is a country in the continent of Africa with a population of 42,723,139 habitants. The capital of Uganda is Kampala.
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2. Ssabalongo, Uganda Ssabalongo
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3. MawandaRobert, Uganda MawandaRobert
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4. bluebutterflies, Uganda bluebutterflies
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5. KatjaKampala, Uganda KatjaKampala
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6. otimalfred, Uganda otimalfred
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7. jo2flash, Uganda jo2flash
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8. AbaineOlivia, Uganda AbaineOlivia
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9. Priscamoi, Uganda Priscamoi
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10. tomyennsmith, Uganda tomyennsmith
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Ssabalongo, Uganda halayi, Uganda otimalfred, Uganda NEZIHE-SIKANDER, Uganda MawandaRobert, Uganda
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