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The PhillipsFamily lives in a small town Minnesota, USA, where they homeschool their daughter Maya and use Postcrossing to teach her about geography and cultures all over the world. Some months ago, we received a very nice email from them, letting us know that Maya had won 1st place on her county fair’s 4-H project by submitting a presentation about Postcrossing and her postcard collection! 🥇 We were so proud of Maya that we decided to interview her for the blog — here she is:

How did you come across Postcrossing? What got you hooked?

I found out about Postcrossing from a friend who thought I would like it because I really like geography. I was hooked right away! I LOVE getting postcards from all over the world and learning about different countries and people. I’m always excited to get the mail everyday to see which countries I can add to my collection. Recently I received my first postcard from Spain. I have postcards from all 7 continents!

Do you have any other interesting hobbies?

My family really likes geocaching together. We have seen so many beautiful places hunting caches. I also really, really like to read and play board games. My favorite books are the Harry Potter series. I play Legos a lot (thanks Denmark!), and also scrapbook.

Show us your mailbox, your mailman/mailwoman, your postoffice or the place where you post or keep your postcards!
IMG 0134

I keep my postcards in a nice box. They are sorted by continent and country. My mama really likes that I can have such a big collection without taking up much space.

Show and tell us about your favorite received postcard to date, and what makes it special.
IMG 0135

One of my favorite postcards is from Gordon the Great. He is a cat from New Zealand who has to put up with Fat Dog and Skinny Dog. I’ve showed his postcard to lots of my friends because it’s so funny.

Have you inspired anyone else to join Postcrossing or start collections of their own?

I entered my postcard collection into the county fair as a 4-H project. I made a big display showcasing some of my favorite cards and wrote a description telling everyone about Postcrossing and how they can join.

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I won first place in my age group and second place overall. I got a big ribbon for it! I was so excited because it was my first time entering anything into the fair. I hope a lot of people signed up after seeing it.

Have you been surprised by any place that you have received a postcard from or sent a postcard to?

I was surprised when I received a card from San Marino. I didn’t even know it was a country until then.

Is there anything that you are passionate about?

I am passionate about reading. I like reading new books and rereading old books. Besides Harry Potter, some of my favorites are Calvin & Hobbes, Anne of Green Gables, and A Series of Unfortunate Events. I’m currently reading through Mensa’s Excellence in Reading book list. It has a lot of classics my parents like.


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167marina, Russia
Greetings! Wonderful!

Bobebar, Germany
Great, that you had the courage to give this lecture. Congratulations to your profit.
I wish you a lot fun writing postcards and always a laughing post box.

justicepirate, United States of America
We homeschool our kids too and postcross for the same reason (but we are brand new and are still waiting for our first postcard, but we've sent out 8 so far). This is really sweet!! I read all of Anne of Green Gables and enjoyed the series. Congratulations Maya on your prize!!

Loutique, Israel
I have same postcard from Gordon the Great =)

alterego, Canada
I love seeing young people getting involved in postcrossing! The art of handwritten communication will never be extinct as long as postcrossing lives! Congratulations, Maya

BeckyS, United States of America
What a wonderful interview! Maya, you have inspired me to set myself a new challenge. It is about time that I got around to reading some of the books on the Mensa Reading List. :) I look forward to someday getting the chance to send you a postcard. Have a great Summer and the happiest of Postcrossings to you, ♥

meiadeleite, Portugal
@BeckyS I was thinking the same thing! That last list has a lot of books I haven't read yet... sounds like something for the bucket list! 💪

wels19602012, Germany

humphred, United States of America
I love that your cards are sorted by continent, then by country. Gives me inspiration to organize by large pile of falling cards. May you need a bigger box soon.

Chenoah, Germany
Fabulous job! I hope you get many more to enjoy. By the way, you've got a good book taste. I love all of them, even though I'm an adult now.

gmangiamele, United States of America
What an excellent point of sharing. Good for you. I have recommended that our local library get involved and have a wall just of postcards. I hope they do it!! Congrats on your 4-H success.-Gina

aerobear, United States of America
Super! Congratulations on your prize! What a great way to learn geography and share Postcrossing with others. Also, you have inspired me to organize! ❤️

mounten, Italy
C O N G R A T U L A T I O N Maya from Italy keep on going, writing and reading,postcrossing is so much fun ciao

clouisesz, United States of America
How Wonderful! You should be so proud of yourself. Thank you for sharing this story with us.

Irena_S, Russia
Perfectly! You can inspire other children to learn about the countries and their culture through Postcrossing.

hippoos, Netherlands

RaeKaren, United States of America
Maya, congratulations! Thank you for sharing.

ned44440, Ireland
☺Many congratulations, Maya. What a wonderful display and so very well presented. I am not surprised that you won an award for it. I am sure you will have got many people to sign up just because of your display. Keep up the good work. ☺

takoda, Germany
Congrats and greetings from another geocaching postcrosser (or postcrossing geocacher?!)! :o)

Ramya, United States of America
Way to go Maya! You’re inspiring people to keep reaching out to others. And you’re inspiring us all to get to know this beautiful world!

Greesh, India
Congrats Maya,best of luck

Luluz, Finland
Great story! Thanks Maya - keep on going!

SeanPatrick, United States of America
Fantastic !

lilacs, Germany
It's a pleasure to read this story! Thanks for sharing!

PhillipsFamily, United States of America
Many thanks to everyone for the wonderful comments. This has been such a fun experience!

RanjitShrestha, Nepal
Superb.. 🌼🌼🌼🌼👍👍👍👍

PilotOne, Portugal
Thanks for sharing your nice postcard involvement with the world!
Nice to know your daughter Maya is really passionate about the Postcrossing project.
As certainly you must remember I've received a fantastic official card from you this June.
Congrats to all of you!

alaskanpoptart, United States of America
Congrats Maya on your ribbon, and thank you for sharing your Postcrossing experience and a little about yourself! You are very articulate, so it's no surprise that you like to read! Going to check out the Mensa Excellence in Reading list now!

Knerq, United States of America

sacdalton, United States of America
Maya that was a great idea to share Postcrossing as a project at your county fair! Congratulations. Fun article.

Lex222, United States of America
Share Postcrossing with your schoolmates! I introduced classes of kids to other classrooms to learn about culture and letter-writing and we have done many exchanges with other classrooms, plus individual exchanges between students. We now have pen pals for life. Find a vested adult to help facilitate! You are a great role model for your peers!

betslets, United States of America
Hi, Maya -- I was drawn to your story on the blog when I read you were from a small town in MN...I, myself started out in Duluth, and I was a longtime member of 4-H in AZ. However, we didn't have as many projects to choose in those days, as there are now, nor as many opportunities for creative fair displays. Congratulations on your remarkable Success. I know you'll also continue to enjoy Postcrossing. Best Wishes.

Yoyoww, United States of America
Postal Love from Phoenix, Arizona. If there's postcards you want or need, message me.

triplightly, United States of America
Congratulations Maya! I was in 4-H as a young girl. I made a dress but only got 3rd. =( ;-) I love the fair! I wish you much success.

Misia76, Japan
Great!! Congratulations, Maya 😃✨

ljbeelady, United Kingdom
Great story and congratulations. Yes inspiration to sort the collection.

KimMath, Australia
That's lovely! And I'm super impressed by your postcard organisation system!

buboscandiacus, Finland
Great! So nice to see the box for your cards, too!
- I'd really like to see how/where people keep their cards... in boxes, in great envelopes, on the wall(s)... Any idea would be wellcome :)

Olga-May, Ukraine
Congratulations, Maya!
I am 56 and truly happy that Postcrossing is able to unite all the nations and generations.) We have a lot to do together. :)

giorgina80, Italy
Hello Maya
It's lovely how nice I like young people to take part in Postcrossing💕

Greetings from Italy

zomertje, Netherlands
Hello Maya, what a great story and congratulations on you winning the fair. best wishs from the Netherlands

JoyceM, Netherlands
Super Maya I loved your story. Wish you and your family all the best from the Netherlands.

MichPen, United States of America
I have a card from Gordon the Great also. I enjoyed that one very much!!

Flippie, Canada
Hi Maya and family, I think you guys inspire more people than you ever can believe. Love the story, keep going!

Bookhuntress, United States of America
Hi Maya,
Congratulations on your award-winning display. I grew up in a rural area of Chisago County and remember the county fair with great fondness.

Thanks for making more people aware of Postcrossing and of reading (I'm a librarian). Congrats to your parents for encouraging you to read and to learn new things!

WWG1WGA, United States of America
You have Panama?

Nakendorf, Finland
Congratulations Maya, I’m so proud of you. Your collection is arranged so neatly! I hope it will grow ⭐️

AutismMom, United States of America
Maya - so delightful to read about your exhibit and your favorites. I work in a public library with teens and am thrilled you are an avid reader as well. As Anne Shirley would say, you will find many kindred spirits in Postcrossing. Wishing you a very full mailbox!

p.s. Fantastic way to organize your postcards! Very clever and inspiring.

NIDUSKA, Finland
really nice

bobbystar, United Kingdom
I love the organiser, very nice!

mrbiggles, United States of America
What a wonderful story Maya, you're a true Postcrossing ambassador!
Hooray for PhillipsFamily 😀

halsza, Poland
Congratulation from Poland!

ParAvion, Australia
Good on you Maya! Congratulations on your hard work being rewarded!

robinmp, United States of America
Congratulations Maya :) It's wonderful that you found postcrossing and are sharing it with everyone :) I hope to get a card from Gordon one day :)

KobelskiDesigns, United States of America
Dear Maya,
I love you display of cards. I homeschooled my son(27 now). I enjoyed preparing his lessons. I was not a big fan of school, but I thank my kids for what I enjoy today. History, Reading, Photography, and Writing. I enjoy Geocaching too and I am under the name Grace Photos. I saw you have a picture of Clara Barton on your board. If you get the chance read Woman Of The West by Helen Markley Miller. It is about Bethenia Owens-Adair. Happy Posting. Deb

Jenny15, Taiwan
I love reading too

Piirpauke, Finland
I have same postcard from Gordon the Great!!
Greetings from Finland and Congratulations !!

Luziaceleste, Brazil
What a nice example to youngsters and everyone. Congrats Maya!

shieru, Russia
Winning a contest with the help of postcrossing sounds so sool and so inspiring for every of us! :) Many thanks for this lovely spotlight.

Gordon, New Zealand
Oh Oh Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh *Waves* HI MAYA. I'm SO happy you love my card, you are the coolest kid EVER!! Congrats on your COOL work. Purr purr, Love Gordon the great......(Ruler of FATDOGS). xx

PhillipsFamily, United States of America
Oh my goodness! It's Gordon!!! We logged on to read the comments and squealed when we saw Gordon the Great, Ruler of FATDOGS AND SKINNYDOGS. We truly are fans. :) Maya has showed your postcard to all of her friends and family. She thinks it is so funny! We hope Gordon's owners give him an extra treat and lots of snuggles and tell him of his fans in Minnesota, USA.

Lach, New Zealand
Congratulations! I homeschool too. I am 10 and I started postcrossing at the end of last year,

Crystalinne, United States of America
Cheers and congratulations, Maya.
I enjoyed reading this story. So glad to see you happily postcrossing.

iksi, Latvia
Really best project I have seen!
I`m with u 7 years!

Wish u get a postcard from Mars:))

armadillogal, United States of America
Congratulations! I am a geocacher too. Originally from Wisconsin and I used to judge 4-h cats.

msquared47, United States of America
From one Minnesotan to another, Congratulations and Happy Postcrossing!

florencen, Australia
fantastic effort in spreading the word about this great hobby.

lostresviajeros, Austria
Great! We have a similar box - but for outgoing postcards. Sorted by themes or topics! - Postcrossing connects people all over the world! This is awesome!

vlada_123, Russia
I congratulate you, Maya! You did a rather difficult and solemn thing, holding an exhibition where you talked about postcrossing. Now other people will be interested in postcrossing.

rhhk, Singapore
The Gordon The Great postcard is hilarious! i think I’ve received one too!

RoryinOhio, United States of America
Super ! Maya is the kind of young person that can make the Future even Better . Congrads !

MrsBabl, United States of America
I’ve got Gordon the Great too, I was one of my first ones, and one of my favorites! Great ideas how to organize the cards. Being thinking about using a whole wall in my classroom, not sure how to do it yet...

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