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25 million postcards!

One postcard... two postcards... 25 million postcards! Boy, that escalated quickly*!

We did a little math - did you know that if we lined 25 million postcards side by side, they would be enough to cover the distance between Lisbon and St. Petersburg, or between Los Angeles and Washington DC? That's how many postcards we've all sent these past 9 years!


I know you're all dying to know who did it, and here it is: postcard number 25 million (NL-2612179) was sent by LianneK in the Netherlands on August 5th and registered today at 11:02 (UTC) by linsi in Germany. Hurray!

Lepan was the big winner of our guessing game contest, since she guessed the correct date and time at which that postcard was registered - brilliant! You've won a pack of 40 postcards (20 classic, 20 luxe) from MOO and a surprise set of 100 lovely postcards!

The other four lucky postcrossers who came the closest to the right time were skliu, sunzhuxian, AnnLee and Olga86 - well done! You'll all receive a pack of 20 postcards from MOO!

Both the sender and the receiver will also receive a surprise pack of Where's Waldo? postcards!

A huge thank you to our team of volunteers, to MOO for sponsoring this giveaway, and most of all to you - all of you who send postcards and take part on this global postcard revolution!

Come on - let's go fill some mailboxes with smiles, one postcard at a time! :)

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Posted by on 10 Aug, 2014
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103 comments so far

funfunbot, Taiwan
Posted by funfunbot on 10 Aug, 2014

Oteke, Belgium
Congratulations to the winners! Great contest.
Posted by Oteke on 10 Aug, 2014

isagv, Germany
Congratulations to all winners!!!
Posted by isagv on 10 Aug, 2014

purpleserotonin, Turkey
Posted by purpleserotonin on 10 Aug, 2014

Jubula, United States of America
Posted by Jubula on 10 Aug, 2014

yasef, Turkey
Posted by yasef on 10 Aug, 2014

MirjamW, Netherlands
Congratualions!! That's a nice postcard to be number 25.000.000 :)
Posted by MirjamW on 10 Aug, 2014

shui, Taiwan
Congratulations!!!!! :D :D
Posted by shui on 10 Aug, 2014

Argenorge, Norway
Posted by Argenorge on 10 Aug, 2014

EricPeng, Taiwan
Posted by EricPeng on 10 Aug, 2014

Femmelot, Netherlands
Whoohoo! I'm posting some more cards right away. Let's go for the 30 million.

Posted by Femmelot on 10 Aug, 2014

Jennifer1962, Australia
amazinggggggggggggg ....
Posted by Jennifer1962 on 10 Aug, 2014

Mundoo, Australia
Well done to all winners and thank you to for sponsoring the countdown and giving the prizes.
Posted by Mundoo on 10 Aug, 2014

cumah, Germany
Wow :-)
Congratulation to all winners :-)
I'm really happy for you:-)
Happy postcrossing
Posted by cumah on 10 Aug, 2014

Sonadorita, Ukraine
Congrats to all of the winners!! I'm proud that user from my country(Ukraine)made the right bet!! Just amazing!:)
Posted by Sonadorita on 10 Aug, 2014

Leschu, Germany
Lets's start bets for the 30.000.000 :D

Posted by Leschu on 10 Aug, 2014

ned44440, Ireland
Well done to us all. Here's to the. Next 25 million!
Posted by ned44440 on 10 Aug, 2014

abbyaguas, Philippines
Congratulations Postcrossing, and to all the winners :D I am happy that my first bet for the date was right :3
Posted by abbyaguas on 10 Aug, 2014

Vre, Switzerland
Congratulations to all of the winners - and many, many thanks to the whole team of Postcossing, who made it possible!
Posted by Vre on 10 Aug, 2014

janferrar, United States of America
Great idea and great fun!
Posted by janferrar on 10 Aug, 2014

OVERIJSSEL, Netherlands
Posted by OVERIJSSEL on 10 Aug, 2014

DennyP, Australia
Posted by DennyP on 10 Aug, 2014

mitch890, United Kingdom
Congrats to the winners.
Posted by mitch890 on 10 Aug, 2014

Bai_He, Russia
Congratulations!!! Hurray :)
Posted by Bai_He on 10 Aug, 2014

danielc, United Kingdom
What an appropriate postcard to be 25 million, so symbolic of Postcrossing - and such beautiful cats too!
Posted by danielc on 10 Aug, 2014

Agneskowa, Poland
Posted by Agneskowa on 10 Aug, 2014

medusa242, United States of America
How amazing is it that this postcard became 25 million? What a purr-fect image for that milestone!
Posted by medusa242 on 10 Aug, 2014

Topas, Germany
Congratulations to the winner. Congratulations to all of us. What is done in nine years is terrific.
I keep going on with this addiction.
Posted by Topas on 10 Aug, 2014

aberline, Australia
What a great card to represent 25 million cards! Congratulations and thank you to all involved in postcrossing!
Posted by aberline on 10 Aug, 2014

sami_h, Finland
This is so amazing and wonderful! 25 m is huge. Congratulations to the winners.
Posted by sami_h on 10 Aug, 2014

Lujzee, Hungary
Congratulation! And the card is so cute!
Posted by Lujzee on 10 Aug, 2014

AB-tje, Netherlands
Congrats to all of us. We did it together. And our cards and story's make a lot of people happy!
Posted by AB-tje on 10 Aug, 2014

sengali, France
Congratulatons !!
Posted by sengali on 10 Aug, 2014

Jetske, Netherlands
Congratulations! :)
Posted by Jetske on 10 Aug, 2014

Aleksandra_RU, Russia
I'm so glad that I am part of this)))

happy for all the participants and organizers!
Posted by Aleksandra_RU on 10 Aug, 2014

MegaMadness, Australia
Posted by MegaMadness on 10 Aug, 2014

Tiancai23922, China
i will win the 30 million cards!!!:))))))))
Posted by Tiancai23922 on 10 Aug, 2014

Angerove, Netherlands
Yeah, congratzzzzzz......
Posted by Angerove on 10 Aug, 2014

fiqakitty, Malaysia
Congratulations to the winners!

Brilliant contest :D
Posted by fiqakitty on 10 Aug, 2014

p_perez, Australia
What an awesome card to be card number 25 million!
Posted by p_perez on 10 Aug, 2014

Nordbaer, Germany
I feel really happy to be a part of this wonderful project.
Posted by Nordbaer on 10 Aug, 2014

martin512, Slovakia
Congratulations ;)
Posted by martin512 on 10 Aug, 2014

fisherman, Ireland
Congratulations to the winners of this great contest.
Posted by fisherman on 10 Aug, 2014

hankadl, Czech Republic
Wow, my postcard was registered at the same minute, it must have been so close, haha. Congratulations to the winners and thanks for the contest!
Posted by hankadl on 10 Aug, 2014

Emilieisme, Malaysia
wow.... congratulations ('∀`)
Posted by Emilieisme on 10 Aug, 2014

Lepan, Ukraine
Wow! It's unbelievable! I'm a winner! :D

Thanks a lot for LianneK in the Netherlands and linsi in Germany - you hit the bull's-eye.:)
Many thanks to the organizers and sponsors of this wonderful contest, all postcrossers who sent 25 million postcards, to everyone who expressed his congratulations. I wish good luck to all of you. I want to dedicate victory in the contest for my country Ukraine.
I'm really happy! Hurray! Congratulation to all postcrossers!

p.s. The card is amazing and symbolic, and just very cute.:)
Posted by Lepan on 10 Aug, 2014

popscene01, United States of America
What a beautiful card to win! Love it! :D
Posted by popscene01 on 10 Aug, 2014

mingshu, Finland
wow ! and it is such a lovely card ^^ that i also received from a kind dutch postcrosser a while ago :)
Posted by mingshu on 10 Aug, 2014

phuleshouse, Canada
Perfect card that registered...says it all about postcrossing..congratulations
Posted by phuleshouse on 10 Aug, 2014

xonxa2, Spain
Congratulations to all winners!! ;)
Posted by xonxa2 on 10 Aug, 2014

mlandman, Netherlands
Leuk voor je Lianne, maar heb jij nu ook iets gewonnen?
Posted by mlandman on 10 Aug, 2014

sunzhuxian, Japan
Posted by sunzhuxian on 10 Aug, 2014

Olga86, Belarus
thanks to all the people here for your nice words :) I am happy I won as well this prize! thank you, the postcrossing team and all the organizers! :) can't believe I win after 4 years in postcrossing I celebrated just last week! am-mazing!let's go to the next million!!!
Posted by Olga86 on 10 Aug, 2014

drmyrisstyca, Malaysia
Yay.. congratulations to all of us!
Posted by drmyrisstyca on 10 Aug, 2014

marinkaspanjer, Netherlands
Posted by marinkaspanjer on 10 Aug, 2014

jjetsam, United States of America
Congrats Postcrossers! Sweet prizes - I'm happy for the lucky recipients. Maybe I'll get one in the mail!
Posted by jjetsam on 10 Aug, 2014

Sunneva12, Norway
congratulations, it's fantastic that we've reaced 25 million!
Posted by Sunneva12 on 10 Aug, 2014

Tabatta, Germany
25 Mill - amazing !! Happy postcrossing for the next Million!!
Posted by Tabatta on 10 Aug, 2014

OmaIne, Netherlands
Congratulation, it was the real card for this milestone!
Posted by OmaIne on 10 Aug, 2014

carlinde, Netherlands
Nice, and nice card too. Many happy postcrossing for the winner(s) to come with so many nice new card on the way. Congratzzz.
Posted by carlinde on 10 Aug, 2014

rosenbusch, Germany
Hurray and the postcard with the little cats is so cute....
Posted by rosenbusch on 10 Aug, 2014

Blauwvinger, Netherlands
Let's go for 30 million cards :-)
Posted by Blauwvinger on 10 Aug, 2014

BxlPoster, United Arab Emirates
As said before, what an excellent card for this mile stone reached! Indeed, it says a lot about this project and its members.

And as also said many times before: thank you Paulo and Ana for having created this site and of course for keeping it up and running!
Posted by BxlPoster on 10 Aug, 2014

Goyesca, Germany
Wow, congratulations! And a wonderful card, there couldn't have been a better card to express the Postcrossing spirit! :)
Posted by Goyesca on 10 Aug, 2014

Flame, Belarus
Вiтаю усiх!
Posted by Flame on 10 Aug, 2014

kamikazeherz, Germany
Congrats! :) Can't wait for the 30 million countdown! :D
Posted by kamikazeherz on 10 Aug, 2014

mapa, Belgium
Such a sweet card! Congratulations to all the winners and of course to the Postcrossing team!
Posted by mapa on 10 Aug, 2014

graugans, Germany
Congratulations! Fun contest, great card and a huge thank you to the Postcrossing Team! I'm glad to be part of this community!
Posted by graugans on 10 Aug, 2014

Robert-in-Australia, Australia
Congratulation Paulo and rest of the team !! You have done very well, and Postcrossing in such a wonderful idea ..
Posted by Robert-in-Australia on 10 Aug, 2014

takuma, Japan
Posted by takuma on 10 Aug, 2014

Horace_Pickles, Japan
Congratulations to everyone. It's a wonderful achievement.
My guess was 30 minutes too early!
Posted by Horace_Pickles on 11 Aug, 2014

Luziaceleste, Brazil
Count downs are pure emotion! Great contest! Great project! Glad to be part!
Posted by Luziaceleste on 11 Aug, 2014

shiguzman, Costa Rica
Congratulations! Now, 26.000.000! Going for it!
Posted by shiguzman on 11 Aug, 2014

PostcardPerfect, United States of America
Congrats to the winner!!How did you eve do that?I mean what are the chances of getting the date and time correctly? awesome!!!!
Posted by PostcardPerfect on 11 Aug, 2014

Nala, Germany
Congratulation and this is best hobby I have. Its really great to know and learn so many people. Fantastic and thanks for all the nice cards I got . Nala
Posted by Nala on 11 Aug, 2014

Purple-bear, Japan
Congratulations!! Wonderful card!:)))
Posted by Purple-bear on 11 Aug, 2014

jo2flash, Uganda
Congraculations to all postcrossers,you all made this happen.
Posted by jo2flash on 11 Aug, 2014

Sutomi, Germany
..fantastic..oh how much I love this kind of stuff ;o) ... congrats to all of us and especially to the winners..thanks to Moo for the prizes and to all of us to reach the goal 25.000000 million...thats great
Posted by Sutomi on 11 Aug, 2014

Piillie, Belgium
Wauw, Where's Waldo-cards, that's a nice price. :-)
Posted by Piillie on 11 Aug, 2014

Springtimelily, Netherlands
Congratulations to all us postcrossers around the world! We did this together! Awesome! 25 Million! Onwards to 26 Million cards!
Posted by Springtimelily on 11 Aug, 2014

AlexandraM, Netherlands
Congratulations everyone !!! Is there a price for finding Ron Burgundy too ? ;)
Posted by AlexandraM on 11 Aug, 2014

Olecka_Dorogova, Russia
URA!!!! Congratulations to all us postcrossers around the world!!!!!
Posted by Olecka_Dorogova on 11 Aug, 2014

indianfriendszone, India
Great Achievement... Keep going Postcrossing :)
Congrats to everyone connected to postcrossing...
Posted by indianfriendszone on 11 Aug, 2014

yosemitemyrna, United States of America
Thank you Paulo and Ana for introducing the world to Postcrossing! Congratulations to the winners!
Posted by yosemitemyrna on 11 Aug, 2014

honeybee, Austria
Congratulations and a big thank-you to Paulo, Ana and all people from the team.
Posted by honeybee on 11 Aug, 2014

Mali7002, United States of America
Awesome! Congratulations to the winners!
Posted by Mali7002 on 11 Aug, 2014

Elzinga-Nel, Netherlands
Nice to hear and my congratulations for the winners and the peoples from Postcrossing. You did it.
Posted by Elzinga-Nel on 11 Aug, 2014

samanosukeakechi, Canada
Congrats to everyone!! The winners got some sweet goodies. High five from Canada!!
Posted by samanosukeakechi on 11 Aug, 2014

ltmmail, China
Congratulations to the winners! Great contest.
Posted by ltmmail on 12 Aug, 2014

elbe, Germany
Muitos parabéns! :)
Congratulations to all postcrossers!
Posted by elbe on 12 Aug, 2014

pcbuyer, United Kingdom
Congratulations and thanks to every Postcrosser for helping us reach this great achievement.

Credit to Paulo, Ana and everyone involved in the Postcrossing family for continuing to brighten our days with postcards.
Posted by pcbuyer on 12 Aug, 2014

YiliLoh, Malaysia
Congrats to all the winners!!! :)
Posted by YiliLoh on 12 Aug, 2014

jean-mimi, France
BRAVO ! congratulations to all participants ;-)
Posted by jean-mimi on 12 Aug, 2014

Rohini, India
Congratulations to the winners and to Postcrossing! Hurray!
Posted by Rohini on 12 Aug, 2014

Robin67, Austria
How wonderful... so many cards...! :-)
Posted by Robin67 on 12 Aug, 2014

Hrvojebj, Croatia
Posted by Hrvojebj on 12 Aug, 2014

MSkeleton, Netherlands
Congratulations! :D
Posted by MSkeleton on 13 Aug, 2014

sun_sunny, Russia
wow! 25 millions! it's such a great feeling to understand that you are a part of this huge thing!
Thanks to everyone who's keeping postcrossing go.
And congratulations to all of us!!)
Posted by sun_sunny on 14 Aug, 2014

Candice_Z, China
Posted by Candice_Z on 16 Aug, 2014

Eternity92, Greece
Wow congrats guys!!!!
Posted by Eternity92 on 19 Aug, 2014

Sharlo_otta, Russia
Yahoooo we did it! :)
Posted by Sharlo_otta on 19 Aug, 2014

thierrylee, Philippines
Damn. Can we always play this game? Congratulations to all the members of the Postcrossing community. To 30 million postcards and more!
Posted by thierrylee on 20 Aug, 2014

riazkhan4880, India
Thanks to all the PostCrossers who made this possible.
Posted by riazkhan4880 on 20 Aug, 2014

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