Sammone, Netherlands

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    (28 years old)

About Sam...

__( .)> My name is Sam a.k.a. Sammone.
\___)~~~ I discovered that sending cards around the world is the perfect way for me to feel connected with the world and learn about places, and that's why I joined PostCrossing. And also because now I will finally receive fun mail :)

I am 28 yrs old, living on my own in an apartment. It's close to the Efteling, a beautiful themepark in the Netherlans. I also frequently travel to England by train, where one of my bestest friends lives.

~My Postcards Favorites wall is very big, because I believe this is a simple way to show what kind of cards interest me the most. I often browse other user's favorites when I send them a card too! (Don't worry, there's also a list on the bottom of this page.)

~~~My hobbies
~I knot friendship bracelets and also swap them with people from all over the world!
~Collecting erasers and rubber duckies.

~~~General Preferences

No matter what kind of postcard I will find in my mail box, it is always more awesome than not getting any mail at all! :]

~Stamps: I do not collect them but I love seeing beautiful stamps from all over the world!
~I don't mind nice-looking advertising/freebie cards as long as they have space for you to write a message!

~~~The completely optional list of themes I like

~Maps & flags; world, country, state, city, railroads/underground etc.
~Zoo's / rollercoasters / theme parks / museums
~Single-view skylines and night scenery.

~PostCrossing related postcards
~Mailboxes and stamps
~England/UK themes

~Black & white / monochrome / coloursplash
~Rainbow/colourful images
~Favourite colours: Purple, teal, red
~Geometric / abstract patterns

~Favourite Animals; foxes, meerkats, cats/kittens, penguins
~Unusual animals like koalas, okapi, platypus, snow/arctic animals, red panda, etc.
~Rubber duckies

~Nature; landscapes, rainbows, northern lights, night sky/stars/moon, lightning, clouds, sunsets etc.
~Space/universe, planets, galaxies etc.

~Keep Calm-style, other text-based frontsides
~Images of and related to books/reading
~Images of crafting material (like yarn, paint, pencils)
~Art; paintings, drawings, street art, poetry etc.
~Music-themed; piano's and music notes
~Fantasy / sci-fi / horror (including skulls, blood etc. are fine)

~Harry Potter
~Sherlock Holmes
~Alice in Wonderland
~Disney/Pixar movies
~Christmas all year long!

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