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About Ritz...

My Name is Ritsch, I'm an expat living in Abu Dhabi

I like Reading mostly about Traveling and History esp. related to (WWII, Holocaust, African Slavery, folklore)

I'm a fan of
Buddhist Chant music,
Milk Tea & Green Tea,
Music (pop, R&B, classical),
I Go to Gym if I Don't feel lazy :-P,
cooking, (I'm a BIG FAN of Thai & Chinese food)
my Love for Thai food started when I went to Thailand for a Holiday....

I don't drink (I have allergies)
I like dogs and cats (I missed them so much after I moved to UAE)
I like Religious Holidays I celebrate both Christmas & Chinese New Year and I do fasting in Ramadan.

I prefer VIEW CARDS that shows

(I will be very happy if i received these cards....)

*Old Architectures, Scenery
*Beautiful night views
*Old churches and Cathedrals
*Mosques, Buddhist, Shinto or Taoist temples/Shrines
*Synagogues, Mosques
*Castles, Ruins
*Lighthouse, Breathtaking Nature
*Nice Winter view or Autumn
*People wearing nice Folk Costumes
*Exotic Islands & Beaches
*cards from hard-to-get countries esp. from the Middle East, Africa, the Caribbean etc.
*Popular tourist spots of your place

Unfortunately, I DONT collect these cards below:

*AD card
*Self made
*Black & white
*Christmas greeting cards
*Folded cards
*Multiviews! =P

you can write me in English, German, French, Dutch, Portuguese, and Spanish
since 2010 I started to learn Polish and Italian.
I also tried to learn Thai, Japanese, Korean, Bahasa Indonesia, Russian, Czech, Mandarin (I have Chinese Ancestry)
and finally I started to learn Arabic when I moved to UAE.
it's one of the most beautiful languages in the world the "Khaleeji" or Emirati Arabic sounds very exotic...
(I'm trying to copy the accent every time I speak in Arabic...Lol)

It would be really nice if you can write something in your native language... with english translations of course.

I also collect stamps so I would really appreciate if you will send your card in an envelope or if you like you can also send me some of your extra/double used stamps and of course I will send you a THANK YOU CARD in return =)
If you feel like its too expensive for you that way, then a written & stamped card is also OKAY with me.... =)

P.S. if your from FINLAND please kindly Do not send me the USPENSKI CHURCH (I have tons of it)

P.S. if your from RUSSIA please kindly send me a card from your hometown as I collect different Russian towns/cities esp. Siberia


I am NOT doing any private swap at the moment, except if you are living in a Hard to Get Country... LoL, please forgive me if I may ignore any private swap request.

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