is a country in the continent of Africa with a population of 29,767,108 habitants. The capital of Ghana is Accra.
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1. misterpineapple, Ghana Postcrossing Supporter misterpineapple
1,105 postcards sent
2. Resabi, Ghana Resabi
513 postcards sent
3. mataheco, Ghana mataheco
513 postcards sent
4. sammy619, Ghana sammy619
448 postcards sent
5. baabaablacksheep, Ghana baabaablacksheep
167 postcards sent
6. dotsiisu, Ghana Postcrossing Supporter dotsiisu
133 postcards sent
7. sir-chris, Ghana sir-chris
69 postcards sent
8. Akosua, Ghana Akosua
65 postcards sent
9. Quirky133, Ghana Quirky133
50 postcards sent
10. saffronheart, Ghana saffronheart
31 postcards sent

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