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Today is the day the trio of new Swiss Postcrossing-themed stamps is finally being launched! Hurray!

New Swiss Postcrossing stamps!

Postcrosser fiden in Switzerland, took this photo of the stamps he pre-ordered online.

As part of the stamp launch, Swiss Post is organising a giveaway to promote their use. Every Postcrossing postcard sent from Switzerland between today and October 31st and which is registered before the end of December this year, will be entered on a lucky draw. Ten winners will be picked by Paulo’s random number generator, and each will receive a 100CHF voucher to buy postage on Swiss Post’s shop, plus the new Postcrossing stamps! Pretty generous, right? The formal rules can be found on this page. New Swiss Postcrossing stamps!

So, if you’re in Switzerland, get some Postcrossing stamps and start requesting addresses to send postcards to! I’m sure everyone will be extra happy to receive your postcards… and you might end up with free postage for many more cards!

And if you’ll be in Switzerland later this month, a meetup + guided tour of a mail distribution centre is being planned for September 30th in Schlieren, to celebrate the new stamps. Check out the forum thread for more details!

Sabine (aka turtles) from Germany shared this photo of the new stamps she also pre-ordered!


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40 comments so far

Herr_, Switzerland
Viel Glück an alle!! 😃😃

luckypig, Switzerland
It's a holiday here in Geneva, so I'll go first thing tomorrow !

werewegian, United Kingdom
These are lovely. Can't wait to receive some!

Mosshumla, Sweden
These stamps are gorgeous! Hope I'll receive one of them soon. So, Swiss postcrossers, please draw my address ;) !

martha66, Netherlands
I'll look forward receiving them, hope my address get to someone in Switzerland.

herries, Germany
Now it's your turn swiss postcrossers!!!!

fisherman, Ireland
Lovely stamps - Hope to get a few Swiss cards in the next few weeks !

Restu_Amalia, Indonesia
Congratulations for the postcrossing stamps! ❤️ ❤️

shijifeng, China
Congratulations! Well done!

Bobebar, Germany
Hopefully, I soon find postcards with these great postcrossing stamps in my mailbox!
Good luck to all swiss postcrosser.

kroete68, Germany
I love the swiss stamps. (and the indonesian postcrossing stamps, which were released a few weeks ago, as well). All stamps look so colorful and happy. Just like postcrossing is: A window to the world. And I hope for a german postcrossing stamp one day....

Siobanne, Switzerland
Oh I have post this week some cards with this 3 stamps. So I go to see the page

Duesseljin, Germany
Great stamps! I hope I will see them on postcards send to me.

emmahyuk, China
I always like postcrossing stamps. Would anyone send them on the card to me? will appreciate.

Luziaceleste, Brazil
Goos job! Congrat Swiss Postcrossers .

Gagaie, France
Gorgeous stamps. ☺

majaever, Poland
Please tell where in Geneva they can be bought ;)

hulamunki, United States of America
Those YELLOW stamps are so racist. How can you not see that? Those are stereotypes that do not represent People of Color! Shame on you.

ekaterina_grummo, Belarus
OMG, it is soooo cute) Pleaseeeee, Swiss postcrossers, heeelp!!!!!

Bugatelli, Switzerland
Humour is a difficult terrain. There are not only different cultural perceptions, but even different personal perceptions within a cultural one.

From my cultural swiss background, I could find these - regarding craftmanship or sketching well done - stamps humourous. And there is a good portion of selfconsciousness behind it: Almost no black person has prominent lips nor does the mayority of asians wear hats made of rice straw (they usually have eyes that look different from the european variety, though!). Almost as rarely as swiss people wear traditional costumes or herd cows nowadays, as insinuated to be the case.

In this way, these stamps fulfill their intention in the same sense as Postcrossing does: Giving you insights. Otherwise, I find its message - and thus the humour from my point of (culturally conditioned) view - quite plain.

Maybe the most obvious gain for you of these stamps is to realize how dear swiss postal rates are.

lindalill78, Norway
Very nice stamps =)

maurin88, Switzerland
I ordered it today! I already love 'em!!! :D

mary29sabah, Malaysia
Hopefully I get to receive a card from Swiss with these beautiful stamps! So lovely!

handmadefrennie, Indonesia
I love them!! Hopefully someone send to me, i will send Indonesia postcrossing stamps in return.

mounten, Italy
Lovely stamps, hope to get a card from Switzerland, congratulations well done!

TexyDeb, Greece
I'm hoping I get one of each. ;)

betslets, United States of America
I had not been an avid stamp collector until receiving wonderful stamps over the years from those on cards through Postcrossing, The Swiss stamps are very colorful -- hopefully Swiss Postcrossers will be sending more cards (at least one to me, of course). But, if this should not happen, thank you for sharing the stamps through the Blog.

Flippie, Canada
Hiep Hiep Hoera! I love the Stamps and I hope to find one or two or three on my received cards in the future. I love them.

Mankyi, Switzerland
I'm loving the new stamps! Used them for the first time today, to mail cards to 8 lucky postcrossers!:)

Geminiscp, Portugal
One word: WOW! :D Good luck!!! :)

bergsuechtig, Germany
lovely ❤️

christieto621, Hong Kong
I love to receive these gorgeous stamps. Will I be a lucky girl to receive a postcard along with these stamps from someone in Switzerland

Chengmlx, China
How cute these stamps are! Hope I could be one of the lucky ppl:))

Shreysharma, India
Good luck

dbb-postal, United States of America
I would love to have one. The states never issues a postcrossing stamp. And, I have never won a giveaway here.

Su_May, Germany
Racist humour is still racism. Shame on Swiss Post.

HM, Netherlands
Nice stamps!

NaruMinamino, Peru
Another Postcrossing stamp I'd like to add to my collection :) I hope my address gets picked somehow!

inezwu, Hong Kong
Nice stamps! I look forward to receiving my 1st postcard from Switzerland!

Copperplate, United Kingdom
I wish England made Postcrossing stamps, I don't believe they exist yet. Anyone from Royal Mail, hint hint?! :D

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