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Two stamps announced on the same week… it must be our luckiest week ever! 🎉

The wave of good news continues, and we are pleased to announce the issuing of Germany’s very own Postcrossing-themed stamp, on October 6th! Many German postcrossers already knew this was coming, as the stamp is one of the most eagerly awaited by the community. After working with the German Finance Ministry for several months in its making, today we are happy to finally be able to reveal its image. Here it is:

German Postcrossing stamp 2022. The stamp features the word Postcrossing, surrounded by three illustrated characters in bright colors, each one writing, reading and mailing a postcard. On the right side of the stamp is a vertical QR code.
Stamp designed by Greta Göttrup, Hamburg. Reproduced with permission. *

We absolutely love it! Designer Greta Gröttrup did a great job of conveying the essence of Postcrossing in a colorful way, that accurately reflects the joy of the project. Once again, the diversity and the different facets of the project are presented, from writing to mailing to receiving.

This stamp will be out on October 6, and a big launch party/meetup is planned for October 7th kindly hosted by Berlin’s Museum of Communications. Paulo and I will be there, and there’s plenty of room at the museum… so everyone is welcome to join us in the celebration of this milestone for the German community! There are special cancellation marks planned for the event, and Deutsche Post will have a little booth on site, to sell stamps and put the first day cancellation marks on them. It’ll be a fun afternoon!

Two special cancellation marks stand around the new German stamp
Stamp designed by Greta Göttrup, Hamburg. Reproduced with permission. *

This Postcrossing stamp was brought about through the efforts of the Postcrossing community, but in particular through the relentless dedication of Ralf (aka Linus58), who wholeheartedly adopted this cause. Back in 2015, Ralf started a campaign on the old forum for a German Postcrossing stamp, in which he invited and encouraged everyone to write a postcard to the Finance Ministry (who is the entity responsible for issuing stamps in Germany) asking for the stamp. Every year since, he renewed the campaign with the same enthusiasm and as a result, the Ministry received thousands of postcards from all over the world in the last decade, asking for a Postcrossing stamp to be created… until last year, when they finally relented and said yes. This stamp is truly a work of love from a dedicated postcrosser, and the many others who supported him and believed in this idea.

Sadly, Ralf is no longer with us, having passed away late last year. We lost a friend and passionate postcrosser, and it makes us sad to know that he did not get to see the stamp that he campaigned for… but his legacy will live on, on all the postcards we will mail with this lovely stamp.

Given how many postcards are sent from Germany every day, we expect everyone in Postcrossing will sooner or later hold a postcard with this stamp in their hands. We look forward to it arriving in thousands of mailboxes everywhere, and we hope you are as excited as we are to see it out and about!

(*) Any reproductions of the stamp (on online or offline media) must be authorized first, and requests can be sent to

107 comments so far

KalleSvenson, Germany
KalleSvenson, Germany
I love it. Have waited for a German Postcrossing stamp for so long and will definitely buy a ton of them to send them out all over the world. Looking forward to that. ☺️
Medija, Netherlands
Such an amazing stamp.
Looking forward to being on the receiving end of this wonderful creation. 😍
kroete68, Germany
Yes! Here it is. Hopefully Linus58 has a good place to see our happiness.
Thx Linus, this is for you. <3
Toome2, Netherlands
What a great afford did he do, it s a pity Ralf did not see the result of his hard work. But as you say he will be remembered trough this poststamp for all the postcrossers of the world.
Great job!
radiofan, Austria
Congratulations, Germany and German Postcrossers!
What a nice colorful Postcrossing stamp! And wonderful special cancellation! :)
Somaco, Germany
I hate it!
To me the design is stupid and ugly!

Sometimes I honestly feel ashamed to be german!

Today is one of these days, because of seeing this stamp
Geminiscp, Portugal
Finally!! :) Thank you, Ralf (nice to be remembered this way!!) and everyone who made this stamp possible!! Getting really anxious for the meeting in Berlin!!! :)
-Hector-, Germany
I would not use it myself because I am not a fan of matrix codes but the design is really nice and cheerful, good job!
MagiaHobbs, Germany
Yes, fianally!
sonataca, United States of America
Ralf (you are dearly missed!) and everyone else, thank you for putting in so much effort for us to enjoy this stamp. The design is cute and I can't wait to see this on my postcards from Germany!
duck2006, Germany
Finally!!! I'm really looking forward to using it on my postcards :)
yurakana, Japan
With Ralph's urging and everyone's help, I am very happy that this stamp is being issued. Thank you Ralph and everyone! I love this stamp😍.
shui, Taiwan
The design is very lovely ! Congratulations ! And many thanks to Ralf and everyone who made this possible !

By the way, does anyone know that is there any online shop that we can buy stamps / FDC / maximum cards...etc. from abroad ? : - )
sandhurst, United Kingdom
A shame that it has such a huge datamatrix code! Very cute otherwise.
Hoentje, Germany
What a fantastic stamp, I cannot wait to buy it!
MartinaKaj, Slovakia
Beautiful! ❤️
Calendula_Bleu, Germany
What a story behind, I am looking forward to buy lots of postcrossing stamps
Happy to see postcrossers in October
mysweetlife63, United States of America
Love this stamp! I look forward to seeing it on a card!!
HookedonPostcards, Canada
Exciting news! Beautiful stamp. Amazing vision, persistence and drive by Postcrosser Ralf (aka Linus58), deceased now, to make the stamp a reality. Looking forward to seeing the stamp on cards from Germany.
jeroenvberlo, Netherlands
A Postcrossing stamp from Germany ??? Good news. Congratulations.
anna_banana_87, Germany
I like the design and I will definitely use it. That’s indeed great news. ☺️
luky-luke, Germany
I m loving it. Wow I have to order in Oct.
jhachiro, Singapore
such a lovely stamp! hopefully to revcd the stamp from postcrossers in Germany! <3
itracy, China
Wow this stamp is so cool!! I really wish I can receive one
RalfH, Germany
I love it, particularly with the matrix code, for the stamps with that code have a neat size.
I'll certainly buy lots of them!
Ich_bin_Berliner, Germany
Well done ...
But why the code in the margin? International has NO function, ONLY applies in Germany.
Defaces the motif of the long-awaited stamp
Iside82, Italy
I'm so happy Germany is going to have its Postcrossing stamp! I can't wait to receive it on a postcard, and hope sooner or later Italy will issue one too
MollyK, Germany
After many years a dream comes true.
I like the design of the stamp and will use it a lot. Many thanks to Linus58 in heaven and to all the other supporters of this project. :heart:
Polaris, China
Thank you Ralf. I didn’t ’t expect to get such a touching story behind a stamp. Spread the love and happy postcrossing!
gypsyallie, United States of America
This is thrilling! I hope to receive one some day!! :) The illustration is adorable!
DocRoc, Germany
Love it. Great design and powerful message. It was about time that Deutsche Post issued a Postcrossing stamp thanks to the dedication of Linux58 and many others. I will use it heavily.
I am not at all ashamed to be German and I surely won´t be only because of a stamp design that would not fit my preferences. But this one does anyway :)
And the QR code is on all current stamps from Deutsche Post and sure will stay until they find something better.
Axolotl_, Germany
I love the design! Some German users say that they find it too childish, but I think it's amazing. I'm so happy we'll finally have a Postcrossing stamp! I'll surely use it a lot.
So sad that Ralf didn't get to see it. I remember his yearly threads in the old forum to campaign for this stamp.
fisherman, Ireland
Good to see a nice result after all the money spent by Postcrossers in Germany.
Anori, Germany
Great stamp!
I'm happy that Germany has his own Postcrossing stamp.
Amlikasi, Germany
Wow! This is such a great stamp, I am soooo looking forward to it
beesknees, United States of America
😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍. nuff said
KnittingSusi, Germany
I don't like it. I had hoped for a more beautiful motif. But I will still buy it and send it.
Cassisia, Germany
Finally we'll have a Postcrossing stamp! 🥳
Thank you so much for valuing highly Ralf"s commitment. It's so sad that he can't see and enjoy the stamp anymore. 😔 I'll think about him when I put the stamps on my postcards! ❤️
posticards72, Germany
That's really great!
Kristi-D, United States of America
The stamp is great and the festivities around it make it's release even more exciting! Congratulations to all involved!
castrofeercl, Chile
Wow 😱💕💕
TanteD, Germany
OMG! How great is this!!!! I love it! And folks give me a chance to order it 😉
AmbiBambi, United Kingdom
So exciting! Hope this comes to other countries too! <3
3AngryCats, Canada
Oh oh oh I'm loving this! Well done Ralf and Germany!
3AngryCats, Canada
I'm starting a campaign for Canada Post to issue a Postcrossing stamp, and have written my first letter to them. If you can help send your suggestion to:
Chairperson, Stamp Advisory Committee
Canada Post Corporation
2701 Riverside Drive, Suite N0875
Ottawa ON K1A 0B1

This link takes you directly to the Canada Post information page about submitting stamp suggestions:

daniel_o_alemao, Germany
I will try to buy a lot in october to send to all of you
junjie2012, China
What a lovely design, really appreciate Ralf (you are in our heart forever) and other supporters' commitment! Can't wait to receive it from German friends:)
Nique, Canada
Wow oh wow oh wow!

Good work Ralf and Greta and everyone who mailed a 💌 to the Finance Ministry 👏 👏 👏

A meet-up AND a special guest appearance from the Creators Paulo and Ana?

I don't think it gets better than this‼️
Bille, Germany
Finally - we have it 🙏
It's a great pity, Ralf, that you weren't lucky enough to enjoy it. But I'm sure you'll have a great festivity in heaven on 6 October 🎉✨🍾
iphoto, Australia
Congrats 👏 to Ralf ... persistence has paid off 👍 a truly devoted Postcrosser 💌

Thanks mate😉
jeannor, United States of America
Awesome! And, what dedication! Thank you!
mym, Japan
Thank you Stephanie. I am very happy that you liked the postcards I wrote for the first time.
Hats-Off-2U, United States of America
Congratulations! Wonderful news! I look forward to receiving this stamp on a postcard. I sure wish the USA would issue a Postcrossing stamp. I've been waiting and waiting.
SophietheValiant, Kazakhstan
Rest in peace, Ralf, thank you!
Pegacorn, China
Beautiful stamp, but I‘m in China, how can I get it?
tetsu70, Japan
I would recommend the same campaign take place for a Postcrossing stamp being issued by the US Postal Service. Maybe the UN as well?

tetsu70, Japan
Maybe German Postcrossers can assist people outside of Germany obtain the German Postcrossing stamp? See Pegacorn`s question from earlier today.
betslets, United States of America
Wow - a real POSTCROSSING stamp! It appears to be created with a colorful mix of smiles and love -- really stands out from the ordinary! Bravo. (I plan to be in Berlin, at least "in spirit", on October 7 -- will also be looking forward to getting the stamp affixed to a postcard from Germany, soon after)
Husi, Germany
hmm... great that our german post will finally issue a Postcrossing stamp, but sad that again they decided to choose a... "not so really nice design".
LaWendeltreppe, Germany
It's so sad, our stamps always have this barcode. It makes stamps so ugly.
And the image is also not what I would have chosen.
EvaS18, Russia
M, an interesting stamp! I hope someone will send me a postcard with this stamp)
reiselustig, Germany
I am soo happy that we finally have our own postcrossing stamp - thanks to Ralf, what a pity that he will not see it, but I am sure he notices somewhere out there ;-)
In my opinion Germany should have had this stamp much earlier - but finally they could not ignore us - hurray!! I certainly will buy more than is good for my finances :-)
NellyMuc, Germany
Oh my god, is this stamp stupid and ugly. I dont like it.
I dont want to buy it for my collection, but i buy a sheet for the Postcrossers in the world.
Best geetings to Ralf in heaven.
Nadjafee, Germany
Yay, finally the design has been revealed! I'm actually very pleased with it, I think it looks fun and modern. And it emphasizes the love and happiness we feel by sending and receiving cards. Thanks Ralf and everyone who campaigned for so many years!
MerlinM, Germany
Yes, finally we'll also have our Postcrossing stamp. :-)
Antjelino, Germany
I like it, it is really cute and funny :-) I was afraid that this stamp would be very abstract (like so many German stamps), but now I'm relieved! It's just a very pity that Ralf can't experience the stamp anymore, but I'm sure he's watching from heaven! Thank you Ralf for your efforts!!
pmsobon, Switzerland
I will buy a sheet -- even if I cannot use them for postage -- to commemorate Ralf and his efforts.
JPEsders, Germany
Luxembourg will also issue a Postcrossing stamp soon.
Stinkypaw, Canada
Nice! It is giving me hope for a Canadian one one of these days!!
dotsiisu, Ghana
Congratulations to Germany 🇩🇪
Thumbs up 👍 to all the campaigners 🎉🎊❤
IndonesiaRaya, Indonesia
Being top countries in Postcrossing, Germany deserve to have a stamp, congrats !
And i never thought there is such a touching story about Ralf, you'll be missed..
SannyMelon, Germany
Happy we finally got one but,this is the least beautiful PC-Stamp of all i've ever seen.. 😰Well,was to be expected!... In Germany a stamp of a macro pic of a virus or a hair is by far higher regarded..The hell?😱 We have the most ugly stamps here 😭😭 I hate German Stamps..
I dont like the style of this one at all. I hoped,if we ever get one,it would be lovely drawn and colorful. Something that makes you happy looking at it. I dont really wanna recieve it..
I am too sad and disappointed that finally our once in a life time chance got wasted that hard..😫😖😣
dollart, Finland
Congratulations Germany for postcrossing stamp! I love the upside girl holding her card excited. I would have wished postcrossing colors on stamp. Otherwise stamp looks ok, bit similar that we had in Finland. Rest in peace Ralf it was honour meeting you many years ago.
EricaS, Germany
double agree with Somaco - KnittingSusi - Husi - LaWendeltreppe - NellyMuc and SannyMelon - what a poor design and not to mention the matrix code - i´m kinda disappointed 😒
grauli, Germany
I like the stamp design, it looks funny and friendly with nice colors and points out what we all like at Postcrossing (I hope :-) : writing - sending - receiving and repeat :-)
Lox, Germany
Well, it's a nice design, but as a postcrossing person with a penis I feel left out. Is Postcrossing considered a women's hobby or even girlish? I'm rather disappointed with this sexist (writing cards equals female) representation of Postcrossing.
HM, Netherlands
Hurray! fůr Deutschland!
HM, Netherlands
@Lox it looks like the persons are neutral sexe to me, no beards no brests either - like in trafic signs. In favour of the Smurfs, for the blue haired person.
Daffodil1234, China
A great postcrosser creats a legacy, he deserves flowers, praise and every good thing!
siobhan, Germany
Personally I am not a big fan of this kind of (childish) design, but to be honest, I expected worse, so I'm almost relieved. :D I'm sure going to use the stamp, but I expect everyone will have received one within two months of issue and it'll soon become boring to all of us ... ;)
Twinkle123, China
My birthday is exactly Oct, 6th., in the same with the stamp issue!Yeah, so happy to hear that!
Anyone who can help me send a card with this stamp and special postmark on that day? It will be my best birthday gift:-)
ri-tu, Finland
The stamp has a happy mood!
Flippie, Canada
I'm more than HAPPY for Germany. I hope to find one once on a card.
I hope Canada come with a stamp. I'm will help out with suggestions or idea's, Thanks Carol.
MeggieW, Australia
What a great idea Ralf had. I challenge all Australian Postcrossers to send postcards to Australia Post to pressure them into issuing a special stamp.
Demmi, Romania
🤞 I wish, I hope :) I get one on an official card sometimes!
Hyp, Hyp Hurray for Germany! Nice work!
inuk, Germany
I really dislike the matrix-codes on newer German stamps. I don´t buy them and give up postcrossing by the time when I can´t get older stamps without it in the internet any more. This code is silly and useless and makes the stamps ugly. They are no little masterpieces any more, but just computergenerated pieces of paper.
Liebe Deutsche, die ihr vielleicht auch das Gruselkästchen auf den deutschen Marken nicht mögt: Die richtige Adresse für eine Beschwerde ist das Bundesfinanzministerium, nicht die Post. Wäre schön, wenn es viele Beschwerden gäbe!
inuk, Germany
And there is another thing to mention: The postage costs within Germany are 70 cent, only postcards sent to other countries cost 95 cent. So if you want to send one to a German postcrosser, you will have to pay more, and the prices for shipping are getting higher nearly every year in this country. German Post earns very much money from the Postcrossers.
95 cent value is not really fair!
That´s another cause why I won´t use it. It could have had 70 cent value, there are many additional stamps which one could use....
It´s a shame!
inuk, Germany
Sorry, that´s what I think. I don´t need unfriendly answers to my personal e-mail-account. If you have to comment this, do it on the blog!
Manni007, Germany
I don't like the picture of the stamp.
I would have liked a stamp in the postcrossing colors blue , white and red for the recognition value.
Nevertheless I will send it to the postcrossers .
Robin67, Austria
Congratulations to Germsny! :-)

I wonder why the 2 people are beheaded, though! 8)
Nisansala, Sri Lanka
Germany is my favorite country after my country.
I am really happy to have the opportunity to issue this stamp for Germany.
I am hoping to get a cover with this stamp on it soon
Zfirearm, Australia
I almost cried when I read about Ralf passing away. It's very sad that people put their life to achieve something but cannot see it eventually.
NIDUSKA, Finland
Really great stamps,I hope I will get one too
Kadima, Germany
I am really happy that finally all the effort paid off and the German Postcrossing stamp is soon a reality.

Do I like it? Honestly not my taste, but this isn't the question. I love the motivation and dedication behind the scene. Thanks to all the people who campaigned to make it happen!

the new "Postfrisch" magazine shows three of the other designs who came close. There is just one which I would have prefered - but very likely - others not. So what's the fuss about "ugly, a shame, terrible"? For me it's the idea behind it, behind Postcrossing in general: let's celebrate a world united, even if it's only by postcards and stamps...
Herkenbe, Germany
hi, when or where now to order this new stamp - it is not seen in yet.
kugusch, Germany
It's so great, that we finally succeeded ...but I'm sitting here crying . .it's so sad that Linus58 doesn't get to see the results of his endless quest. Today is my 13th anniversary on PC , Linus58 was my very first "friend" on postcrossing. I will write a greeting to him underneath each PC-stamp I use!
ravishing, Finland
I like it! Such a lovely stamp😊
Dandelion_, Germany
I'm one of the people who don't like it. To be sure I didn't expect anything but my expectation was still higher than what is on offer. German stamps often are less nice and far from beautiful. And in the latest issues more and more coming back to very simple 70's designs. For me this stamps looks infantile. It does not represent me. I'm sure that it is possible to depict joy in different way if this was the intention of the illustrator.
I will send this stamp only to people who want it. The big size of it isn't something I support on a postcard.
heidegurke, Germany
RIP Ralf
JessieUy, Malaysia
Hope one fine day I'll get the chance to have a copy of this unique German post crossing stamp.
Carygirl, United States of America
Come on US, get going!!
Bayrisches-Madl, Germany
How wonderful, we finally have our very own postcrossing stamp in Germany 😊. I hope they print a lot of them, so they don’t run out too quickly!
Stellarkat, United Kingdom
Why is there a fashion for some kind of disgrace in the world now? Why are there no fabulously beautiful pictures? Previously, both people and the animal world were painted so beautifully! Now everywhere - ugly square creatures with disproportionate limbs and people with detached heads. Yuck !!
nisnoopy3, Malaysia
I'm sadden to hear the passing of Ralf. I remembered him always asking members to send postcard to Finance Ministry for a chance to have their own German Postcrossing stamp. He sounds so enthusiastic and nice.

It is certainly sad that he didn't make it to see the fruit of his labour. But I will remember him and his username, Linus58.

About the stamp design, it's funny that the head is detached from the body. Maybe it tells the future of Postcrossing. There will be no longer human writing postcards but human robot (or android) that write postcards in future!
JudyBee, Germany
I don't usually comment on stuff like this, but:
I've been with postcrossing for a few years and I'm actually always very proud of the things that were set in motion and made possible here. But this stamp is a shame. You could have used so many other beautiful motifs! And if only it had been the "POSTCROSSING" lettering! 1000 times better than this crap.
A Pity!!!!!!
Walking_Bun, Germany
This is wonderful news! I moved to Germany this year and I would love to find this Deutsche Post kiosk and put the first day cancellation marks! 😍 But, unfortunately, access via the link to the meeting on October 7 is closed for me :( How can I put a special cancellation?
meiadeleite, Portugal
@Walking_Bun Sorry about that — my fault for putting the wrong link on the blog post. It should work now!
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