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About Gaylene...

Hi - I am a mother of 4 grown up children and have one amazing grandson. I work full time and live a busy life. I live on a small lifestyle block outside Wellington NZ with 2 dogs and 1 cat. I enjoy hanging out with my husband and kids. Watching my kids enjoy themselves is my favourite thing.

I set personal goals each year to acheive and work hard on each one and hopefully create a good habit.

2019 was to become as plastic free as possible

2020 was to work with my husband for him to become cancer free, which he did :) as well as to complete my masters degree.

2021 Don't catch COVID-19. and prepare to travel as soon as our borders open.

2022 - I took a leaf out of Sonofbilly's book and for each postcard I receive I researched and learned something from.

2023 - This year is a buy nothing year. Heading to retirement I need to save as much as possible so I am going to buy nothing new at all unless absolutely necessary. all must be second hand - Including postcards.

2024 - I was thinking of every meal having at least one thing I have grown myself, even if it is a squeeze of lemon from my tree or a clove of home grown garlic. What do you think? A good goal?

My wish is as follows.

Send me your favourite postcard, the one you would like to receive yourself. One that you are waiting for just the right person to send to. The one that you would really love to keep but you just know that you shouldn't.


Send me your worst postcard. the one you really REALLY want to get rid of but it just doesn't fit any profile. The one that great Aunt Jemima gave you that she found with a picture of a weird old boat that has nothing to do with anything remotely significant. Or the free AD card that you have absolutely no idea what it is actually advertising but you picked it up and now you have to use it.


You could make me one out of food packaging or go wild and be creative and use any old stuff out of your recycling container ( assuming it fits a stamp that is )

Then please write and tell me which is it? best or worst? and why you love it or why you hate it or why you made it.

I will enjoy them and hopefully they give me an insight into who you are and why you chose the cards you have.

regardless, Best or worst or handmade, I will love them all.

My three absolute favourites received so far are.

I just cannot choose between them.

I am always happy to register any expired cards so feel free to reach out

Above all else have fun.


p.s. I do have a soft spot for Maxi cards, Greetings from , and retro/vintage so if you have any spare then they would find a good home with me.

My maxi cards are https://photos.app.goo.gl/FFbC3mjkS8CyMcCC9

Expired - Yes of course - Where do they go?

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