be equated to “passion” or “desire”.
In my Iraqi accent, I like the word (khan J'ghaan) which's borrowed from Persian and means a motel or more likely a place that always has visitors comes and go.
In English, I like the word "Stargazing" :-)
fotomom, United States of America
Serendipity, has always been a favorite.
The meaning of the word, good luck in finding things unintentionally.

Finding something beautiful without looking for love. Perhaps.
sonataca, United States of America
Oh I better keep quiet about this...hehe, I'm kidding. My favorite word in English has to be cheese. Well I'm a foodie so there's that...
Rosario_Sannino, Italy
wow this is an interesting topic INDEED!
barbaritus, Spain
In Spain we have different languages or dialects. In my region, Asturias, we have the "bable/llingua asturiana".
My favourite word is "orbayu" that describes a little-thin rain very typical from the north of my country.
The rest of the northerns has their own word for this type of rain!! It's fantastic!
KOECHIN, Germany
I love the word BUMBLE BEE it sounds so lovely. In German I love GÄNSEBLÜMCHEN) Daisy) because the green grass is a little bit more beautiful with Daisies.
winnie1207, Taiwan
I love the word "復古" ,because I like tradition it sounds previous stuff or background etc......,I continuously can think back it.
Pietro, China
“久别重逢”,It's in Chinese,The word means that two friends or lovers meet again after a long separation
Ssabalongo, Uganda
My favorite word is 'Tiwali Buzibu', in Luganda, it means 'No Problem !'
Luganda is the widely spoken language in Uganda !
franbobcat, United Kingdom
I'm learning Welsh and my favourite words so far are:
smwddio (pronounced smoothio) - to iron
cranc - crab
ysgrifennu - to write
ystlim - bat (the animal)
curlierthanthou, United States of America
I remember being a tiny girl, maybe two or three years old, and my Croatian great-aunt patting my butt when I walked by, saying something like ‘Guzitzu! Guzitzu!’ (Guz = buttock, guzi = ass, per my translating software). A sweet memory!
Zehner, Germany
My Favorite Word is „Partytime“ i love it!😎
sallyanne, United States of America
Margaridafeliz, thank you for mentioning “saudade” I love it from Brazilian music.
One of my favorite words is “skedaddle”. Kind of makes me chuckle 🤭.
PhilJ, United Kingdom
It just doesn't sound like an English word.
curlierthanthou, United States of America
Another vote for saudade 🥰
Utelia, Germany
My favourite English word is "miscellaneous".
I have several boxes marked "miscellaneous" which contain all sorts of objects that don't have proper place of their own.
My favourite word in our local Franconian dialect is "Waggerle" - it means a toddler just learning to walk, but it can also be used for the one you love, like in English you call your sweetheart "baby".
mariaSK51, Slovakia
Deň 1.júna ma potešil, dostala som novú pohľadnicu z Holandska, velmi som sa tešila. Je to užasný pocit.Moje obľubené slovo je radovať sa a učiť sa v mojom veku nové slová. Dakujem.
JoyceM, Netherlands
My favorite Dutch word is: GEZELLIG
It is hard to translate but let's try. Cozy.
For example:
the cat on your lap, the dog at your feet and sitting on the couch with your partner drinking a glass wine and good music. That feels GEZELLIG
wifetoalineman, United States of America
"Kagwang" in Bisayan (my own dialect) from the Philippines means, You're nuts, crazy ;)
Varsonofia, Russia
I like the old Russian word Katavasia [katavàsiya], originally it was borrowed from Greek, but now It means Confusion, accompanied by noise. I have funny associations with this word- a mess.
Varsonofia, Russia
I like the old Russian word Katavasia, originally it was borrowed from Greek, but now It means Confusion, turmoil, accompanied by noise. I have funny associations with this word- a mess.
Osenzwergin7, Germany
My favourite word is "Moin". It is a way to say "Good day" here in the north of Germany and you don't have to think about the time of day. We say it in the morning, afternoon or we greet our friends at the pub at night like that, somethimes by knocking on the table to greet everyone present instead of shaking hands.It is easygoing, friendly, homey and causes a good mood in me.
Trenker, Germany
I like the German word "Krickelkrakel" very much. It means scrawl, scribble in English. My handwriting started as a "Krickelkrakel" a long time ago..
Robin67, Austria
My favourite word of the German language is Sommerfrische. ❤️🧡💛

In the "olden days" people, that could afford it, left the cities during long hot summers and spent weeks and weeks in the cooler countryside, maybe on higher elevations.

A concept that I'd love to incorporate into my life.

In English I've always loved the sound of "junction"! 😀
tetsu70, Japan
I don`t really have a favourite word. However, I have found that the word "please" is a very effective word. I know the word in a few languages besides English, such as Japanese, German, Spanish, and French so it works in many settings.
alison41, South Africa
What a fascinating topic. I'm surprised how often the Portuguese word Saudade came up. I'm familiar with it, & enjoy Saudade songs. I learnt some lovely new words e.g. thunderplump . And I'm still trying to work out
my own favourite. Hmmm. I do like the word 'fice' and often use it in Scrabble. It means a small, fierce dog.
katgusgus, United States of America
My favorite word is friend. I work in the healthcare industry and I call everyone friend. I like to believe it helps my patients to feel safe and cared for, while it helps my colleagues/superiors bring humanity to the situation. Plus I love to think that I have a friend wherever I go ☺️.
LiubovAM, Russia
My favourite word is "Love" in Russian. It is my name: "Любовь". My parents gave me this name in honor to my grandgrandmothers...
lippmansdl, United States of America
My grandparents spoke Yiddish. One of my favorite words is: Ungepatchka

It’s an adjective that describes something which is overly ornate, busy, ridiculously over-decorated, kitch, and garnished to the point of distaste. A friend and I used to use this word to describe an all mixed up way of dress.
MyDaydreamingHeart, United States of America
Love this topic!
My favorite word is mumuration (a flock of starlings; birds)
It's as fun to say as it is to see :)
Coincidentally, I received a card from a Postcrosser in Finland last week who said he just learned a new word from reading my profile, and it was murmuration!
pullermann, Germany
Who marked delete afther my remark???
meiadeleite, Portugal
@pullermann no one did — it's just a link, so that you can delete your comment if you need to do that. No one can see it except you. :)
RoFish, United Kingdom
In English, euphonious, meaning 'pleasing to the ear'. In German, gummihandschuh, meaning 'rubber glove', a brilliant word.

Down in the very south of England 'alright' covers 'how are you?', 'I'm fine thanks', 'ok', 'I've had enough now' and 'are you ready?'
Anto61, Italy
My lovely word is - wave / Onda !!! I love the sea but the sea gives impression of seeing it only in summer -to see from afar .
Waves / Onde !!! In the waves I enter, I diversi and cradles -
Silvia171168, Brazil
Em meu idioma, o português do Brasl, temos a palavra "saudade"! Eu a amo!
Saudade é quando deixamos de ter algo que muito amamos! Podem ser pessoas ou coisas! O fato é que só sente saudade aquele que amou!
omurk, Türkiye
I like most the word "umut" (hope). It is also the name of my rescue-cat! 😀😹
Jella, Germany
My favorite word in german is "Sternschnuppe". It sounds so nice and literally everyone thinks shooting stars are beautiful. Make a wish when you see one.

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