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About Phillips_Family...


We are the Phillips family. Our family includes two parents (TJ and Dana), one daughter (Maya), and one dog (Boone).

We live in a small town in Minnesota, USA. Our family likes to go hiking, camping, and geocaching together. Everyone (except Boone) in our home loves to play board games and read (and read and read and read).

Maya is homeschooled. This postcrossing project is helping to teach her about world geography and cultures all over the world. It is also adding to her much loved postcard collection. :) She has postcards from all 7 continents! Last summer she showed her postcard collection in a county fair and won first place. She was very excited!

We would like it if you could tell us something about your part of the world. We love all postcards! Maya is a member of Mensa, so let her know if you're a fellow Mensa member. :)

Thank you for sending us a postcard!

P.S. Maya was recently interviewed for a Postcrossing Spotlight. :) Read her interview here...