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About Yuliya...

I am a Belorussian woman 52 years old, but always young in my soul 😊 Now I am living in Australia, in the beautiful Gold Coast🌞🌞🌞. Gold Coast it's an amazing part of Queensland and one of Australia's most iconic coastal cities. We have here 52 kilometres of The Pacific Ocean coastline! 🤩💙🌊

On my interests: nature, animals, music, movie, art, cooking, dancing, crafting, drawing, at least creativity in different ways 😊👌
I like adventures, to see new places, meet new people, to know somethingn new about different cultures, cuisines, history and culture of different places 😊 I like to try coffee and local wine everywhere, where it's possible! 😍😀👍🍷☕️

My big love are animals (my favourites are dogs horses and koalas,😍) and I love everything about our planet, nature and Universe: starry night sky - my obsession ✨️ 😍🌠
One of my favourite thing in life - to fly somewhere! Airports planes and views from plane window - my big Love ✈️💙
And I like sport: for myself and love sport like sport 😉😀 We like to watch lots of sports on TV, for example soccer, Australian footy, cricket, tennis, and I like very much the Formula-1😍👍🏎

I will be happy to send a postcard to you from Australia! 🇦🇺
And I would be happy to have a beautiful, interesting, unusual, even handmade card from you, and if it will have a nice stamp, new or old, doesn't matter - this is definitely will make my day, I love stamps 😉 😍👌We have a very interesting collection of stamps, which started in 1960s 👌🤍

Would be cool to have a card about:

🌞 nature, animals and beautiful landscapes;
🏰 your local architecture objects, contemporary or old;
✈️ photos or pictures of planes - my favourite machines ever!
🌍🌌🌠 cards about planets, stars, constellations and galaxies 💖
☕️ everything about coffee (just love it! 🤩🤎)
🥐 your local or your favourite food and drinks, or card with a recipe of something tasty 😉👌
📻🎼💃 dance and music 🎶
🖼 art and designs 🎨
🎎 something special about your country, national traditions and etc. 🧧

And I would be happy to exchange with you with some stamps, if you would like to do it, too 😉👌📨 So, just send me something and write me your address - I will send you something back 😉 📩📨

Wish you all be positive and smile more often!🌞🌞🌞

Stay safe, stay tuned, be happy every day!
And..... Happy postcrossing! 😉😀👍

Yuliya ❤️

Lots of love to Ukraine 🇺🇦 ❤️

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