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Some time ago, our friends at the Royal Philatelic Society of London tweeted about a mail-themed playlist, and we’ve listening to it on repeat ever since, so we wanted to share it with you all.

It’s called “Putting a stamp on it”, and consists of 39 (mostly) golden oldies tunes, all featuring postcards, letters, stamps or mail carrier themes. From Carpenters’ “Please Mr. Postman” to Elvis “Return to Sender”, you’ll find a lot of familiar tunes there… but there’s also a few surprises! Overall, they’re upbeat songs that promise to fill your snail mail moments with happy vibes. We love it!

You can listen to it on the player to the right, or using this link to open it on Spotify.

Are there any songs about mail that you know, that might be missing from this list? Let everyone know in the comments!

PS – While you’re at it, check out this mixtape that postcrosser Peter (aka p22earl) created some years ago, and the Little Mail Carriers visit to the Royal Philatelic Society of London.



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honeybee, Austria
What a great idea.
I only miss the funny song which you presented here a while ago "Why are you sending me postcards?:

bandcrab, United States of America
I'd recommend "Lost, Dropped and Cancelled" by Rainer Maria:

PauloTopa-Topas, Portugal
A fantástica canção do maravilhoso Conjunto António Mafra:

ybur, Czech Republic
And what about my beloved James Blunt´s POSTCARDS?

Borst, Netherlands
Secret Service - Ten o'clock Postman

Borst, Netherlands
R.B. Greaves - Take A Letter Maria

Asleep at the Wheel - The Letter That Johnny Walker Read

Borst, Netherlands
The Proclaimers - Letter From America

Tranchile, Guernsey
Post Card sung by The Hollies

Borst, Netherlands
The Bangles - Return Post

athanasi, Greece
Cool ! ! !

RalfH, Germany
I am missing "Picture Postcards from LA" by Joshua Kadison. It was a hit back in the 1990's.

Borst, Netherlands
The Beatles - All My Loving

Natasha Bedingfield - Unwritten

mapa, Belgium
La lettre - Renan Luce
Carte postale - Francis Cabrel
Mijn dorp - Wim sonneveld (thuis heb ik nog een ansichtkaart...)
Carta de amor - Juan Luis Guerra

Heepy, United States of America
Ringo Starr - Postcards from Paradise

"Postcards from Paradise
With all my love and I'll be true
Postcards from Paradise
As ever P.S. I love you
Postcards from Paradise"

Beatles - Two of Us

"Two of us sending postcards
Writing letters
On my wall"

V_N, Ukraine
beautiful .. emotional .. expressive .. 🎵🖤📝

rbanders, United States of America
Write Me A Letter by No More Kings:

NIDUSKA, Finland
Stevie Wonder- signed,sealed,delivered

Tenar, Portugal
Great idea!

I'd say Postal dos Correios by Rio Grande :) A great Portuguese song!

konfuzedwithaK, United States of America
Love that "Some Postman" made this list, it's a great song. I would also suggest "Another Postcard" by Barenaked Ladies, it has a similar humor :)

realfantasy, Russia
Письма, письма лично на почту ношу
Словно я роман с продолженьем пишу
Знаю, знаю точно, где мой адресат
В доме, где резной палисад
Где же моя темноглазая, где
В Вологде-где-где-где в Вологде-где
В доме, где резной палисад
Шлю я, шлю я ей за пакетом пакет
Только, только нет мне ни слова в ответ
Значит, значит надо иметь ей ввиду
Сам я за ответом приду
Чтоб ни случилось я к милой приду
В Вологду-гду-гду-гду в Вологду-гду
Сам я за ответом приду

_samy_, India
@meiadeleite @postcrossing
I think a platform for postcrossing oriented artforms is valid , as we have so many artists and amaxing things to share. I would suggest to be formed where any form of art related to postcrossing can be posted by members.

Alison_K, United States of America
Thanks for this wonderful list! I never realized there were so many. Two of my favorites are "P.S., I Love You" (the one Sinatra sang) and "I'm Going to Sit Right Down and Write Myself a Letter" (Fats Waller).

Nana77, Luxembourg
This is my favourite, Postcards from Italy by Beirut:

Sammone, Netherlands
I love themed playlists, and ofcourse poscards, so I will check this one out for sure!

There is this sweet Dutch song about snailmail, here is a link with English translation:

Lies76, Belgium
It brings a smile on my face :-D

freshwaterwi, Italy
Sealed with a Kiss by Bobby Vinton....from the 1950's

plomp, United Kingdom
I find it tough to write letters when listening to singing. I've spoiled a postcard before where I spaced out and started writing the lyrics I was listening to rather than the intended sentence!

I like to listen to game and movie soundtracks which don't distract me quite as much :P

mounten, Italy
What a great idea to make a plylist of songs all about letters postcards ecc.I didn't know that there are so many songs. Thanks for sharing love it!

GuyT, Canada
mapa mentioned 'Carte postale' de Francis Cabrel. Here is the link to this beautiful song:

ColorfulCourtney, Germany
"Postage Stamps are Amazing" is new to me and I love it! Thanks!! ("Why are you sending me postcards" remains my favorite, though...)

fire_maggie, United States of America
"I'll be waiting" by the Paperboys. And they have an album titled Postcards as well!!

chinhxitrum, Vietnam
Cool! I love this idea!
How about Postcard Lovers from Stacey Kent? The lyric is like a poem.
"Lately I've become such a postcard lover
Especially of the ones I get from you
And if, these days, they don't come quite so often
They charm me more than ever when they do"

RunnerE, Australia
How FUN!! Thanks for sharing.

Hittavainen, Finland
Muska is a Finnish rock-artist. Her song "Kirjoita postikorttiin" literally means: "Write on a postcard":). Wouldn't it fit on the list?

Ayub79, Russia
What our Russian "Where is my black-eyed where..."

Shambala, Canada
Great list and I want to add Another Postcard by Barenaked Ladies and Postcards from Paraguay by Mark Knopfler

beesknees, United States of America
Listening right now. Thank you

moonlessnite, Canada
Good start. Some other songs about mail are: "Linda Write Me a Ltter" by CHOYA, "Please Write Me A Letter" by Chris Darlin, "We're Gong On a Tuppenny Bus ride by anita Harris, is an upbeat ditty and has a few lines about 'fxs stamps on all our picture postcards, and send them with love from me and you.' "Sealed with a Kiss" by Bobby Vinton. "Mister Lonely" has lyrics about being a lonely soldier who never gets letters and has no one to write to.

susandhu, Australia
Gosh, so many. How cool is it to have this list of tunes? Well done everybody. Postcrossers are awesome people.

moonlessnite, Canada
"Give Me a Ticket For an Aeroplane" by Jefferson Airplane is about getting a letter from his 'baby' and how he has to get home, because the baby wrote him a letter.

elos, Netherlands
There are a lot of so called "letter scenes"in all kind of opera's.
Listen to the letter duet from Mozart's marriage of Figaro:

Or, what about the famous letter scene from Tchaikovsky's "Eugene Onegin"

akiko_w, Japan
I sat down and wrote you a long letter
It was just the other day
Said, sure as the sunrise, baby

The Allman Brothers Band

Andrew9, United States of America
P. O. Box 9847, by The Monkees

mousytrap, United Kingdom
How about Bob Dylan singing The answer is blowing in the wind??? (That's the cards that don't show up!)

Demmi, Romania
from Romania:
"Scrisoare de bun ramas" - Letter of good left
Music by Mircea Baniciu
Lyrics: George Tarnea

werewegian, United Kingdom
I have my own postcard playlist inspired by Postcard by First Aid Kit which I add to from time to time

parudnick, Germany
What a brilliant idea. More of this.

cat-ira, Russia
My friend and I prepared ultimate playlist where we collected 72 hours of music about Posrcards, Postal services and so on.
Here you can listen it). And wait for cool postcards)))

stellastarstruck, Japan
It's in Japanese,Tegami - Haikei Jugo no Kimi He by Angela Aki is about a woman who wrote a letter to her 15-year-old self.

teamug, Germany
ABBA - Happy Hawaii

'Guess I've been working a little too hard
Need a vacation, I'll send you a card
From Honolulu, a greeting from happy Hawaii'

Love the list and will take time to check it all out...

Teadear, Netherlands
You want suggestions you write ''Are there any songs about mail that you know, that might be missing from this list? '' Plenty miss from the list, I love the idea, wonder why i never put one on.. Here we go;

Ink by Coldplay
Stop Writing Your Rules by Quentin Giroud
Sorry For Writing All The Songs About You - Clara Mae
Postcards From You - Life Below Elephants
Postcards - James Blunt
Postcard Home - Tommy Guerreo

how about this golden oldie?
Picture Postcards from LA - Joshua Kadison

Great idea Postcrossing, but you can add lots in it still ;)

MomosKaffee, Germany
"Love Letters" by Metronomy is a nice song :)

lucylu14, United Kingdom
I created this playlist :-) I am so glad that you guys have been enjoying it. Songs are always being added, so keep an eye out for extra tunes! And thanks for all the suggestions - I'm looking forward to playing them!

FrenchSchool, United States of America
Haha j’adore!!

hankadl, Czech Republic
Frank Turner - Mittens :)

Solna, Lithuania
absolutely awesome idea! Thanks

o1a, Indonesia
The songs I'm about to add to the playlist is in Korean, it is very beautiful! Language is not a barrier when it comes to music ♡❤
BTS Jin - Autumn Outside the Post Office (cover) ( )
Younha - Snail Mail ( )

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