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  • icon 29th November 1999
    (20 years old)
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About Christiane...

Hello! My name is Christiane and I am 19 years old. I live in England, but I am half English, half French. I love writing, knitting, reading, ballet, photography and languages… oh, and cats!

To stop me writing too much, here are some facts about me:
* I have a blog… which I will link soon!
* My dream job is something that combines all of my favourite things: a knitting designer, poet, writer, artist and photographer who can study languages and dance ballet in my spare time! I like to think I’m well on the way…
* I have been part of a proper photography exhibition! 🤩
* I have lived in 4 countries: Norway, France, Spain and England. I consider myself European: I am VERY anti-Brexit but was too young to vote in 2016…

I love all postcards and I don’t mind what you send me! I will be happy to get any! If you do want specific ideas on what to send or write…

- something from your city or country
- something traditional
- something in your language
- cathedrals, abbeys, churches, monasteries, mosques, synagogues, temples, stained glass, etc…
- historical monuments, castles, museums
- calligraphy or beautiful writing
- books and stamps
- advert, homemade or vintage cards: yes please!
- an interesting fact about yourself: mine is that I am left-handed. :D
- you could write your favourite line of poetry, or book, or religious verse/teaching!
- how about a writing prompt? I love getting inspiration from anywhere I can!
- how did you hear about Postcrossing? I was browsing online and found it by accident, and I’m so glad I did!
- tell me something that really, really annoys you... what winds you up, what gets on your nerves? I hate the sound of loud eating... ]:(

I would also love a birthday card/message in November, Christmas in December, Easter in March/April, Hallowe’en in October… or any festival from your country! And I love art, lots of colours, stickers, anything you like to draw or doodle…

But PLEASE don’t feel like you have to find one of these cards: I get so happy when I get ANY postcard, so thank you in advance for whatever you send me!

Thank you!/Merci beaucoup!/Muchas gracias!/Tusen takk!/Grazie mille!/Vielen dank!
(if your language isn’t here, let me know in your postcard how to say it and I will add it!)

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