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Today we bring you a friendship story that went beyond borders to bring together Carrick (aka geocarrick) from the USA 🇺🇸 and Milad (aka orange_memo) from Iraq 🇮🇶! Carrick tells the story of how they first got in touch, and eventually met.

Milad contacted me the first time back in September 2010 asking for direct swap, and since I never had received postcards from such a rare country like Iraq, I was thrilled! We swapped a couple of postcards, which I received in November 2010.

Iraqi postcard from Milad

I mentioned to him that I’ll send him a postcard from Shanghai World Expo 2010 since I was going there. At the time, I enjoyed visiting the Iraqi pavilion and tasted the famous Iraqi dates over there.

China Pavillion Expo 2010

On July, 9th 2011, and much to my surprise, I received Milad’s mail address through the Postcrossing system and mailed him the “Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum postcard” (US-1200218) which he received and registered on July 20th, 2011.

Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum postcard

Milad and I kept writing to each other through Postcrossing from time to time. We both enjoy swapping postcards, penpaling and traveling, making new friends and learning new languages and cultures.

On May 2012, Milad wrote saying that his sister and her family were moving from Baghdad to Anaheim (California). At the time I lived close to Anaheim and my postbox was there too, so he wrote to tell me the news and let me know he was going to send some postcards with his sister for me. I met his sister and her family in December of 2012, and got another set of beautiful postcards from Iraq.

We kept exchanging postcards and news from time to time, and on April 2016, Milad let me know he was going to try his shots and apply for a visit visa from the American Embassy in Baghdad. In order to do that though, he needed a sponsor letter. I decided to help him and provided him with an invitation/sponsor letter, and after a lengthy process and much anticipation, Milad was granted his visa and came to California. We were very excited to finally meet on Sep. 22nd 2016. We went to Rodrigo’s Restaurant in Anaheim-CA for a nice dinner (Milad’s first time trying Mexican food) and two days later and on Sep. 24th 2016 I took him on his first-ever visit to Disneyland resort to celebrate his birthday.

Milad and Carrick met at a Mexican restaurant

We always tell our friends and fellow postcrossers that it’s truly a small world, and how postcards and Postcrossing can shorten distances and build friendships. It’s been almost 4 years since we first met in real life, and we’re still talking about that. We’ve had trips to Disneyland twice and to OC Fair Milad and Carrick at Disneyland

Thank you Carrick and Milad, for taking the time to tell your story! We love hearing about the friendships and connections that postcards bring to life. 😊



In September 2012, Jeanette (aka TBJean) in Denmark and Rosita (aka rositahtc) in Hong Kong did a direct swap, each sending one postcard to each other. But life goes on, and after receiving their nice cards, both girls slowly forgot about each other.
Then, a year later, Jeanette moved to Hong Kong for a school exchange… guess what happened! :)

Here’s Jeanette with the story:

One day when I was living in Hong Kong, I left home later than usual to go to school, and got on the mini bus. Three girls from my school got on the bus as well, and took the three seats around me, one next to me and two in front. The two girls in the front pushed the girl next to me to start a conversation. Her name was Rosita, and we shared our contacts on a piece of paper.

After school that day, we were chatting online, and I randomly asked whether Rosita knew if I could buy a tube at the post office, for sending home posters. Rosita was passionately telling me about the post office, and that she had a postcard and stamp collection. Wanting to share mine with her, I sent her a picture of my wall back in Denmark, where all my postcards from all over the world were hanging, and she told that she liked posting postcards as well! We both realized that moment that we were both postcrossers :)

Suddenly, Rosita remembered that she had once received a postcard from Denmark, and decided that she had to send me a picture! When she found the postcard and turned it around, she noticed that the senders name was Jeanette, and then compared the writing to the note she had got earlier in the morning time…

Rosita & Jeanette's postcards

Rosita immediately called me, and screamed into my ear: “Jeanette, do you live in a city called E-S-B-J-E-R-G?!”, to which I answered “Yeah, how do you know that?!”. She screamed again: “We exchanged postcards a year ago!!”

It was so surreal that we decided to have breakfast together the next day before our school’s sports day!

We still can’t believe what a huge coincidence it is, the fact that we met so randomly that morning on the mini bus! It is now more than 6 months later, and here we are, sitting in a restaurant, having a drink and deciding to share this story with our fellow postcrossers.

We say that it was meant to be, but of course it is up to you whether you want to believe in that.

Rosita & Jeanette

Isn’t it a fantastic story? :D If you’ve also had an “happy accident” related to Postcrossing, we’d love to hear about it!


Sometimes, mail has really good timing, don’t you think? It makes us smile at the end of a particularly bad day, or sometimes… it serendipitously put us in touch with the right people at the right time! I’ll let Loli-ts, the recipient of a very timely postcard tell this lovely friendship story:

"This is the story of a postcard and two people… I’m Loli-ts (aka Dolores), living next to Barcelona, in Spain. On February 5, 2014 I received a beautiful view of Prague from azuzanka (aka Zuzana), from Prague in the Czech Republic.

Loli-ts & azuzanka's postcard

Postcards are magical windows. It’s always a pleasure to see a piece of the world, and to read the handwriting of someone that you have never met, saying warm words and inviting you to look through the window of her or his eyes. So, I was happy to read the message from Zuzana… yes, specially happy this time: she said she was coming to Barcelona just some days later!

When I registered the card, I also invited Zuzana to ask for advice about their visit to Barcelona and, of course, to meet each other when she were here. And yes, we did!

Zuzana & Dolores in the  Catedral Zuzana & Dolores in the Ardiaca

We made a nice walk from their hotel through the Old Town of my city, discovering the spirit of the district, some hidden spots and secrets of story… and specially, we discovered new friends. Postcards and Postcrossing where a main subject of our conversation. And of our photos too!

Zuzana & Dolores with the Postman's van Zuzana & Dolores with the postbox

Thanks to Postcrossing, Ana, Paulo and all the people who work to make possible this great project and so many wonderful experiences as this one was!"

Text: Dolores T. (Loli-ts); Photos: Tomás H., sent by Zuzana A. (azuzanka)

Thank you Loli-ts and azuzanka for sharing your story with us! :)

What about you? Do you have your own Postcrossing story? Do share, we’d love to hear it!



Every time we receive one of your lovely friendship stories, we get a huge smile and can’t help but marvel at the power of simple postcards! On today’s post, Nathalie (aka TotosDawn) from the Netherlands tells us how postcards inspired her to travel – and meet her postcard-pals on the other side of the Atlantic!

When I started sending postcards via Postcrossing I never thought that actual friendships could grow and that the people behind the postcards could mean the world to me! But it happened!

On December 22nd 2010 I became a member of Postcrossing. I had heard a lot about the site, and got excited from the first minute I got my first address. I send out 5 postcards and waited behind my computer to see if they already arrived. Finally they started to arrive and I received my first card back!! The person sending this card is JulianChristopher. He sent me a beautiful card of the Sequoia National Park in California. I immediately fell in love with not only sending postcards, but also I wanted to go there because it looked amazing!

TotosDawn first received card

Besides sending the official postcards I started to send more and more private swaps and adding postcards to my favorites. Many cards from Blkbird were (and still are!) in my favorite gallery. She send me a message to ask if we could do a private swap! Of course!! It was difficult for me to choose which one of the beautiful cards of my favorites I wanted… One day, a big surprise was waiting for me when I found the private swap in my mailbox: it was an envelope filled with all the cards I added to my favorites send by her! I was amazed to see how sweet someone completely strange to me could be! We started talking and I fell in love again with the beautiful landscapes on the postcards: Colorado!

Postcards from Blkbird

If before America had never crossed my mind as a holiday destination, now I was checking hotels, flight tickets, rental cars… My love for America only grew the more postcards I got, but it also became more specific. Sequoia National Park, the first card I got, was still in my head and I wanted to see more it. And who better to ask about it than the person who send me my first card? He was so sweet and sent me some more cards and then one thing led to another and we became 'postcard-pals’ and sometimes we spoke on Facebook. I didn’t forget about Colorado either, neither about Blkbird. We kept sending postcards and I fell in love more and more with America.

So when my husband proposed, we didn’t need to think about a honeymoon destination: AMERICA! We planned a roadtrip, crossing all the places I saw on the postcards I loved. But one thing I really wanted to do to was to meet the people who were so sweet to me all this time and had become my friends. I wasn’t sure if they would like to meet me too, I mean, I’m a stranger from another country, who they only knew via Facebook and postcards. But both were really enthusiastic about my plans and we planned the meetings.

Meeting JulianChristopher

First it was JulianChristopher's turn. We planned to see each other in the Sequoia National Park, where else! From the first moment we met I felt so happy and blessed that I had the chance to meet him and his sweet son. I just couldn’t believe that it was real, that it wasn’t a dream. We spend hours hiking and chatting. He could tell us so much about Sequoia, America and so much more. How special to spend time together in the park he showed me for the first time on a postcard as a total stranger!! Time flies and when the moment of saying goodbye came closer I didn’t wanted to say goodbye and felt sad. But no tears when we said goodbye, only a big smile of gratefulness that I could experience this and actually meet the 'stranger-friend from America’.

Meeting JulianChristopher

Meeting Blkbird was just as special as meeting JulianChristopher. Last minute we decided to have dinner the night before we had planned to spend together. We were waiting at the restaurant and she was a bit late, so I was nervous that she wouldn’t come or that she saw us waiting and thought: NO WAY! Nothing of that was true and when we met it was like meeting an old friend after years. No uncomfortable feelings, just chatting, eating, laughing. The restaurant was closing so we needed to go unfortunately but I was more then happy to know that we would meet again the next day.

Meeting Blkbird

We planned to go to the Red Rocks Amphitheater in Denver and the Dushanbe teahouse in Boulder. We enjoyed her 'guided tour’ and company. It was unbelievable how much we had in common. She could have been my mother or sister or twin. She is so alike me that it almost is scary!! No surprise that we didn’t want to say goodbye, so we sat for hours in the car when we got 'kicked out’ of the teahouse. Just talking and enjoying the company. No wonder that when it was REALLY time to say goodbye we both cried. When we drove away, I felt so sad.

Blkbird and Totosdawn at the Red Rocks Amphitheatre Blkbird and Totosdawn at the Red Rocks Amphitheatre

JulianChristopher and Blkbird both have a special place in my heart. For them I would return to America without a doubt. When I’m writing this, tears are falling down my cheeks. Tears of sadness that I know that I won’t see them for a long time, tears of happiness, that I had the privilege to meet them.

Who could have thought that sending postcards could actually lead to lifelong friendships!


After Marichie & Annuc1s’ story, a few of you wrote back to us with amazing Postcrossing stories of your own. Today we let Telenn and Amit (who you might remember from his Spotlight interview) take central stage, to tell you the story of how a simple postcard sparked a wonderful transcontinental friendship!


Telenn recalls:

“It was in August 2012 that I got to send my first official postcard to India. The profile I got belonged to Amit (drakrana). It is the sort of profile you hope for every time clicking “get address”: positive, sunny, inviting, kind, lots of innocent wishes – so picking just the perfect card is not that difficult. As we share the same passion for photography, I sent a self-clicked postcard, showing the windmill near where I was living.

Amit registered my card with a wonderful message in which he described how amazing the card was and the words were full of friendly curiosity about another part of the world.

We added each other on Facebook soon thereafter, and that was the start of a great friendship! We started with our photography interests and shifted to all sort of things. Since The Netherlands and India are such different countries culturally and geographically, we had lots to talk about! We swapped a few more cards, skyped, shared photos of local activities, and exchanged views on cultural differences and life stories about family, friends, daily life…

I even gained an interest in India and its culture and I started a collection of not only postcards but also small statuettes, magnets, keychains and other items. By then, even family, friends and colleagues became involved, receiving gifts from the other side of the world.

Postcards and souvenirs

I experienced quite a rough time the last few months of 2012 (I got a burnout and things only seemed to get worse at the time) and Amit, a doctor by profession, was always there to give life a positive twist, some cheering talk and telling me all will be well and how to cope up with mental stress in such a time. I’m not there yet but I picked up at least a little of that positive attitude and things are heading in the right direction now."

Amit continues this heart touching story by saying:

“The friendship reached its next level when in June 2013 I planned a month long trip to Europe. I had never travelled out of India and was a bit reluctant before, but I was so much interested in Europe and its culture and with knowing Telenn, I had a basic idea that it wouldn’t be too difficult for me to acclimatise to a new place. I wanted to see it all by myself and not with a tour agent, I wanted to get a feel of life in Europe and not just be a tourist. Telenn helped me plan this trip – France, The Netherlands, Belgium and Italy were all part of the itinerary and a small meetup with great Postcrossing friends of mine in Amsterdam was also included."

Telenn and Amit's trips

About the trip, Telenn continues:

“On June 1, Amit and I met for the first time near the majestic Eiffel Tower. We were a bit apprehensive, as online and offline things are so different… but it was actually a very smooth transition! We were instantly good friends in real life too. We both were accompanied by friends who got along great as well, and everybody around us saw the true power of Postcrossing. And so we had a splendid time at Palais de Versailles, Sacré-Couer and Disneyland (Amit’ s childhood dream, where we finally dragged him into the scary gigantic roller-coasters…). The holiday home was soon a place of cards, stamps, pens and address books, sharing the adventures with our friends worldwide, who were in our minds all the time.
Telenn and Amit's trips

Amit shares:

"Next stop was The Netherlands. Telenn invited me over at her place and from there we toured the country, trying local specialities like warm stroopwafels at the market… and even India-flavoured ice-cream, why not! We drove around, getting to know the places I had previously seen in Telenn’s photographs.

As Bruges is not far away, we wandered around through the beautiful UNESCO city center, visiting Choco Story (Chocolate museum), trying the Belgian chocolates, buying some more cards… and chocolate-tasting stamps of course! I was so interested and amazed to see Indians everywhere and people showing interest in Indian food in every city we went to. We had to try and taste!

We also visited the Dutch fairytale theme park De Efteling and had a nice day in Amsterdam after that, meeting with the beautiful and friendly Sonja and her family from Germany. We had an amazing time together and more cards were written and smiles spread."

Postcrossing meeting in the Netherlands

Telenn continues:

"The highlight of the stay in The Netherlands had to be the moment where we walked up the dike in Vlissingen, and the Oranje Molen – the one mill standing closest to the sea in The Netherlands loomed upon us. The mill that started our close friendship in form of a postcard! I saw the child in Amit when he reached there galloping ahead of us pointing to friends who came with him 'Hey that’s THE MILL! That’s THE MILL which managed to pull me to Europe!' Such moments can’t be described but lived.

The mill who started it all

Next stop was Italy! We exchanged the sunny weather in The Netherlands for even sunnier weather in Rome. Amit had asked for help from his good Postcrossing friend Elena who works in the tourism area. She helped us find a great place to stay and even shared some of her “to-do’s” in the city. So many friends from Postcrossing were involved in his plans that Amit refers to this trip as 'Euro 2013 hosted by Postcrossing’! :)

We discovered the most known historical places, the Colosseum, Forum Romanum, had a stroll to the Pantheon, Piazza Navona and of course the Trevi fountain, where Amit tossed in a coin praying for his next trip! :)

We went to the Vatican, where Amit jokingly said he wanted to meet the Pope and not just see him in the balcony… that true-hearted wish got granted as the Pope was out on a packed Saint Peter’s Square for his general audience! Guess who had the broadest smile in those thousands present there…

Rome was like walking in History in our life. Amit absolutely loved it and I was proud of the cultural heritage of Europe.

Telenn and Amit's trips

It was so hard to say good-bye in the end, after two weeks of seeing amazing places, buying and sending lots and lots of postcards, trying Indian food and local specialties, so many photographs and meeting friends and family of both sides and strengthening the special bond we all call friendship. As we get along so well, it was hard to say farewell. But all good times come with a break. We both hope more such fun trips will follow, visiting more common friends!

I am already saving up… I’m heading to India and I am already looking forward to seeing Amit again and meeting other Indian Postcrossing friends."

Amit concludes this journey:

“Postcrossing isn’t just a website, it’s a beautiful world within this world where a big family lives, meets, smiles, discusses and has lots of fun together… I call It a FREMILY (family of friends)! So have you made your fremily yet? Grab that pen, find that card… rush… it’s time to send some happiness to your friends across the world before the mail man collects mail… sending smiles from India and Netherlands… happy Postcrossing!”

What about you? Do you have your own Postcrossing story? Do share, we’d love to hear it!