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About Emily...

*If you receive a card from me with a long white sticker on it, please know that it can easily be peeled off without damaging the card!

Hello! I'm Emily. Please write my first name, I also started my dad on Postcrossing and we live together. I'm from Wisconsin in the Midwestern US. It's the land of cheese, beer & Harley-Davidson motorcycles.

I went to school for literature, creative writing, and German language which I studied for about 7 years. My family is mainly German-American on both sides but I have distant Swedish relatives and Armenian & Chinese uncles through marriages.

Wenn Sie koennen, bitte schreiben Sie mir auf Deutsch, sodass ich üben kann. Ich würde das wirklich lieben! Ich will meine Fähigkeit nicht verlieren.

I like photography, reading and writing poetry, nature, animals, listening to music, watching ice hockey, and learning about other places & cultures. I love to travel but often don't have the money. I've been to India, Spain, France, Italy, Switzerland, Monaco, Germany, Austria, Canada & much of the US. I wish I could see the whole world! You can help me do this with your card :)

Card Suggestions (no particular order):

-pretty landscapes with water, mountains, desert, glaciers, northern/southern lights
-city views or lights at night
-rare or strange animals from your area. I really like elephants, puffins, penguins, seahorses, wolves, octopus, platypus, dogs, jellyfish
-coral reefs, ocean scenes/animals
-historical photos or vintage cards
-cool architecture. anything really detailed, odd or colorful
-cultural things from your country/area (traditional clothes, festivals, etc)
-alphabets, calligraphy, language other than English (with translation if possible)
-illustrations showing local cities, landmarks, traditions, costume (examples in my favorites)
-ice hockey, Olympics & Worldloppet ski
-paper lanterns
-Lunar year (Dragon is my birth year)
-birthday in October
-Indian culture- Holi & other festivals, painted elephants, monuments, art, religious sites. I love the Golden Temple!
-Easter Island heads
-St. Basil Cathedral in Moscow
-Fauna or Owls of Belarus
-Converse all-star shoes
-Meetup cards
-former countries like USSR, DDR, Yugoslavia, etc.
-For Germans: Ruthe or Nichtlustig, Wolpertinger, Ampelmann
-Polish folk art
-Wallace and Gromit, Shaun the Sheep, Harry Potter, Batman, Wonder Woman, Beatles, Monty Python, Pixar or Disney
-Silly humor
-Maxicards relating to my interests
-If you are artistic, feel free to make me a card! I really love homemade art from children, it's always unique & special.

I will be happy with most anything, but please no Touchnote or similar services, no ads unless they're artistic/vintage or funny, & PLEASE write on the cards! Tell me about yourself, where you're from, or what's on the card. I also like interesting stamps, stickers or drawings if you don't know what to say. I prefer no envelopes unless you feel it's necessary to protect the card.

Thank you & Happy Postcrossing!

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