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Today we bring you a friendship story that went beyond borders to bring together Carrick (aka geocarrick) from the USA 🇺🇸 and Milad (aka orange_memo) from Iraq 🇮🇶! Carrick tells the story of how they first got in touch, and eventually met.

Milad contacted me the first time back in September 2010 asking for direct swap, and since I never had received postcards from such a rare country like Iraq, I was thrilled! We swapped a couple of postcards, which I received in November 2010.

Iraqi postcard from Milad

I mentioned to him that I’ll send him a postcard from Shanghai World Expo 2010 since I was going there. At the time, I enjoyed visiting the Iraqi pavilion and tasted the famous Iraqi dates over there.

China Pavillion Expo 2010

On July, 9th 2011, and much to my surprise, I received Milad’s mail address through the Postcrossing system and mailed him the “Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum postcard” (US-1200218) which he received and registered on July 20th, 2011.

Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum postcard

Milad and I kept writing to each other through Postcrossing from time to time. We both enjoy swapping postcards, penpaling and traveling, making new friends and learning new languages and cultures.

On May 2012, Milad wrote saying that his sister and her family were moving from Baghdad to Anaheim (California). At the time I lived close to Anaheim and my postbox was there too, so he wrote to tell me the news and let me know he was going to send some postcards with his sister for me. I met his sister and her family in December of 2012, and got another set of beautiful postcards from Iraq.

We kept exchanging postcards and news from time to time, and on April 2016, Milad let me know he was going to try his shots and apply for a visit visa from the American Embassy in Baghdad. In order to do that though, he needed a sponsor letter. I decided to help him and provided him with an invitation/sponsor letter, and after a lengthy process and much anticipation, Milad was granted his visa and came to California. We were very excited to finally meet on Sep. 22nd 2016. We went to Rodrigo’s Restaurant in Anaheim-CA for a nice dinner (Milad’s first time trying Mexican food) and two days later and on Sep. 24th 2016 I took him on his first-ever visit to Disneyland resort to celebrate his birthday.

Milad and Carrick met at a Mexican restaurant

We always tell our friends and fellow postcrossers that it’s truly a small world, and how postcards and Postcrossing can shorten distances and build friendships. It’s been almost 4 years since we first met in real life, and we’re still talking about that. We’ve had trips to Disneyland twice and to OC Fairin Orange County-California. We do hope many good days yet to come and that our friendship will keep going — we’ve been friends for 10 years so far, and counting!

Milad and Carrick at Disneyland

Thank you Carrick and Milad, for taking the time to tell your story! We love hearing about the friendships and connections that postcards bring to life. 😊



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D2M2, United States of America
Wonderful connection!

martha66, Netherlands
what a great story and to see and learn what Postcrossing means to all of her participants, Wonderful job,

-AlterEcho-, Finland
This is the most beautiful thing I have read in a while. Wonderful! 🧡

Cool story.
Long live postcrossing!

greenash, Ireland
Awesome stuff! I've met some people through Postcrossing with whom I started exchanging letters, but it seems I wasn't able to keep them interest and they all stopped writing sooner or later :( But glad to see it does work out for some people.

GoodLady, Germany
This story makes my day! ♡♡♡

Martin-CZE, Czech Republic
I really enjoyed reading this blog post! I wish you a long friendship both of you! I remember I sent a postcard to Carrick almost two years ago :) It's CZ-1516490 and it was sent to Anaheim back then. He really liked the sent postcard!

BAdithyaHolla, India
Just beautiful!!

NIDUSKA, Finland
thank you

Mattie07, Netherlands
Wonderful story ^-^

GayeDoreen, United States of America
Fantastic! I have yet to meet any of my postcard friends in person but I have made some wonderful connections here too! 💖

teamug, Germany
Wonderful story. Postcrossing offers so many opportunities to bond. I started Postcrossing in Nov. 2012, and I still have penpals from that beginner's time, taking part in their lives for example from university to work etc. It's so enriching.

Indreni, United States of America
Lovely! Viva la Postcrossing!

thelostcreativity, Switzerland
This is so wonderful. It's a fairy tale. And a dream come true. Thanks for the inspiring friendship! Hope to be as lucky as them one day.

siebe1, Belgium
This is fantastic!!

ned44440, Ireland
Awesome story. There are no borders in Postcrossing, no strangers - only friends we haven't 'met' yet. 😃👌

Olga_Magda, Serbia
This is such a lovely post and I am more than happy that postcrossing makes lasting connections! Beautiful news in such a strange times. Wishing you both all the best!

Alexander9179, Russia
A person needs little:
to look for
and found.
So that there are for a start
Friend is one
and the enemy is one ...
A person needs little:
so that the path leads into the distance.
To live in the world
How much she needs - she lived ..

A person needs little:
after the thunder - silence.
A blue patch of fog.
Life is one.
And death is one.
In the morning a fresh newspaper -
kinship with Humanity.
And just one planet:
That's all.
And - the interstellar road
yes the dream of speeds.
This is, in essence, a little.
This, in general, is a trifle.
Small reward.
Low pedestal.
A man needs little.
If only someone is at home

richard_vanek, Czech Republic
Very nice story.

IndonesiaRaya, Indonesia
glad to read your stories, thanks for sharing...
i received a card from Carrick two years ago, US 5616355, so happy with it, one of my theme collection (Y)

msquared47, United States of America
This is a wonderful story!

Talal90Ahmed, Iraq
coool- i am from iraq-

kburrell, United States of America
Thanks so much for sharing this wonderful story!

FairyFoot, United Kingdom
Look up JP-171165 with the sentiment Welcome to our Wondrous Circle of Friends! That sums up what Postcrossing is. Postcrossing has made the world a much smaller but better place.

mezzanine2, Canada
It's a small world after all!

mapickle54, United States of America
What a great story!

HookedonPostcards, Canada
Postcrossers = global ambassadors for friendship, kindness, hands reaching across oceans, borders, cultures.
Carrick and Milad inspire an Idea for a January 2021 prompt: Words to spread peace and caring around the world.

heycole, United States of America
this is absolutely precious. ❤️

calicosatine, United States of America
What a great story! It goes to show we’re all closer and have so much more in common than we think.
I was lucky enough to receive an excellent postcard from Carrick recently. I hope he and Milad continue their friendship for life!

bandcrab, United States of America
Happy to see your stories here, fellas! And I was so delighted to meet them both a couple years ago in Glendale for a meetup.

Pixiedustlady, United States of America
This is such a fantastic story!! I loved reading this! I am still penpals with some members that I met back in 2007 when I first joined. Thank you for sharing this amazing story!

PlanetariumDude, United States of America
What a wonderful story! Years ago while working at my job in a planetarium, a military family attended a show I was giving. A young girl shared that her father was stationed in Iraq. She asked whether he saw the same stars as she did when she looked up at the sky at night. That happens only if the two places are located at roughly the same latitude. Uncertain of Iraq's location, I double checked and found that our latitude (~37° N) was a match for Iraq. I was pleased to give this young person the reassurance that, despite the distance, yes, she and her dad were indeed still sharing the view of the same stars.

As this rough year comes to a close, how wonderful it's been to have Postcrossing at our disposal to remind us on a regular basis just how much we have in common with the people with whom we share life on this planet. And perhaps more importantly, Postcrossers are not just unthreatened by each others' differences, but genuinely curious about them.

Skydivingellen, United States of America
What a happy story and great photos! It warms my heart when I hear about such meetings since my dream is to meet many of my pen pals and postcard friends from 1977 to date.

Kristi-D, United States of America
I've met Carrick & Milad through the Snail Mail Social Club in Montclair, CA (pre-pandemic). Two very engaging gentlemen. Postcrossing is such a great way to make new friends--we already have something in common!

mysweetlife63, United States of America
I love this story! Thank you for sharing!

ezredax, United States of America
Great story! How fun!

Sasalia, Germany
Oh, what a heartwarming story of this two not-so-different men. :)

betslets, United States of America
While "exploring" members/countries on the Postcrossing site several years ago, I "met" a gal in Germany who lived in a town very close to the small town where we lived when my husband was stationed in a nearby military base over 30 years prior. I sent her a note through Postccrossing and we exchanged some postcards. It turned out that she also knew the landlady from whom we rented our off base apartment, then, so she connected with her and we shared a snail-mail reunion. My new friend and I wrote for awhile until life took some turns. But I cherish how Postcrossing does indeed bring folks together. I love these stories.

Sleep, United States of America
10/10 wholesome

sacdalton, United States of America
Thanks so much for sharing this wonderful story. Keep on exploring together.

Flippie, Canada
Thank you both for sharing this life story. I love the picture with Mickey Mouse, as a Disney fan, it's always nice to see Mickey popping up in photo's.

Tess1, New Zealand
Such a heartwarming story and just shows what is possible when we dare to reach out a hand in genuine friendship 👋

stellsie, United States of America
Amazing story! I've had a few notable moments that've spawned from Postcrossing, but nothing like this. I really do wish you two the best :)

orange_memo, United States of America
Thank you all for your kind words and feelings, it warmed my heart and I'm grateful to meet each and everyone in this big family of Postcrossing, I always mention to my family, friends, and co-workers that a Postcard is like a flying ambassador, it closes up the distances and always build up friendship bonds, stay all safe and keep sending wonderful postcards.

Last but not least I'd like to thank Ana for having the time to share our story in the blog, Sherry ( Cherrytree687 ) for her help as she reached out to Postcrossing suggesting to share our story and to my buddy (Carrick) for 10 years and counting of wonderful support/comradery.

ThePOSTCARDPerfect, United States of America
What a great story of Postcrossing & Friendship.

Qihe, China
It’s really a moving friendship!

GoCindy, United States of America
Beautiful story. I have a friend in Russia -we met via Postcrosing in 2013. He is a young man and I am a 60 year old woman. But through postcards there was a connection and I treasure our ongoing friendship!

suxies, Spain
Hola amigos!

I also have a friend from Postcrossing, she's Dutch.
We've met three times, he's been home twice, and I've been in his once.
We continue our friendship and our postcards!

Tjalva, Germany
Such a wonderful story! :D

Pacomole, France
It's a wonderful story of friendship.
A little bit of sweetness for the heart in this so troubled world.
A smile and sharing will always be stronger.
Thank you for sharing this kind of experience with us. It makes my day more beautiful.

HarryBrasil, Brazil
What a nice story !
Regards from Brasil, HarryBrasil

djcid, United States of America
Nice Story,
Perfect for the Holidays and our times.
Thanks for sharing.

Leslyn, United States of America
What a fascinating story.
It is a small world after all.😊🎉🌎

Thank you for sharing.

Gyuzel, Russia
Amazing story!

Indriasari, Netherlands
Amazing story, it really moved me. Thank you for sharing.

squirrelygirl, United States of America
What a wonderful story of friendship! Thanks for sharing!

nisnoopy3, Malaysia
Milad's name sound so familiar! I remember I once had a private swap with Milad in the old forum many years ago. I found Milad's card early this year and I was amazed that I received a card from Iraq! What a nice interview! It's great to meet Milad and his old friend, Carrick! Thank you for sharing your wonderful story with us all!

InTheDoghouse, United States of America
I recognized Carrick's name - I sent him a card a while back. What a great story and friendship!

Chenoah, Germany
So wonderful! I have developed a few pan pal friendships through postcrossing. I am not sure if we will ever meet face to face, as we are all relatively short on money, health challenged and so on. But I'd love that.
I wish Milad and Carrick a long and lively friendship with many cool meetings.

Gonos, Netherlands
This story touches my heart. How Wonderful

SunJunes, China
Amazing story, it moved me. Thank you for sharing. Thanks to Postcrossing and Postcrossers!

kugusch, Germany
So funny to draw an Adress, write a card, go to the home page and see the person you just wrote to in the spotlight :)

josephvm, India
Wow. An incredible friendship story!

foysalratul, Bangladesh
Oh WOW! What a great story of friendship, postcards, and postcrossing!

Aj73, United States of America
I love this story! I just joined in April 2020 and have met lots of interesting people. And, I've received many beautiful and fun postcards. I've become Pen Pals with two and hope that I can tell you a similar story someday. Thank you so much for sharing such a beautiful and heartwarming story of friendship through Postcrossing!

WannZzz, Sweden
I really love the story. It makes me feel that the world is so nice.

tuesday_ruby, Indonesia
Wonderful true story. Postcard really has magic power.

thumamina, Germany
What a magic story :-)

Tang_China, China
That's pretty cool! What a nice story.

sumares, Puerto Rico
Maybe if our elected officials were members of the Postcrossing community, the world would be a kinder, friendlier and better place. Swapping postcards is a fantastic way to learn about languages, history, culture and places. They’d learn that there’s more that unites us than divides us.

I loved this blog post about friendship and the enduring bond forged thanks to Postcrossing!

rainbowscuba, United States of America
This is beautiful! Thank you for sharing! Postcards bring people together and help spread love and understanding. Postcrossing has brought so much joy to my life, I'm happy to read stories like this!

Schulze, Germany
Thank you for the story and thank you for your Christmas card, Milad!

emoffdayz, United States of America
That's very cool and great story and postcrossing is cool :)

MalinR, Sweden
What a wonderful story to read about. Thanks for sharing.

Patsmum, Germany
A great story about Postcrossing's magic!
I have enjoyed a snail mail penpalling contact with Aleks from Belarus for almost three years now - and not about to end...
And about a year ago a very special contact to Fatou in Gambia started just by favouriting one of her sent cards. We were about to meet in March 2020 - but everyone can imagine why our trip there was cancelled... :-( We chat every day, it turned out that her mum (who passed away several years ago) was of my age and so she calls me "aunty" - heart warming! We really hope a vaccine against that crazy virus will enable us to meet soon!

Miguel-Isaias, Portugal
Awesome story. I was delighted to read it. Thanks for sharing.

Anactf, Portugal
Thank you so much for sharing this wonderful story.

MagpieWarbler, Australia
Top story, great friendship. Thanks for sharing.

post, Belgium
Amazing story. Friendship without borders!

soarwithsammi, United States of America
Wow, I love this story!

Starseed222, Germany
Wow. That's a wonderful story :)

Gen24, United States of America
Love this!!!!!!

gmansocal, United States of America
Greetings Carrick and Milad: I met you both at a meet up in Southern California, as I live between Disneyland and Hollywood. I have exchanged postcards with Carrick. It is truly nice to see such a friendship as yours. My best and continue the good vibes. -Gmansocal

volvomom, United States of America
I love reading Postcrossing friendship stories!

piavano, Netherlands
Heartwarming, thank you for sharing this story.

holmil, United Kingdom
Hello. It is amazing. Bravo. Keep going. Have a nice day.

Chizko, Japan
It's a wonderful story of friendship.
Thank you for sharing!

cerres, Estonia
😍💕💙💚💛🧡❤️💜💖 🇮🇶 💗 🇺🇸

chinhxitrum, Vietnam
What a heart-warming story! I wish to have the same long-time friendship too (^.^)

JoyceM, Netherlands
Great story. I wish everybody in the world could have such a friendship.

jarnopetteri, Finland
💕 Great story 👍

LuckyYogi, Netherlands
Wow! This warms my heart. What a beautiful story to read and to look at the pictures with your faces smiling together is priceless!

mounten, Italy
Lovely story. I guess people need people to be happy!!!!

dougmv214, United States of America
What an interesting experience to have in life. Milad and Carrick are very nice guys.

leaflets, China
Just be impressed by this blog.
A warm story in such a cold day.
-5℃ in Shanghai ...

candyflosscurls, United Kingdom
This is adorable

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