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Today is the day the new Postcrossing-themed stamp from Luxembourg makes its debut, in all its philatelic glory! Don’t their printed stamp sheets look pretty?

Several sheets of Postcrossing stamps from Luxembourg.

Ah… I wish teleportation existed already, so we could quickly buzz ourselves there to send a few postcards! 😍

On the September issue of PhilatéLux (the philatelic magazine from Post Luxembourg's), designer Stina Fisch gave a short interview, sharing a little bit about herself and her work on the Postcrossing stamp. Here is an excerpt of the page dedicated to the Postcrossing stamp:

The cover of the Philatelux magazine, featuring a picture of the Royal Family, and the Postcrossing stamp
This is not the first postage stamp you have designed. What did you find particularly challenging, and how did you overcome that?

One particular challenge was the extremely small format and the need to ensure that it would still be legible. I really wanted to get across the idea of the handwritten message and to express the serendipity of the Postcrossing project — that is, discovering something new and surprising without looking for it.

Do you write and send postcards yourself?

Yes, I love sending postcards because I love to receive them. I keep all my postcards, use them as bookmarks, and leave the postcard in the book when I‘ve finished it. I love coming across them years later. Is writing postcards still a thing? Sure, a text message does the same thing… but a handwritten note means a lot to me… the short walk to the postbox… and then the recipient’s delight at getting a personal message amid bills and flyers.

Congratulations to all Luxembourg postcrossers, and a big thank you to Post Luxembourg, for deeming the Postcrossing community worthy of this honor. The stamp is now available on their webshop, and we look forward to seeing it in postcards flying around the world. If you’re in Luxembourg, do send us some photos of the stamp — we’d love to see these in the hands of postcrossers, or close to one of your yellow postboxes!


Exciting news! Post Luxembourg has been working with Postcrossing to launch a special stamp honoring the project, and today we can finally reveal what it will look like! So, without further ado… Stamp image comprised of several stylized hands of different colors, handling and writing postcards Isn’t that brilliant? Different hands, playfully writing and holding postcards — a perfect visual representation of what Postcrossing is!

The stamp is designed by S. Fisch and will have a print run of 100,000 stamps at Luxembourg’s rate for Europe (so don’t forget to add the extra postage to your postcards, if you use this stamp to mail postcards outside of Europe).

There will also be an accompanying first day cancellation mark and envelope, which can be combined with the stamp and cancellation mark to make a neat First Day Cover. Here’s what they will look like:

Postcrossing FDC envelope. It has a white background, and some stylized hands holding pens and one postcard on the bottom left corner. It features the cancellation mark as well, which has one hand grabbing a postcard, and another writing the same card. Around them in a circle reads Jour d'émission 13.09.2022 1000 Luxembourg

The new Postcrossing-themed Luxembourg stamp will be out on September 13, and you will be able to order it at the Post Luxembourg webshop.

LX cancellationmarkmeetup

A meetup is being organized on Saturday, September 17 to celebrate this stamp, and they’ll even have their own special cancellation mark for the meeting, available at a booth on Aldringen’s post office between 1pm and 5pm — how cool is that?!

We’re really looking forward to seeing this stamp make its way across the world on many postcards — let us know what you think of it in the comments below!


Luxembourg native, Luxi, loves the joy of giving – be it sending postcards, adopting children, or volunteering for charity.

How did you come across Postcrossing? What got you hooked?

Some years ago I heard about Postcrossing in a German forum. I was curious and found it interesting and so I opened an account. Up to that day I loved postcards but I was not a real collector. I was mainly attracted by the possibility of receiving postcards from all over the world to get an idea about the beauty and culture of other countries and to share the same about my country, Luxemburg. As soon as I received my first card I got hooked. I found it so amazing that a complete stranger sent a greeting to me from far away and so it became a real passion!

Through all those years I shared precious moments with so many people, I got an amazing collection of wonderful cards, and connected to quite a few people on a further level throuth private swaps and tags in the forum! Some became the sort of friends that exchange surprise cards from our vacations or on holidays. The best part of it is putting a smile on someone’s face! There are so many ways to do this and the feedback I receive is very rewarding for me. It’s kind of “sharing a moment of our life” with the people we exchange a card with.

Soon it became a real addiction and so now I can not even pass by a shop that sells postcards without having a look at them and buying some. I return from all vacations with a stack of special postcards. I also blog almost daily about Postcrossing. My family thinks I am crazy and often make fun of me when they hear me scream out in my office when I receive that special ID or a new country and of course when I am the one to send to a special unusual ID from little Luxemburg. But I guess that is the price to pay right?

Do you have any other interesting hobbies?

I love to read, lazy weekends on the couch, cooking, traveling, my dog and I love to shop (yes that can be a real hobby too!). But basically my life revolves around children. We are an adoptive family and our children have their roots in Peru, Vietnam, and Madagascar. I also work in the adoption field and so naturally I became invested in a charity organisation that got created out of my adoption work. Much of my time is spent on projects for children and women in need in South Africa. Of course this is much more than just a hobby – it is about giving and receiving. By writing these lines here, I also realize that this is probably why Postcrossing is so precious to me, it is also about giving and receiving ;-).

Show us your mailbox, your mailman/mailwoman, your postoffice or the place where you post or keep your postcards!
Luxi mailbox
My mailbox in front of our house.

Luxi postcard collection
The way I collect my cards. Got many of these albums full so far!

Luxi desk
My officedesk from where I write my cards.
Show and tell us about your favorite received postcard to date, and what makes it special.

It is hard to point out one single card and say that this is my favorite! Every single card is so special to me! Every scratch, every dent, every beautiful stamp. I love them all because they are all part of the project and make it so unique! It is like a puzzle, you cannot take out one piece because then it is incomplete. But one card that has recently touched my heart is a card from The Netherlands sent from the user Lubbers. (Thank you again Carolien) So I would love to share this one with you:

Luxi favourite