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About Vladena...

I am living in Prague with my daughter, but I care for my mother in Slovakia now and I´m only few days in the month at home. So please be patient - I´ll register your card as soon as possible.

I like reading, travelling, hiking, foreign languages, handwork (knitting, crocheting, embroidery), pen-friendship (my "oldest" pen-friendship lasts since February 1965...)

I´ve collected o n l y view postcards (photo, not drawing) since my childhood. You´ll make my day with card with view of your town/country.
-city views
-nature and landscape (mountains, waterfalls, forests, rivers, lakes, ocean etc.)
-notable monuments
Your cards enable me to know places which I probably never can see personally.
I prefer to get cards from YOUR OWN country.

In my favorites are received cards which made me happier than happy and also the cards that I'd love to receive.

I always do my best to send cards according to wish list of recipient, please do the same by sending the card to me.

Please DON´T SEND to me:
flowers, animals (except of national parks in Africa), cartoon, art, film, handmade, drawing, touch note, advertising, Christmas and Easter cards.
Save them for the people who like it . Thank you.

Please DON´T USE STICKERS - I´m postcards collector and stickers sometime damage the cards.
2008 - 2010: all cards delivered :-D
2011: 1x CN, 2x US
2012: 1x FR
2013: 1x UA
2014: 1x CN, 1x RU, 1x TW
2015: 1x ES, 1x RU, 1x US
2016: 1x LV, 1x PL, 1x US
2017: 2x CN, 1x IN, 1x LT, 2x RU, 1x TH, 1x US
2018: thanks to Postcrossing (accounts closed) all cards registered

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