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About Inger...

My name is Inger and I'm a medical secretary who loves books, tea, cats, gluebooks, walks in the nature, travels and postcards >^..^<

♥ I love lots of stamps, stickers (avoid bulky ones, they ruin the cards in the machine), washitape and drawings on the cards - so feel free to decorate them if you like to do so :)

# Please NO envelope for me.
# I’m not fond of religious/churches, military, food, flowers, people (only the ones listed below), childish, ad, anime, fantasy, quotes, abstract art, double-folded, 3D, meet-up cards, homemade (nor selftaken photos), old, or nude cards, so please save these for the ones who collect them ♥

My favorite themes are, in no particular order:
♥ Castles
♥ Palmtrees
♥ Pineapples
♥ Amish culture
♥ Shaped cards
♥ Native Americans
♥ Lantern press cards
♥ Norman Rockwell art
♥ Ladislav Renner cards
♥ Easter - no religious please
♥ Halloween - no childish please
♥ Gaston Lagaffe by André Franquin
♥ City/country views (from your place)
♥ MAXI cards - matching stamp on front
♥ Gnomes by Rien Poortvliet (can be homemade)
♥ USA state maps from Postcard Fair (the ones with real images). I have Texas...
♥ AUSTRALIA - The alphabet postcards, i.e. G is for..I have: U, V, Y
♥ Birds - owls, raven, eagles, and Robin Redbreast (Erithacus rubecula)
♥ Keep calm and..(ONLY cat, tea, halloween, christmas and book related)
♥ Inge Löök - garden (not the old ladies). I have 101,106,110,112,113,114,116,121..
♥ Animals - real ones (tigers,cheetahs,hedgehogs,raccoons,squirrels,deers,red pandas, donkeys,bears,lions,)
♥ Miss Marple,Jessica Fletcher,Insp Frost,Insp Morse,Downtown Abbey,NCIS,Hawaii Five-O,Supernatural
♥ Christmas cards in nov-jan.(please no religious or funny ones - i.e santa on motorcycle)
♥ EDITION TAUSENDSCHÖN - I have 36,274,293,365,404,477,489,515,532,536,577,588,662, 615,662,683,685,709.
By Postcardsmarket:

♥ NATIONAL SYMBOL of the WORLD - I have:
Animal of: China,Finland,Russia,UK...
Flower of: Finland, Russia...
Bird of: Finland,Netherlands...
*Sent from country of origin please*

♥ FLAG of the WORLD - I have:
African Union,Algeria, Armenia,Australia,Bangladesh,Belarus,Brasil,Cambodia,Canada,Chile,China, Colombia,Czech Republic,EU,Finland,France,Germany,Hong Kong,India,Indonesia, Italy,Japan,Latvia,Liechtenstein,Lithuania,Luxembourg,Macau,Malaysia,Mongolia,Netherlands, Phillipines,Poland,Portugal,Romania,Russia,Rwanda,San Marino,Senegal,Seychelles, Singapore,Slovakia,Slovenia,South Korea,Spain,Suriname,Switzerland, Taiwan,Trinidad and Tobago,Turkey,Uganda,Ukraine,UK,USA,Vatican city,Vietnam,Wales,Åland Islands...
*Sent from country of origin please*
By Nisan design:
♥ WORLD TRAVEL cards - I have America,Belarus,China,Germany,Indonesia,Ireland,Japan, Netherlands,New Zealand,South Korea,Taiwan...
Please write a little more than: Happy postcrossing or I hope you like this card.. I’d like to know a little about you! :)

Thank you so much,
~ Inger 🇳🇴

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