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Exciting news! Post Luxembourg has been working with Postcrossing to launch a special stamp honoring the project, and today we can finally reveal what it will look like! So, without further ado… Stamp image comprised of several stylized hands of different colors, handling and writing postcards Isn’t that brilliant? Different hands, playfully writing and holding postcards — a perfect visual representation of what Postcrossing is!

The stamp is designed by S. Fisch and will have a print run of 100,000 stamps at Luxembourg’s rate for Europe (so don’t forget to add the extra postage to your postcards, if you use this stamp to mail postcards outside of Europe).

There will also be an accompanying first day cancellation mark and envelope, which can be combined with the stamp and cancellation mark to make a neat First Day Cover. Here’s what they will look like:

Postcrossing FDC envelope. It has a white background, and some stylized hands holding pens and one postcard on the bottom left corner. It features the cancellation mark as well, which has one hand grabbing a postcard, and another writing the same card. Around them in a circle reads Jour d'émission 13.09.2022 1000 Luxembourg

The new Postcrossing-themed Luxembourg stamp will be out on September 13, and you will be able to order it at the Post Luxembourg webshop.

LX cancellationmarkmeetup

A meetup is being organized on Saturday, September 17 to celebrate this stamp, and they’ll even have their own special cancellation mark for the meeting, available at a booth on Aldringen’s post office between 1pm and 5pm — how cool is that?!

We’re really looking forward to seeing this stamp make its way across the world on many postcards — let us know what you think of it in the comments below!

69 comments so far

vikneshkumar, India
Wonderful Stamp with even website name!
perrinezen, France
The stamp and the cancellation mark are so pretty! Congratulations :D
ned44440, Ireland
Beautiful 😀
I hope I get one on an official card sometime 🤞
Moyuxuan, China
wish one on postcard🙏🙏🙏
-Alter3ch0-, Finland
It’s aesthetically pleasing and clearly inclusive, I love it!
Vithuwan, Thailand
Beautiful stamp 🥰
lepotirond, Luxembourg
Ooooh! I will definitely be getting some of these when they're available! It's wonderful seeing our Post being a part of the project in such a direct way. Maybe we will get some curious new members from Luxembourg on the platform!
mdmsamm, Canada
Oh yes this is wonderful and yes if somehow a trade can be done I am in
RosaTea, Italy
🤩 Wish one on postcard 🙏🙏🙏 Grazie ❤️
abqslp, United States of America
Fantastic! I hope I get one on a postcard, too!
ladybug513, United States of America
What a wonderful, well thought out image! Love it and would love to see it on a postcard!
willempie_, Netherlands
Great stamp.!! I am looking forward to receiving a card from Luxembourg.
Katriona, Belarus
Wow. this is amazing. such a great brand! I hope I can get one. I would be very happy.
StasyaPo, Russia
It's wonderful!!!
Andelicka, Czech Republic
wow the combination of stamp, envelope and the awesome cancellation mark would be so precious to get<3
-Cool-, Philippines
Wow! I hope the Phlpost will also issue postage stamp like this
mysweetlife63, United States of America
Love it - hope I get one!
SLPascual, Philippines
love it..
3AngryCats, Canada
Oh, lucky Luxembourg! Suggest we all contact our country post offices to suggest POSTCROSSING as a new stamp too.
rdquintas, Portugal
Love this ❤️
RalfH, Germany
I like it!
amemlia6, Germany
I am happy for the Postcrossing participants in Luxembourg and hope to receive such a stamp as well.
On the publication of the German Federal Ministry of Finance, the issue of a Postcrossing stamp is announced for October 2022.
see under:

Unfortunately, no picture is published there, so the appearance of the first German Postcrossing stamp is not yet known.
Sandristica, Spain
I wish my country has Postcrossing stamps 😍
Nique, Canada
The Creators of Postcrossing must be thrilled‼️

Bravo to the individual(s) responsible for this!

One small leap for mail, one BIG leap for Postcrossing💌📮
BigJuice, Canada
Amazing!!! ❤️ ❤️ ❤️
Kristi-D, United States of America
Wonderful! I have fond memories of a visit to beautiful, fascinating Luxembourg a number of years ago. I hope this stamp motivates more interest for Postcrossing in that country. It's great to hear that Germany will get a stamp, too!
pemasagirls, France
I wish I'd be living in Luxembourg ! So pretty and so nice idea.

Here, in France, you can't have the stamps you want nor complete national stamps for more choice. You can't have your letter stamped either.
Frutz, Luxembourg
I am working at POST Philately in Luxembourg, an I am really liking your comments about our new Postcrossing stamp. The stamp will be available online on the e-shop of from september 13.

We ship our goods all over the world without shipping fees.
The stamp is really awesome.
Wish I could get one.
I haven't received any cards from Luxembourg nor able to send one.
I wish my next postcrossing address should be from Luxembourg.😊
Kristi-D, United States of America
For Paulo and Ana, this must be thrilling--they started Postcrossing, it has spread across the world, and helps promote goodwill between people of different cultures. And now and then, another country prints a stamp. Quite an accomplishment--congratulations to not only the Luxembourg Postcrossers, but to the two founders and to all those who contribute to Postcrossing's success!
honeyveri10, South Africa
Looks amazing. Hopefully I'm able to attain one :D
Postcardnstamps, United States of America
Love it, can't wait to receive one.
Zastia, Switzerland
Love it... hopefully I'll get a card from Luxembourg soon??!!
jeroenvberlo, Netherlands
Congratulations Luxembourg with a magnificent stamp. Postcrossing theme = Happiness.
Lider, Russia
Excellent stamp!
Flippie, Canada
I hope that I find one once on a card from one off you. I love it.
alterego, Canada
What a great stamp!
HookedonPostcards, Canada
Wow! Wow! Wonderful recognition for this amazing hobby we all enjoy! Lovely stamp. Post Luxembourg Post rocks!
aguayo, United States of America
mgoliver, United States of America
Such a cute stamp!
Mammi_ju, Australia
It's looking great! 😍🔥 Wish to have one of them with card from Luxembourg! 🥰🥰🥰👍👍👍👌📨📩
AnimalLovingSwimmer, United States of America
LOVE! <3
Cheryll, Suriname
Fantastic PC stamp!💞
AnnJewel_Chyi, China
This is so lovely and beautiful!! They're just so lucky to live in Luxembourg!!!
JessicaCMourao, Brazil
I'm in love with these stamps. ☺️
kraghavendrabhat, India
So beautiful. Would like to swap one for my PC stamp collection.
Very nice post crossing stamp , hope will get one soon from one of the card from Luxembourg
E_Safiri, United States of America
Now if only the US will follow this great idea!
LaWendeltreppe, Germany
I think every country should have one. The chance to get a card from Luxembourg seems to be very small.
I don't understand why Germany hasn't designed one. We are so many postcrossers here.
DianeM, United States of America
I like this stamp and cancellation a lot. Hope I receive a card with it.
So good
Nisansala, Sri Lanka
A beautiful stamp
I was surprised to see the stamp and the first day cover.
A very nice first day cover.
The color matching of the hands in the drawing on the first day cover is very beautiful.
I think that the dispersion of the world is represented by the different post crossing.
The postcards, hands and colors on the stamp likewise represent the scope of post crossing.
The stamp cancellation banner is also very beautiful.
I am hoping to get this first day cover from someone post crossing.
shui, Taiwan
What an adorable and delightful design ! I can seem to imagine people's smiling faces by seeing those eager hands for postcards ! Will definitely buy some later on the webshop !
luky-luke, Germany
I am loving ir
Kaligus, China
I love it!! It well reflects the theme of postcrossing!
beesknees, United States of America
iphoto, Australia
Exciting times hey 👏👏👏 looking forward to my order arriving ‘Down🌏Under’ 🙃
SophietheValiant, Kazakhstan
Gosh, how cute!
snailmailingnancy, New Zealand
Love it!
betslets, United States of America
Wow -- (again) I found the German Postcrossing Stamp blog entry first, but this is amazing -- Luxembourg really made history and it looks like many people had "a hand" in creating this delightful stamp! Looking forward to getting a postcard from Luxembourg some day. . .but, if not, I'm among those that can actually say I've visited this beautiful country.
HM, Netherlands
Hurray! for Luxembourg!
Selena, United States of America
Nice design! I hope I receive one on a card 💌
Demmi, Romania
🤞 I wish, I hope :) I get one on an official card sometimes!
Hyp, Hyp Hurray for Luxembourg! Nice work!
inuk, Germany
Really great! Hope I get one some day!
adriennefriend, United States of America
I absolutely love it.
radiofan, Austria
What a beautiful Postcrossing stamp, Congratulations, Luxembourg!
I'd be happy to receive one - one day :)
Bayrisches-Madl, Germany
😍😍 Great stamp 🤩🤩
It makes me happy that more and more post offices celebrate postcrossing on new stamp issues. After all, we are the ones who keep snail mail alive! Well done, Luxembourg
shootingstar7, Puerto Rico
I love the design!
geosmin_petrichor, Germany
That one looks great!!!

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