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Kiwis are curious birds… native to New Zealand (which is also called Aotearoa in the Māori language), they are nocturnal land birds. They have feathers that look like hair, strong legs and no tail, and they cannot fly. So how would a kiwi deliver your postcards? 🤔 Why, with balloons, of course!

New Zealand's 2024 stamp for Postcrossing, featuring a kiwi bird suspended by balloons, carrying postcards on its back against a night skyline

Meet the cute new Postcrossing stamp from New Zealand, coming out this August! Isn’t it brilliant? Plus, this stamp issue includes a really nice maxicard too:

New Zealand Post maxicard, featuring a night skyline of a city by the water. The Postcrossing stamp is affixed to the front, with a themed cancellation mark

Designed by Sumin Ha for NZ Post, the stamp is being printed in Napier by Brebner Print, using lithography. You cannot see it in these images, but the stamp features an overgloss coating over the kiwi itself, which will make it extra shiny and special… Be still, my little heart! 😍

The stamp will be issued on August 7th, so from that day onwards, local postcrossers will be able to send their postcards out into the world with these cute stamps! It’s possible to pre-order the stamp already on NZ Post’s online shop, and they also deliver internationally for all collectors out there. Those orders will be shipped on the issuing date.

We’re really excited about this and can’t wait to see these kiwis make their way to thousands of mailboxes worldwide!

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rhianna, New Zealand

I have been looking forward to this day for so long. Now the secret of what stamp looks like is out! Instead of a confidential picture in my inbox :-).

Fun fact about the kiwi: its the only bird with nostrils at the tip of its beak. Also the size of the egg compared to the mother bird is the biggest in relative size.

KiwiAngie, Germany

😍 Oh that's a wonderful stamp!!!

mooseontheloose, Japan

Fantastic! I hope I'm lucky enough to receive one.

onlyonemrabe82, United States of America

Fabulous! Congratulations New Zealand for your own Postcrossing stamp!

Kot12, Russia

Beautiful stamps!

Beat, Germany

What an amazing stamp and maxicard!
I really hope to receive one of it soon!

NZ_Chris, New Zealand

I am really excited about this new stamp. I know many postcrossers will love to receive it and I have placed a pre-order already!

Classic, Australia

Pre-Ordered some for my next trip accross the ditch!! They're so cute!

I hope Australia will do a version one day!!

Geminiscp, Portugal

Can't wait to have it!!! The rubber stamp is also very cool! :)

RachMc, New Zealand

I have ordered mine so some lucky postcrossers will be receiving a card with this special stamp come August

barryoc, New Zealand

New Zealand Post have done an excellent job with this stamp design. It's a cheerful, fun stamp. Considering New Zealand doesn't have a lot of Postcrossers, its a good decision to issue this special stamp from a little country far away and it might help attract more New Zealanders to Postcrossing.

reiselustig, Germany

Wow! Such a wonderful stamp and Maxicard! Well done, New Zealand Post! I hope very much, to receive one in future 😀

wardmob, New Zealand

Oh wow. I’m so excited. Preorder done :)

mounten, Italy

Soooo pritty with the Kiwi bird, congrats to New Zealand Post.

Angeliz, United States of America

Wow super cute!!! congrats to NZ post and postcrosser in NZ.

Neleslovely, Austria

Soooo cute!!!!

brenbren, New Zealand

I am SO excited for this!! Preordering a stash for my outgoings ☺️☺️☺️

happydayout, New Zealand

Well done, lovely design. Can't wait to use these, off to pre-order these now!

kiwijanine, New Zealand

This is amazing. I as only thinking about us in nz needing this and here it is. Exciting.

NZSunshine, New Zealand

I've been waiting to see what the artwork on this very special stamp will look like and I'm so glad NZPost have made such a good job of it. The skyline on the special Postcrossing maxicard postcard itself is quite fascinating with the Auckland Skytower sitting next to the Wellington Beehive parliament building. Off to order mine now...
If anyone wishes to receive one as a swap please message me.

Lilly7022, Germany

Wonderful! I wish, I get one of it! Please, universe, you heard it now ;-)

sol-capivara, Russia

Such a cutie one😍 I tried to pre-order the Maxicard too, let's see if they could deliver it to Russia...

Toome2, Netherlands

Oh what a great new stamp! Maybe luck will reach my doorstep, with a postcard for New Zealand.

Clicka, Spain


Mindee, Finland

So cute❣️

Demmi, Romania

So Lovely!
#KUDOS Sumin Ha & NZ Post for your Postcrossing stamp!
I hope I'm lucky enough to receive one.
Happy Postcrossing Summer!

outlawedpipes, United States of America

Wow! It's a wonderful design! I have to admit...makes me really wish Stamp Committee in USA would get on board and we could also have a stamp! Congratulations New Zealand!

mysweetlife63, United States of America

Wow!! I love it - hope I get one!!

Alfonso57, Spain


Ya hice el encargo, comentan que salen en Agosto. Pedi sellos y maxi.

Gracias por avisar.




I already placed the order, they say they come out in August. I ordered stamps and maxi.

Thanks for letting me know.



radiofan, Austria

Congratulations! It's cute and represents perfectly your country :)
And of course I hope to be a lucky reciever of stamp or Maximum Card :)

Whio, New Zealand

Pre-order done! I was loving NZPosts Matariki issue, then they went and did this! Fantastic! ❤

Umsalie, Germany

I have placed a pre-order.

Indreni, United States of America


Feliz78, United States of America

Very cute! I hope to get one one day through Postcrossing!

sealed4ever, United States of America

Congrats New Zealand! What a cute stamp and what a clever design

DianeM, United States of America

Very imaginative! I'd love to receive one, and if lucky enough, on a maxicard.

HM, Netherlands

What a Süper nightview stamp and maxicard. With beautiful frist day cancelation inkstamp in white!

I guess most of our cards travel at night, well choosen design.

durtlskdi, United States of America

So jealous! I wish the US postal service would also issue a postcrossing stamp.

Sheldin, Germany

So cute! Very nice stamp! 🙂

martha66, Netherlands

what a beauty!!!!
Hope I will be lucky enough to receive either stamp or max card.
Well done New Zealand

ggonzalez023, Mexico

Hello postcrosser - it´s amazing the stamp, anybody of New Zelanda that want to swap Mexican Postcards, I would love to have this stamp .

Trans_Niqabi, United States of America

Oh my gosh, this is one of the cutest Postcrossing stamps ever! I love it and I hope I get a postcard from NZ featuring it.

mike, Russia

Hmm...I'm not impressed
The bird looks weird.

TwasBrillig, United States of America

Adorable! Congratulations to the New Zealand Postcrossers (and I'm sure some of you lobbied for this to happen so kudos for you Kiwis!)

Jay_Rabbit, Korea (South)

Great job, NZ Post!!!

joyoustmjp, United States of America

That is absolutely adorable! I've never recieved a postcard from New Zealand, & I really, really want to get one! 💖

jeroenvberlo, Netherlands

New Zealand! Way to go! A very nice stamp. I hope I'll receive it someday by

K8Fern, Germany

Oh, this is sooo nice. I really hope, someone from NZ will send me one :) Kiwis are really funny creatures and everything from NZ is just amazing. German post could use a design internship there.

leobim, Russia

Very exited! Hope I get NZ card one day!

Anncain, United States of America

Why is there an apostrophe in kiwis?

Sparkle1980, Australia

This is adorable!!! I love it!! Super cute!!! Maybe (with some luck) I will receive one of these stamps or postcards!!
Fingers crossed we will eventually have something like this released in Australia!

jjmedusa, United States of America

The New Zealand postal service is on a roll! Recently, they released stamps honoring the band Split Enz, and now they are releasing this new Postcrossing stamp! WOW! Best wishes and congratulations to New Zealand! :)

Maillady, New Zealand

WOW! I'm super happy that NZ Post have done this - they're really upping their game with stamp releases lately with Split Enz and Matariki and even the new scenic definitive stamps. And their notecards too. I'm spending a bit! Postage is not cheap compared to USA etc. We're such a small country and I honestly only know two others who postcross and only one person who has a zillion penfriends like me too.

suscou, New Zealand

I am so thrilled that NZ Post has done this ..
They do excellent themes for their stamps!
They did a bespoke Postcrossing meetup up postcard and stamp for a meeting in Auckland about a year & a half ago!
They treat our postcrossing members well, as we buy the majority of their stamps!’

nzsuenorth, New Zealand

As a New Zealand Postcrosser, I am so happy to see this, I cannot wait to purchase and use, it when sending my postcards. I'm proud to be a Kiwi. These look like lovely stamps.

NaruMinamino, Peru

Congratulations to all NZ postcrossers! I love the contrasting colors, and the maxicard is just gorgeous.

mezzanine2, Canada

Congratulations to NZ Post for releasing a Postcrossing themed stamp. It's cute!

ozpom, Australia

So pleased for all you NZ post crossers . We in Australia are still waiting for our own Maxi card . I asked a few years ago and they want you to do everything and then wait in behind the usual annual cards so i must try harder

M45loveearth, Taiwan

Wow 🤩 looks beautiful and amazing!
Hope I could receive one in the future 💌

TimLiang, Taiwan

So wonderful postcard and cute stamp.
I most like the view that Kiwi fly upon town of night, it's so touching.
I can't stop wait the stamp issued.
Hope for I'm lucky to receive one someday.

orange_memo, United States of America

Fantastic! I hope I'm lucky enough to receive one.

meiadeleite, Portugal

@Anncain Thank you for spotting that typo! Should be fixed now.

Dawn-Post, Germany

That is adorable!!!

WendyKaye, United States of America

Oh, how adorable! I hope I receive one sometime! :)

welikesarah, United States of America

So cute!! Thank you, Postcrossing, for posting about these. I have already preordered some, but I won't be in New Zealand again until December to use them. Can't wait to send these little kiwis around the world at Christmas, but I hope their balloons don't get popped by reindeer antlers out there in the sky!

anano, Indonesia

This is so adorable. I hope I receive one someday.

ktbela, New Zealand

I preordered a block of stamps and a couple of maxicards last night. I love recieving Postcrossing-themed stamps from other countries so Im excited to be able to send some out now too.

durbanshark, New Zealand

Looking forward to getting these and I suspect they will sell out quickly. Most people don’t know this but it’s possible to see Kiwis in the wild in Stewart Island. I have seen them in the wild there.

Moorgeist, Germany

Simply beautiful :-)

Jenzeestyle, United States of America

Awww love love love the new stamp

paxos78, Germany

The stamp is beautifully designed. :-)

ChrisRe, Germany

Very beautiful... I would be super happy to receive one or even a maxi card 😍

SusanMoore, United States of America

What a sweet stamp and gorgeous maxi card! Crossing my fingers I might be lucky enough to receive one. Was recently in beautiful NZ, such a special place.❤️

P05tkatze, Germany

Sooo. Cute!! 🤗🤩🥰
I'd be so lucky and happy so receive such a stamp or even this as a maximum card!! Well done.
I guess the probability isn't very high, so I will be happy so see at least some randomly at the Postcrossing main screen and be happy for everyone who will have received them. 😀

pommiegal, New Zealand

Ordered mine 😊 looking forward to posting the postcard and stamps In the near future. Well done NZ post for doing this, thank you.😍

Flippie, Canada

I can't wait to find one on one of the cards a receive....

yurakana, Japan

I'm so happy to see more postcrossing themed stamps 🥰
how cute😍
I hope one day I will be able to receive one!

Rainlover, Australia

As an ex-pat kiwi, I really, really hope that I receive one of these, but PCs from NZ are so rare. Hopefully this issue will make more people from Aotearoa sign up!

andry1961, Estonia


Angelthepup22, United States of America

Very exciting!

humanus, Korea (South)

So cute!!! I can't wait until New Zealand postcard's arrival with it

Robin67, Austria

Congratulations Postcrossers in New Zealand!

I hope the stamp will attract new people in New Zealand to Postcrossing, as, through the years, I often heard or read, that people find out about Postcrossing through a stamp and some have become really dedicated Postcrossers!

allouf, Russia

soooo cute *_*

Zaychan, Russia

I need it!

julie88720, China

what a wonderful Postal Headquarters,

Christa, Germany

I love it 🤩 Very nice 🇳🇿

Etanya, China

I hope I can receive such a surprise postcard one day! ! ! It's really cute.

owlcrossing, Netherlands

That is too adorable!

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