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Becky (aka BeckyS) is a postcrosser from Port Orchard, a small town in the Puget Sound region of Washington state. She is a trained electrician, but a homemaker at heart and has a very cool hobby… Read more to find out!

How did you come across Postcrossing? What got you hooked?

I no longer remember how I found out about Postcrossing. I imagine that I read it somewhere on the internet. What I do know is that I am glad that I joined Postcrossing. It gives me the opportunity to “travel” the world and to connect with people from all walks of life.

Do you have any other interesting hobbies?
Becky and the pinball machine

I enjoy reading and spending time with my two granddaughters. I am also a competitive pinball player or what is affectionately called, a “Pinhead.” I am a member of the Bremerton Pinball League. Many of the other members are much younger than myself. Fortunately, for me, they generously share pointers on how I can improve my “Skillshots.”

Show us your mailbox, your mailman/mailwoman, your postoffice or the place where you post or keep your postcards!
Christmas postcards on the wall

Each November, I edit my Postcrossing profile to include Christmas themed postcards. This holiday season I have received 193 Christmas postcards from Postcrossers. Often, Christmas postcards arrive as late as March. Which is okay, because I keep them up on my wall for the entire year.

Stamps and recipe postcards

I keep a good assortment of stamps and I also collect recipe postcards. Over the years, my Postcrossing Family has introduced me to many delicious foods. One of my favorites is the Steam Pudding postcard, GB-348590. I love food and trains.

Many postcards!

Once upon a time, I received 18 postcards in one mail delivery. Which made my mailbox very happy!

Show and tell us about your favorite received postcard to date, and what makes it special.

One of the first postcards that I received through Postcrossing, and the first that I received from Russia, was from nata_, RU-56490. She drew and painted the postcard. Also, on the flip-side of the postcard, she wrote an original fairy tale. She continued to send handcrafted postcards to my granddaughters for a couple of years.

Nata's postcards

Her work is really quite amazing and she must have spent countless hours creating them.

What is it your favorite part of the Postcrossing process?

I enjoy everything about the Postcrossing experience. Although, my favorite part has been reading the emails. It gives me great pleasure to discover that my postcard brightened a fellow Postcrosser’s day.

Have you been surprised by any place that you have received a postcard from or sent a postcard to?

I am always impressed by the kindness and generosity shown by Postcrossers. In my profile, I mention that I share the postcards that I receive with my mother. I also mention that she is a fan of Elvis. Guess who now has an impressive collection of Elvis themed postcards?

Elvis postcards that Becky's mom has received

Look at how happy Postcrossers have made my mother!

Have you met any other members in real life?
Puget Sound meetup

Ever since I received my first meetup postcard, I have wanted to attend a meetup. This past Summer, I discovered the Puget Sound Postcrossing Group in Seattle. I have attended two of their meetups and enjoyed myself tremendously. We share stickers, write postcards and chat about Postcrossing over cups of coffee. If you ever get a chance to attend a meetup, please do, you will enjoy the best of times.

Is there anything that you are passionate about?

People are my passion. My husband says that I have never met a stranger. I savor that moment when I make a human connection with someone. It is simply delicious to see a smile light up their face. I’m looking forward to making more connections through Postcrossing. Keep a lookout, someday, I just may send a smile through your mailbox. Happy Postcrossing!

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64 comments so far

NIDUSKA, Finland
Thank you
aerobear, United States of America
Hello, Becky— What a delightful interview! Looking forward to meeting you at a future Puget Sound Postcrossing Meetup. PNW represent!
JonathanChua, Singapore
Hi Becky,
enjoy what you want to do most n I am sure, like me, Post Cards through PostCrossing are our Passion.
Cheers n keep going.........
Angeldreamer, United States of America
love this :) such a happy mailbox and blessed life!
elehtola, Finland
Dear Becky! Really a lovely story! It's wonderful to include together people of all ages! Happy life for you, Eeva
Kewl, Philippines
" I savor that moment when I make a human connection with someone."
So true! And I agree wholeheartedly!!!

God bless you, Becky and your family.
petragras, Germany
Dear Becky! Thank you for this wonderful story.
All the best wishes and a hug from me!
Alan65, United States of America
I've met Becky in person at the Puget Sound Postcrossing meetups. She's a wonderful and AVID Postcrosser--something that impressed me about her was the number of postcards she writes on the ferry boat when travelling from Port Orchard (on the west side of Puget Sound) to Seattle meet-ups (on the east side of Puget Sound.) :-)
AnabelKitty, United States of America
Hi Becky,
I just sent my first postcard and it was received in Germany! I live in your area and hope to meet you sometime! 😄
zomertje, Netherlands
Thanks for the great story!!!!!
Skydivingellen, United States of America
Wow, I am so impressed! I am grateful to Postcrossing for introducing me to amazing people like yourself. I lived in the Seattle area until 2 years ago and your interview warmed my heart. Keep writing postcards and enjoying life!
tallahassee4, United States of America
Becky you are a truly wonderful person:)
Morrigan976, Mexico
how cool <3
Thanks for sharing :D
mounten, Italy
Dear Becky, your story warmed up my heart, what a lovely story.
I wish you and your farmily lots of joy and many many postcards. Take care and good luck.
Ciao from Italy!
ColorfulCourtney, Germany
What a lovely story - thanks for sharing!
mysweetlife63, United States of America
Wonderful! So nice to read this great story about Becky & her mum. My husband has never met a stranger Becky, so you are not alone! Thanks for sharing!
Flippie, Canada
Hi Becky and Mom, I love your story. I love the e-mails too, it give me always a smile when my card safely arrived and that they like it also, Anneke.
TheBattlefront2, United States of America
Planning to go to a meetup in Seattle some time.
BlacksburgLibrary, United States of America
"I keep a good assortment of stamps"

That's an understatement. XD
Helenisframed11, Australia
Dear Becky, You are an inspiration and make me feel quite okay about this hobby. I love connecting with folk and that moment when you press send postcard and you wait with baited breathe to see where it will go is exquisite. I’d love to go to a meetup. My grand daughter is only 7 months old but I look forward to sharing with her too. I have worked on my reply emails so they have a bit of a story
Jacque53, United States of America
Hello Becky and Mom: What a nice interview! I love Christmas postcards too and I even ask for them all year long. Becky......I love your stamp collection! I collect (USA) stamps, but you sure have me beat!
Selina0629, Taiwan
Hello Becky!
I really enjoy reading your blog and the stories are so interesting.😄
RanjitShrestha, Nepal
Awesome story.
Warm regards from Nepal
SunshineCece, United States of America
a wonderful story, i do love reading postcrossing spotlights

if i ever get you BeckyS to send a postcard to, it WILL definitely be an elvis postcard .

Lots of love to you and your mom :)
rosegoldsparkles, United States of America
Oh wow this was so cool! Thank you so much for sharing! Now I'm really looking forward to a meetup!
jm1122, United States of America
How fun to read about Becky! Also, I haven't played pinball in many, many years. I had no idea there were clubs!
teamug, Germany
Thank you for this great interview - and what's more: I think I spotted one of my penfriends at the Puget Sound Postcrossing Group picture. She kept sending me cards from there and just moved to Germany, so I hope to meet her in person, soon.
Postcrossing truly connects in a way that is rarely matched elsewhere.
Youhavemails, India
Oh God!!This is such a cute and heart-warming post!!!!!!
I can totally imagine myself being a grandmom and sharing my precious postcards with them!! For now, i share the joy of postcards with my mom, grandmom, sister and aunt!!! we have a lot of fun over it... :D:D:D:D
freezeframe03, United States of America
Becky is a great choice for a Spotlight. I loved reading her story. That there are Pinball clubs and competitions was a surprise to me. I’m a lousy Pinball player.
MissAtomicBomb, Philippines
I love this kind of posts.
shiguzman, Costa Rica
Love your passion! Big hug for you and your mom! ♥
honeybee, Austria
Thank you, dear Becky, for this lovely spotlight. I was one of the happy people who received a wonderful card from you.
fisherman, Ireland
I am happy to say we have 'met' already with this lovely card :
stellarc, China
Thanks for sharing!It reminded me of my lovely experience on postcrossing many years ago.People I met here are also my passion.That is also why I restarted to play postcrossing this year!
DragonnetteLady, Belgium
Dear Becky, I loved to read this article, really truly cheered my day! Thank you!
Silvia_L, Germany
I got a postcard from Becky and it was one of the best I have ever received - a puzzle postcard (in an envelope to keep it from falling apart). Becky is obviously so thoughful when choosing her postcards - one of the best postcrossers ever
alison41, South Africa
What a lovely story - I wish I could meet you in person. But we are too far apart, that's for sure. In the meantime, keep Posting and Crossing! Hugs.
maudemanchot, Indonesia
Nice story Becky! I wish I can send you a postcard or receive postcard from you!.:)
TheBattlefront2, United States of America
My friend's dad lives in in puget sound area and owns a pinball arcade.
nofrodelius, United States of America
So great to see this article finally published - and thanks for mentioning the Puget Sound Postcrossing Group! 😄
DAdrianPV, Cuba
"People are my passion."
This is the best part.
Thank you, Becky.
comette, United States of America
I was happy to meet you at one of the Puget Sound Postcrossing Group Meetups! Thanks for sharing your story! :-)
Illusearch, India
Hi Becky,
It's been real long you're here & most importantly you've cherished every card you've received. I sincerely hope you keep enjoying the exchange & spreading joy.
I would be happy & honoured to be a part of your collection. Wishing you all, good health & lifetime of happiness.
WanderingAussie, Switzerland
"My husband says I have never met a stranger". What an absolutely beautiful sentiment.
luxe, Lithuania
I liked the part about Lithuania 😉
5kjenni, United States of America
Dear Becky,
Lovely, just lovely. I am in the PNW. I will look for the next meet-up! Thank you!
lala1la, Italy
MrsBabl, United States of America
What a lovely story! Postcrossing gives me hope in humanity! 💌📬❤️
cjf3848, United States of America
sacdalton, United States of America
Thanks for the great profile story. Always enjoy reading about postcrossers from around the world.
msquared47, United States of America
What a great story! I've heard of Port Orchard also as that is where my favorite author Debbie Macomber lives.
Katielmnop, United States of America
This is so cool Becky! I am also a post crosser from port orchard. I can never wait to get to the south colby p.o. to check my mail. We should meet up sometime. Katie
BryonD, United States of America
Great to see you featured here Becky. Glad to have met you at the Seattle meetups. Your Postcrossing dedication is incredibly inspiring!
Marthamonoxide, Sweden
Hello Becky,
You are super cool <3
I hope I can collect as many cards as you do one day, and proudly display them on the wall :)
lisaclown, United States of America
I like that you keep your stamps by category; I keep mine by denomination in two huge binders, but now I'm seriously considering reorganizing them so they will be easier to find according to interest.
I love pinball, too! It's so satisfying to leave a pinball game with 5 or 6 credits still on it for the next person because 'you just can't possibly stay and play another hour', haha!
francescaj, United States of America
Wow Becky!
Your spotlight piece was awesome. I love the handmade cards with the fairy tales and the recipe cards....that sounds like fun. I actually purchased many of the Ohio buckeye recipe cards to send out.
lostresviajeros, Austria
Very nice to read! And impressive! - Happy Postcrossing!
CH02, France
bonjour de france, j'ai adoré votre article
c'est une joie de recevoir un tout petit espace du monde à travers ces cartes postales, vive le postcrossing
kconcidine, United States of America
Delightful story! I love your wall of postcards.
NatalyaUfa, Russia
This is so cool !!! Wonderful story!
Mckayak, United States of America
Hi Becky! I'm just a couple of towns away on the kitsap peninsula as well. I am glad you shared about the post crossing group. I didn't know there was such a thing. I will have to tray to make it out to one of their meet ups. I hope to see you there!
PasoDoble, Germany
Hi Becky!
You said in the interview: "Keep a lookout, someday, I just may send a smile through your mailbox. Happy Postcrossing!"
Well, this smile arrived today in my mailbox :) thank you so much!
Happy postcrossing!
JustMeElla, Germany
Thanks for sharing this wonderful story. Happy Postcrossing 🍀
justicepirate, United States of America
I loved reading this!!! Great job, Pinball wizard! This inspires me since I have sent out 6 postcards now and have yet to receive my first. I love mail. Those story art ones seem so neat!!

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