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About Halina...

*2019 is pig year , postcard with chinese zodiac and all pigs are welcome.

POLSKA - Link polecający dla chcących wysyłać kartki z Niemiec po 3zł.
I not write too much because after stroke I have problems with handwritting .I have also catarract .

I love all postcards esp. in standard size 10x15cm (4x6inch) No envelope. Last time I start select my collection and put cards to thematic albums, I hope I finish do it before I die.

Album nr 1. MADONNA - Madonna from sanctuaries, churches and Madonna with Child
Album nr 2. PAINTING - I have section in album with painter like: Inge Look (I look for aunties nr: 54,65 ,608 and more new...)
Kaj Stenval (ducks), Alphonse Mucha, Irina Zeniuk (blue cats) Hiroshige Utagawa, Kitagawa Utamaro , M.I.Hummel and others
Album nr 3 .HOLIDAYS (Easter, Christmas, New Year, Santa Claus, Halloween, Valentine's Day, my birthday in March and others holidays and festivals.
Album nr 4. FAUNA (here are sections: all animals, pets,birds, fishes, insects, butterflies) ...
Album nr 5. FLORA ( iris flowers,musrooms, wild flowers, HERBS )
Album nr 6. TRANSPORT (cars, trains, trams, buses, bicycles, scuters, motorcycles, air-planes, ships)
Album nr 7. MAPS and FLAGS,
Album nr 8. FAMOUS PEOPLE (actors, singers,kings, queens, presidents, popes, sportmens)
Album nr 9. POSTOFFICE ( P.O.buildings, postboxes, mailboxes, stamps, postmen, English postcards showing English stamps, MAXICARDS (cards with stamp on front and stamp marks for as same thema)
Album nr 10. FOLKLORE (people wearing national clothes ) fashion
Album nr 11. ZODIAC SYMBOLS ( by Natalya Derevyanko, and others) I have also chinese zodiac symbols like horse, goat, monkey, rooster, dog, pig
Album nr 12.SPORT (footballists, other sportmen, stadiums , Euro, FIFA World Cup, Olimpic games
My others postcards are still in shoe-boxes like:All Saints ,Budda, pin-up girls,3-D , made from wood, retro, nude,vintage, propaganda, old adds card showing coca-cola,ciggarettes, Vanity, New Yorker, film posters. PC meetings cards welcome. I have also some beautifull GOTOCHI (but still too few )For every "gotochi"with address I will send "suprise" (7-8) cards.Around 20 boxes are with viewcards from whole world and I still think how select them? Maybe make album: countries ? Or make albums with lighthouses, castles, bridges, churches, rivers, air-views, UNESCO? I not decided yet.
All postcards are interesting and teach me about world.
Great works awaits me :)
More about me? I live with husband and youngest son (he is single yet). We have 4 adult children born (1975,76,82,85) and 5 grandchildren.

My address: Halina Szymik, skr. 52, 44-217 Rybnik 17, POLAND

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