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Some time ago, Ana chose a number of the handmade cards from the forum to highlight on the blog. That forum topic is still going strong (do share your own handmade cards there too!) — and now it’s my turn to choose some of the gorgeous creations to share.

Let’s start off with a smile! These animals with googly eyes from Caro (aka Pigglet) really made me smile. Especially the sheep, with the mismatched eyes!

animals with googly eyes

These lovely images introduced me to the concept of etegami, a Japanese art form which involves the combination of words and images to create a simple postcard. Etegami isn’t about creating the most beautiful or skilled picture, but about expressing yourself. These examples were made by Hikari (aka hikarin).

a postcard with seahorses in inkpostcard with eels in ink

In the previous post, we’ve shown off some of the collage postcards people make. These ones made from a fashion catalogue by Nadja (aka Nadjafee) grabbed my eye — there’s a fairytale waiting to be told here, I think!

postcard saying She was herself againscrapbook card that says Fliegen

Öne (aka Radieschen)'s collages caught my attention right away as well: so much texture and colour!

bird waltz postcardscrapbook postcard with a lion

We always really love to see unusual postcards decorated with different kinds of crafts, and here’s a lovely one decorated with batik fabric and crochet! It was made by Giffen (aka cutetaiki), from Indonesia. I do crochet myself, and can just imagine how interesting this is to the touch as well.

a postcard decorated with crochet

Since I just mentioned a card that should be interesting to the touch as well, this one’s something that engages other senses too: Tamara (aka tamara84) created a postcard by creating a sticker from a cross-stitched image, and then added a little lavender oil so that the card is scented as well!

lavendar embroidery

Olga (aka OlgaMartik)'s beautiful embroidery sailboat had me wondering where exactly it’s going, and I really liked those wave effects!

a sailboat made in thread art

Since we’re speaking of embroidery, here are some that really made the team smile. Ksenia (aka Xute) took up the needle… but found it less relaxing than hoped.

ksenia did this in 2021 and it took forever, embroiderythey say it's relaxing - it was not, embroidery

Inspired by Ksenia’s example, Ana (aka meiadeleite) has given it a try as well!

ana did this but not very well embroidery

Turning to other crafts, Hanna (aka _Hawkwind_) invited everyone to guess about the owner of this striking silhouette… I think I know, do you?

a stencil of a man in profile

Tatyana (aka Tatyana-Levina) has done some lovely (and personal) drawings for postcards, which I just couldn’t resist sharing as well.

a drawn card of a woman holding apples, saying apples for you lindaa drawn card depicting different kazakh specialties

I loved the idea of using maps to make postcards, so Christa (aka Chrizzie)'s globes are a favourite. It’s a really effective look!

two cards saying explore more and let adventure begin

And that’s a lovely note to end on… so let’s let all our adventures begin! And if you make your own postcards, we’d all love to see them.

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CindyMc, United States of America

I absolutely love this blog post about handmade postcards! As well, I love receiving handmade cards! These are all such creative and interesting images, and I appreciate the time and skill the artists put into making them. Well done, one and all!

verdiana, Poland

I love them! I love scrapbook cards and collages, I make them myself. But I never saw people here who would like to get them. :(

satinification, Poland

Beautiful! I would be happy to receive more handmade postcards. They are so rare. These embroidered sentences are so funny ;) I have to try something like that as well!

sealed4ever, United States of America

Beautiful creativity!

BestWishesEric, United States of America

These are all so beautiful and thoughtful! I've been lucky to receive some lovely handmade cards and am inspired to try to make more myself.

GayeDoreen, United States of America

These are wonderful! I like to make them too but so often, postcrossers don’t want them. I can’t understand why because handmade cards are so wonderfully beautiful and personal. 😕

bstb, Germany

Such a wonderful inspiration! Thank you for sharing. :-)

Jacque53, United States of America

I have reviewed some lovely handmade postcards over the years! I received a fabric one recently and it is beautiful!

Steffi67, Germany

I love them all!! I always think it is sad that so many postcrossers say they do NOT want a selfmade card. If it is more than spilled coffee in the card, but thoughtfully drawn, decorated, etc., a selfmade card is a treasure, a piece if art, a gift from someone who took the time!! I would love to get more selfemade ones!! I also would like to send more selfmade ones, but mostly I read that they are not appreciated. 😢

Aguaroble, Lesotho

Congratulations to these artists! Their inspiration is impressive!

Jeanomario, United States of America

I am so inspired to get back into Postcrossing with handmade cards. Making art is always a risk, but if it makes you happy, put a stamp on it and let it go!

booboo_babies, United States of America

If every handmade postcard were as nice as these cards are, we would not see any "No Handmade Cards" requests on Postcrossing. The trouble with handmade cards is that there are far too many of them that are just thrown together without any passion or desire to make a nice card on the part of the person sending them. Like a few of the handmade cards I have received that consisted of a few little stickers on cardboard or just a few scribbles and/or doodles. (Doodles are great, if they are done right. Unfortunately, some of the doodles I have received were more like an inky mess than a doodle.) If people choose to send handmade cards, they should take the time to do the best work that they can!

Knerq, United States of America

I love this thread in the Postcrossing forum, one of my favourite

ned44440, Ireland

Very inspirational. Fabulous work by all the contributors.

Trans_Niqabi, United States of America

Wow, these are all so creative. They really ARE pieces of art that traveled the world. Kudo's for the folks who have the talent, time, and creativity to make and send these!

ruthkepler, United States of America

These inspire me to keep sending postcards out in Postcrossing world! Wonderful cards.

germaju, Brazil

I love handmade postcards, I want to receive these.

GMonika, Austria

I totally love handmade postcards, they are a great gift - time and creativity spend to me, received as a postcard.
Happy postcrossing from Austria

NellyMuc, Germany

I love handmade postcards. It is a personal gift for you and myself. I also love to create postcards.

DianeM, United States of America

Great article! My guess for unnamed man:
James Dean.

AnabelKitty, United States of America

I’m an artist and I often see people requesting NO handmade cards, which is disappointing because I love painting them. ☹️

BigJuice, Canada

There is so much talent out there, I say let it shine!!
Thank you for this inspirational blog.

sunshine_jumbo, Canada

That's giving me great adea during this time of winter and spring weather lol☔❄️👍

gailthesnail, United Kingdom

I paint all my cards. This is why I joined Postcrossing. It gives me a reason to paint and the cards I receive will give me inspiration! I love seeing people's creativity. There are sone amazing people in this world :o)

wels19602012, Germany

There is nothing better than handmade postcards.

Indreni, United States of America

How lovely! I absolutely love homemade postcards!!!

Indreni, United States of America

PS Check out Inverted Syntax's Art of the Postcard can send them a homemade postcard, too!

NIDUSKA, Finland

Really beautiful postcards

-Hector-, Chile

Beautiful! Happy recipients for sure

tetsu70, Japan


relentless_puffin, United States of America

Absolutely stunning. I love the creativity. And the "bad" embroidery makes me laugh! Bravo, postcrossers.

atlantidochka, Germany

Very cool cards!!! Congrats to all the artists featured!

alterego, Canada

Such fun|! hard to choose a favourite. I love the maps/globes, the collages, the batik. All of them. I love the creativity!

BeckyS, United States of America

Handcrafted postcards are the best.

hobbymail, United States of America

I received my 750th card from 'Laridian' , handmade quilt squares in black and white cotton. His work has been featured in a Postcrossing blog. I am so honored.

petrini1, United States of America

Those are all so amazing!

jeannor, United States of America

As someone awaiting my 1st postcards, it would be a superb gift to receive a homemade one!

natashaportman1, United States of America

I love making handmade cards, and I do send them to the people who like to get them. You can see them in my Sent cards.

puodelis, Lithuania

I have received one hand-made postcard. It was a picture of quite a smaller size than a usual postcard. Even though it was just a photograph, and one could not even write very well on the back of the card, I've understood that it's been made by a person, i.e. by his/her own hands. Do you know how much time it takes to print a photograph, to get it from a shop, to go through all this process of ordering it? To choose photographs that are beautiful for you?
Of course, it is not as "perfected" as the things that you find in a supermarket, but you know, even those cards some time ago used to be only perhaps somebody's attempt to create something beautiful, to do something from inside, and that's how it starts, I think.

puodelis, Lithuania

Besides, I think people who send hand-made postcards, they like their art VERY WELL. Besides, don't be too harsh on them, not all of them have an art degree.
You know, once I sent one very SPECIAL card to a person. It was black and white, it was so SPECIAL for me, I found it extremely beautiful and besides it was limited edition. I also thought that the other person would appreciate it too. And he/she wrote "thank you for this atmospheric postcard". I got insulted 🙂 but I've understood that for me that postcard was special because of the place depicted in it (I knew it), and for an average person it doesn't have the same impact, it doesn't have to be like this.
So, perhaps let's have more empathy for each other, we are not art students, and many of them are doing what makes them relax, why ask for so much?

BottleTreeWanderers, Australia

I love all the handmade cards. It makes me so sad to see people saying they do not wish to receive a handmade card. When I see people dictating what type of card they want I always think to myself "Tough, they'll get what they're given"

Nique, Canada

Wow. Just WOW!!

emoffdayz, United States of America

Cool, I like it , I once in awhile do handmade postcards

kojep, Indonesia

Nice postcard. Congrats @cutetaiki ......
I cant make this but i received so many beautiful handmade from official too.

thetwentysecond, Germany

What a beautiful collection! Quite inspiring for someone like me who loooves to make postcards from her own photos, comic books, or other unusual stuff. Also I love to receive handmade cards, there’s so much thought and in love in them - how could you not want one?!
So if you’re interested in swapping - feel free to message me, you creative souls :-)
Have a beautiful day everyone! ☀️

Kot12, Russia


Midcoast, United States of America

They are all so unique and beautiful. I haven't gotten any hand made cards yet , but hopefully one day. : }

mysweetlife63, United States of America

We need these artists to offer a zoom class "how to." Loved this post - beautiful cards.
Thank you.

EttaHenry, United States of America

The most wonderful thing about the Handmade Forum is that it is a safe and supportive community where ALL are welcome to share! Many of us are less talented but we are accepted and encouraged as we learn new techniques and get to know each other through exchanging our handmade cards. I cannot say enough about this wonderful handmade forum community and the hard work by dedicated Postcrossers who make it possible.

Selamistanbul, United Kingdom

These are beautiful and I love the creativity. Personally I don't understand why postcrossers stipulate no handmade cards in their bio. I'd absolutely LOVE to receive a handmade card. I've made one which I sent out and will try to make some more.

diana_pastoriza, Spain

Very cool! I love the cross-stitch ones :)

Thanks for sharing this post!

KaterinaSamorodova, Russia

Beautiful handmade postcards. I myself can neither draw nor embroider, so I bow to hardworking people. I hope that someday handmade postcards will appear in my collection.

rcornelison, United States of America

I'm impressed with the different talents on the cards. Makes me want to try. I have made postcards with my photos.

steph2000, United States of America

I love this and seeing the handmade postcards! I personally love getting any postcard. I love the creativity and seeing what people come up with! Thanks for this article!

Flippie, Canada

They are Wonderful, great, lovely, crafty and beautiful. My mailbox is open for all off them, I can't wait to find one.
Thank you for sharing/showing them to us.

ezredax, United States of America

These are beautiful. I have received many handmade postcards, but my favorite by far are the quilted ones. :)

sallyanne, United States of America

Wow, so great! I’m jealous of your talent! But I’ll try to get over it and make a few handmade cards of my own .

revode, United States of America

Wow!! Just wow!!!

Tati-Levi, Kazakhstan

Hello everyone I am one of those artists whose works were included in the selection. I like to draw postcards for some people. I read the recipient's page and start thinking about how to please him, whether I have a postcard or I want to draw something. A very exciting and enjoyable process. I'm always worried whether you like my card or not.)). Thank you for your appreciation of handmade postcards.

kikiksenia, Australia

these are all incredible! i'm in awe! thank you to the makers of them for your your gifts and thank you shanaqui for posting them.

thesnailmailer, United States of America

Sometimes the people with stickers and simple things are experimenting. That's how I started. I've learned to express myself much better over the years and I use the postcards as my play. I love experimenting with mixed media. Feel free to send me your self expression. Not all of them are VanGoghs but I appreciate your attempts in learning to create! There's something that releases in the soul when we attempt art

kathilo, United States of America

Love the seahorses!
Ksenia's embroidered cards are funny!

surfclub66, United States of America

I like handmade postcards, particularly when they are drawn/painted. Some people are very talented artists.

marjap17, United States of America

Yeah for handmade cards! I like to do them myself and wish more people would like them. I love receiving them myself and always am super grateful to those who make a piece of art to send to me.

Owlagdad, United States of America

Time and effort, talent exhibited—I would be very pleased to receive such. We have a very gifted group among us! What a great sharing for all of us to see.

WeAreOne, United States of America

The time it takes for someone to make a homemade postcard for another is a true gift. As someone new to postcrossing, I'm not sure where to indicate I'd like to receive homemade cards. Can someone point it out to me please? Thanks for your assistance!

dutchgranny, Netherlands


feel free to visit my profile and sent-wall
if interested: please let me know -

HookedonPostcards, Canada

Beautifully creative cards! Like walking through an art exhibition. So many talented Postcrossers.
Have you seen the amazingly creative postcard boxes by @BuonaFortuna? Very unique.
As to the silhouette: James Dean.
Thank you for writing this and for sharing these lovely creations.

ipuenktchen, Iran

Great handmade postcards! Love the Thread 'show us your handmade postcards and Mail art'!!!!!!! Very inspiring!!!!

betslets, United States of America

These illustrations of handmade cards have hopefully reversed the attitudes of people who have voted against receiving them. And, for all of the comments I've read -- Great Posts!
Personally, I am so excited to receive ANY postcards that offer connections to Postcrossers around the world, and my favorite part of the exchanges have to be the wonderful messages that are included. Keep them coming!

SeanPatrick, United States of America

I loved every single one !

GermanOyinbo, Germany

I really do not understand why People would say"No Handmade Cards" on their Profile. I love them! Keep them coming!

elisabet, Spain

these are so cute !!

SandraBr, Netherlands

Beautiful cards, I get inspirated. Thanks!!!

Artbat, United States of America

Come visit us in the Handmade Round Robin forum - we have a great time making, sending and receiving handmade art exclusively. All artistic abilities welcome.

alison41, South Africa

Fabulous! I really enjoyed seeing them.


Aww they are lovely cards! I see most people appreciate , the work put into it! And yes it inspires me as wel to be a bit more creative at times :) very good post :)

167marina, Russia

Beautifully creative cards!

beesknees, United States of America

I agree with Xute - you have ideas but sometimes it doesn't execute the way you saw it in your mind - keep trying.

SeanPatrick, United States of America

Love them all !


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