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A postcard déjà vu

Have a look at the following postcards from the sixties:

houthalen helsingor delft ostende dehaan zandvoort

Notice something... unusual? In some postcards it is quite obvious, in others not so much... but the red car is always there!

Andreas Möller loves the Ford Taunus. Throughout the years, he has collected lots of memorabilia related to the car of his dreams, enough to fill a room with brochures, operating manuals and even postcards! One day, he noticed something strange... in many of the postcards he had, the car was the same, a red Ford Taunus 12m with Hamburg license plate HH-KX 942!

The more he looked, the more glaring it became... there it was, in front of the church in the Dutch town of Zutphen, or stopped at the French-Belgian border crossing in Menen as well as in several other towns of the Netherlands, Belgium and Denmark. Sometimes it was featured prominently, others it was discretely parked in the background... How was that possible?!


Mr. Möller doesn't know for sure, but he speculates that the car most likely belongs to the photographer. In one of the postcards, the trunk of the car is slightly open - indicating that perhaps the just got his equipment out of it before taking the photo.

Contacted by Mr. Möller, Hamburg town hall revealed that unfortunately the records about this car had already been destroyed, so there might be no way to find out more about the mysterious fan of the Taunus ... but what a great story it is!


You can see the rest of the postcards on this gallery on the Spiegel website, where the story was first published (in German). And a big thank-you to Mr. Möller, who let us borrow his card photos and tell his story. If you have any information that might help him solve this automobile mystery, leave a comment below! :)

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Posted by on 25 Mar, 2013

73 comments so far

REH, Germany
The red car
Posted by REH on 25 Mar, 2013

nomadic_gypsy, United States of America
Love this! And I love how the vintage postcards look like paintings.
Posted by nomadic_gypsy on 25 Mar, 2013

Monina, Argentina
The red car!!!
Posted by Monina on 25 Mar, 2013

Saintois, Belgium
Posted by Saintois on 25 Mar, 2013

Pebbles84, Netherlands
Really awesome cards :) We had a green Ford Taurus when I was a kid :D A model from the (late) 70s I think, bit newer than this one.
Posted by Pebbles84 on 25 Mar, 2013

jordi07, Spain
I read a very similar story, with a lot of old Barcelona postcards from 1905-10 with the same man in all...
Posted by jordi07 on 25 Mar, 2013

HanneTang, Denmark
The red car and I remember my father had one!
Posted by HanneTang on 25 Mar, 2013

AVMAURA, United States of America
The red car, of course,my favorite color :)
Posted by AVMAURA on 25 Mar, 2013

rosenbusch, Germany
What a nice story. I had a Ford Taunus, too - but later...
Posted by rosenbusch on 25 Mar, 2013

ktnagel, Germany
The other thing now unsual is the low traffic volume ;)
Posted by ktnagel on 25 Mar, 2013

postkartenfranz, Switzerland
Posted by postkartenfranz on 25 Mar, 2013

Dorthe, Denmark
it is probably not the same car, but it is an old red one:
Posted by Dorthe on 25 Mar, 2013

ser0708, Ukraine
Nice story! :)
Posted by ser0708 on 25 Mar, 2013

Simoone, Netherlands
I love these cards! Wonderful!
Posted by Simoone on 25 Mar, 2013

Colemore, Australia
No mobile phone towers either : )
Posted by Colemore on 25 Mar, 2013

geminiscp, Portugal
:D Nice story! I wish all the best for Mr. Möller! :D
Posted by geminiscp on 25 Mar, 2013

leugim, United Kingdom
Surprising story :D
Posted by leugim on 25 Mar, 2013

tubish, Netherlands
They still sell those kind of cards in Delft... A few months ago I paid 50 cents for 10 cards, now they are 3 euros!
Posted by tubish on 25 Mar, 2013

shui, Taiwan
What an interesting story! Thanks for sharing this! :)
Posted by shui on 26 Mar, 2013

PilotOne, Portugal
Very curious story this one! :)
Posted by PilotOne on 26 Mar, 2013

islander61, Bahamas
Yes, I noticed the red car right away. Very interesting.
Posted by islander61 on 26 Mar, 2013

abbyaguas, Philippines
What a great story! Very cool :)
Posted by abbyaguas on 26 Mar, 2013

Leopold, Uganda
Curious case of the Red Car !
Posted by Leopold on 26 Mar, 2013

aniekwuri_r, Indonesia
Posted by aniekwuri_r on 26 Mar, 2013

nims, Malaysia
that red car is everywhere
Posted by nims on 26 Mar, 2013

muecke0910, Germany
A fantastic story; I like it!
Posted by muecke0910 on 26 Mar, 2013

bicycle, Germany
Very curious story :)
Posted by bicycle on 26 Mar, 2013

ritz, United Arab Emirates
as I was scrolling the pictures I thought to myself there's nothing wrong to it... but after reading the "red car" and scrolled back it was a big "WOW!"....
I think I better check my old cards maybe that red car is with them.. lol
Posted by ritz on 26 Mar, 2013

kelu, Netherlands
i wish sometimes time stopped i go back to the 70 or 80 what a great time was that,you have nothing to spend but so happy with your live.
The 2000 are very fast to live,in and a lot of people are not happy.

Great cards are these maybe i have some cards i wil look.
Posted by kelu on 26 Mar, 2013

bodrumlu, Turkey
Posted by bodrumlu on 26 Mar, 2013

rkneo11, India
Posted by rkneo11 on 26 Mar, 2013

Lata, United Kingdom
Great story!
Posted by Lata on 26 Mar, 2013

kugusch, Germany
sorry I can't help, but it was interesting to read.
Maybe Mrs. Scully and Mr. Mulder could help????
Posted by kugusch on 26 Mar, 2013

pefawm, Norway
lovely story.
Posted by pefawm on 26 Mar, 2013

lucymonty, United Kingdom
Very interesting! Surely it belonged to the photographer, can't have been that many coincidences!
Posted by lucymonty on 26 Mar, 2013

Cora02, United States of America
I wonder why.
Posted by Cora02 on 26 Mar, 2013

Buckbeak123, Germany
Very mysterious - a fantastic story!
Posted by Buckbeak123 on 26 Mar, 2013

nugget, United States of America
Thanks for sharing. Please let us know if you solve the mystery!
Posted by nugget on 26 Mar, 2013

Lorelai, Germany
Thanks meiadeleite: the story is still fascination me + the postcards looks better than in the Spiegel-magazine
Posted by Lorelai on 26 Mar, 2013

tokibomin, Thailand
It's very lucky and strange event!!!!
Posted by tokibomin on 27 Mar, 2013

Luziaceleste, Brazil
It is a signature, discreet and personal! Congrats to the creator, to the observer of the fact and for postcrossing to share!
Posted by Luziaceleste on 27 Mar, 2013

moonlessnite, Canada
i noticed the red car immediately. Great! i have a feeling there will be a part 2 to this lovely story!
Posted by moonlessnite on 27 Mar, 2013

melianthemaya, Germany
That's quite an amazing, unusual story. :) I hope the mystery will be solved.
Posted by melianthemaya on 27 Mar, 2013

Kayla6113, United States of America
This is so funny to me.. :D
Posted by Kayla6113 on 27 Mar, 2013

isagv, Germany
Oostende and De Haan did not change much! ;)
Great story!
Posted by isagv on 27 Mar, 2013

teesa, Portugal
What a interesting story!!
Posted by teesa on 27 Mar, 2013

pandoraspocks, United States of America
i love this, so cool!
Posted by pandoraspocks on 27 Mar, 2013

Gil, United States of America
An old friend and photographer always said, "there should be a little red in every picture."
Posted by Gil on 27 Mar, 2013

Roux, Indonesia
Posted by Roux on 28 Mar, 2013

jjkeim, United States of America
Thank you so much for sharing these cards and their story. I hope the photographer or his family help solve the mystery. Has the postcard company been contacted?
Posted by jjkeim on 28 Mar, 2013

lupideeloop, Spain
Lovely story for all we who like the vintage cards! It's really amazing!
And the cards, of course, are really great.
It's strange to find out tha the old cards were made from a so different point of view than the touristic cards we are nowadays used to. The modern touristic card are really boring, showing just the touristic items out of their situation. In the 70es. the screen was wide open. The situation and the moment had a real protagonism, not only the target out of the scenery... Curious.
Posted by lupideeloop on 28 Mar, 2013

pucky, Netherlands
Absolutely great collection!
Posted by pucky on 28 Mar, 2013

sekar, Sweden
Great story!
Posted by sekar on 29 Mar, 2013

CamJP, Australia
Posted by CamJP on 29 Mar, 2013

ADRIENNEHALL, United States of America
i noticed the car right away. i think that the owner of the car loved to travel and that the car was photographed to prove his/her travel log. great story.
Posted by ADRIENNEHALL on 30 Mar, 2013

AnnaSz, Poland
This car... Is this James Bond's car?? ;-)
Posted by AnnaSz on 31 Mar, 2013

Schnalzi, Austria
echt lustig, hehehe
Posted by Schnalzi on 31 Mar, 2013

Saintois, Belgium
I have some old cards with that card also on it.
Posted by Saintois on 31 Mar, 2013

Zigodust, Australia
That is an amazing story! I love the old vintage card,,In some of my cards I have the exact same spot taken say 40 years ago, and then a newer card of this place and I can see how much it has changes over the years.
Posted by Zigodust on 31 Mar, 2013

MistyCeleste, Spain
Cool! Are you sure it's always the very same card? I mean, does it have the same number plate?
Posted by MistyCeleste on 31 Mar, 2013

ingerlinger, Norway
Amazing story !
Posted by ingerlinger on 31 Mar, 2013

doug94550, United States of America
Thank You very much. I now have a new idea for a postcard series.
Posted by doug94550 on 31 Mar, 2013

joyyo2001, Taiwan
could it be possible it was the most reprentative/ common car at that time, sort of like Iphone today people just have and see it everywhere, even in the photo of postcards! lol
Posted by joyyo2001 on 31 Mar, 2013

sylviamelon, China
What a story!
Posted by sylviamelon on 1 Apr, 2013

pucky, Netherlands
well, now I thought; one can photoshop nowadays such items in a picture!
Posted by pucky on 1 Apr, 2013

Wagner, Brazil
Great story!
Posted by Wagner on 1 Apr, 2013

PROBOJATI, Indonesia
woooow!! truly great story..n its history
Posted by PROBOJATI on 2 Apr, 2013

JinaSensei, United States of America
I like hidden and background details like that.
Posted by JinaSensei on 2 Apr, 2013

Mirumiru, Greece
Aah, it sounds like some of David Linch's stories=))
Posted by Mirumiru on 2 Apr, 2013

Manasi, India
Wow what an observation :)Its like a miracle :)
Posted by Manasi on 2 Apr, 2013

ipuenktchen, Iran
thanks for the story and pics!! perhaps like hitchcock had the habitude to appear in all his films for some seconds like a signature so the photographer perhaps has also the idea that a piece of himself should appear in all his photos!!?!?? who knows.....
Posted by ipuenktchen on 5 Apr, 2013

Sonia, Germany
I guess the photographer took his car everywhere he went and was dull enough to have it in his pictures all the time. I think I figured out a German (Hamburg) number plate on two of them cars. You could write to Hamburg's car register and ask, who the owner was. Maybe it turns out it was really the bloke who took all them wonderful pictures! It's like in that series, "Starsky & Hutch", in every series there was this grey VW Beetle! Once you noticed it, you are always looking for it! Have a try!
Posted by Sonia on 8 Apr, 2013

HM, Netherlands
Lovely! Today I received with 1 1/2 old Волга

I like those cards very much, especial if there is not so much to see on them.
Posted by HM on 19 Apr, 2013

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