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About Cynthia...

Hi y'all! My name is Cynthia (or Cyndi)

I was born in Texas and have lived all over the United States and was an exchange student for a year to Australia while in high school. I currently live in a tiny town of only 1200 people, in rural Oklahoma with my dad on a large wooded acreage. My nearest major city is Tulsa, about 30 miles away. (Interesting fact: the addresses in my area are almost like GPS-my road is 39.0 miles from the state line and E/W is from the middle of the county. This helps emergency services)

I have an Akbash (similar to a Great Pyrenees) 3 yr old pup, and a Shepherd/Chow 6 year old dog, both are very spoiled girls :)

I love reading about the culture and history of other countries and while my mind can never remember things like names and dates...totally useless trivia I heard once a decade ago will forever be etched in my mind. My family refuses to play Trivial Pursuit with me because of this. haha! Total shame...I own about 9 versions of the game.

Thrift shopping is my favorite pastime and how I have built most of my collections with great treasures someone else spent a lifetime collecting. I now look forward to adding postcards to the list of things I am constantly on the hunt for in the thrift shops :)

I like to collect Santa Clauses especially if they represent another country or culture or are dressed in anything other than the classic red/white. I especially love if they are handmade, rustic or primitive. My home stays decorated for Christmas about 5 months of the year as it takes me an entire month to make the changeover from normal to Christmas decor. I have 8 trees that I put up and decorate and I put displays around and above every window and on tons of shelves all over the house using well over 800 figurines!! It has been a slight obsession since I was a baby :) Most of my collection is shown in an album on my facebook profile-it's public!

I also collect vintage plates, teacups and pitchers and one could argue that I collect crafting supplies and material for sewing. My family says I only collect them and rarely get around to actually finishing whatever I am supposed to do with them.

For those that like lists my favorite things:
BUTTERFLIES, flowers, especially in pink, blue or purple
SANTA from your country
dogs, cats, baby or funny animals
Keep Calm...
Harry Potter, Twilight, Hunger Games, Divergent, books, movies
unicorns, rainbows, fairies
nature, Sunrise or sunset, storms
Handmade, mixed media, drawing, painting, whatever!
tourist cards from your area
something you love and tell me why

My "favorites" are cards I have received or just like. The images are really just a bonus to the message so please write a lot. I took Spanish and Japanese in school. Rusty, but willing to check what I think it says against Google translate :D Also, feel free to write in your language if you use a roman alphabet so I can translate. I have sung in most European languages and have a passing familiarity with them.

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