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Ladies and gentlemen, we’re proud to introduce the latest Postcrossing-themed stamp, from our beloved Slovenia!

The country might be just shy of one thousand members, but they’re a fiercely active bunch, with over 100,000 sent postcards so far! It’s their passion for traditional mail (and persistent requests!) that drew Slovenia’s Post attention, and paved the way to their shiny new stamp:


Isn’t it perfect for a summer of postcard-writing? :)

The stamp will be launched on May 29th and we’d like to invite everyone in the area to attend a small celebratory Postcrossing meetup in Maribor’s main post office. It’ll be an informal gathering of postcrossers so that the community can come together, celebrate their hobby… and of course, send postcards with the lovely new stamp and first day cancellation mark! :) You can find more details about this event on the respective forum thread.

Being a special commemorative stamp, it will only be available for one year, but we hope to see it on many postcards in the coming months!


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77 comments so far

juli2012, Germany
What a great stamp!!!

Mysteria, Finland

feral, Australia
The best Postcrossing stamp yet.

radiofan, Austria
Wow, what a wonderful stamp! I'm looking forward to receiving it one day ;)

rosenbusch, Germany

ValentinaZ, Slovenia
Very nice!:) I'm really proud of it! Now I'll have a chance to send postcards with a Postcrossing stamp:).

alpski_popotnik, Slovenia
Honestly, I do not like it ... I see it more as a travel agency advertisement.

When 2 months ago preview was known, I even wrote to out Post to make a complain, and the only change they made was to include word "Postcrossing" on stamp after Postcrossing personel demanded it (yes, our post would issue PC stamp without a word "Postcrossing").

ned44440, Ireland
I see what christiaan_r is saying but I do like the stamp. I love the jump for joy as that is how I feel When I get the perfect postcard and I hope that people get the same feeling when they receive my postcards.

D1ana, United States of America
I hope to see it on a postcard soon! Delightful!

Bowyum, Australia
I have never received a card from Slovenia - it would be great to get one with this stamp!

Irip, Russia
oh i love it!

Tetsuko, Germany
lovely stamp!

shui, Taiwan
Fantastic stamp!!!! :D

Mali7002, United States of America

visnjabo, Canada
Worth traveling to Slovenia ! I love this stamp!

zomertje, Netherlands
Congratulations!!!!!Hope to get one soon.What a beautiful "summery"stamp.

edo, Spain
Congratulations slovenian people!!

franhunne, Germany
I can understand that Christiaan_r is not surplussed, but I do like that this stamp shows the interaction of the world within the postcrossing-project. The jump had me puzzled, too - but ned44440's remark is making sense to me. There is a wordpress blog Jumpforjoy - so I am warming to the idea that this shows the joy of a recipient.

DorotheeB, Germany
Thanks to all Slovenian Postcrossers who made this possible! Of course I hope to so much to receive a card with this stamp. So far I got cards with all Postcrossing stamps that were issued, and everyone is different - but so very special!

marthe2403, Ukraine
It would be great to get it on the card! ))

streetfighter, Germany
Hi folks !

The 60 Cent stamp shows the theme very nice !

I have to pay for a german postcard to abroad 80 cents ... The blue sticker "PRIORITY" PRIORITAIRE / LUFTPOST
I also put on my postcards is for free :-)

How many EURO cents are YOU paying for a postcard to abroad ?

Greetings from Germany


nehalennia, Netherlands
I can perfectly understand the jump of joy and the connections the travelling postcards make. Thanks to the Slovenian post for this beautiful stamp!

dershots, Canada
I love the stamp and at only 6oE what a deal. In Canada, it costs us $2.50 for each postcard we send. An expensive hobby but definitely worth it.Hope I get a postcard.

isagv, Germany
I also like the stamp. :)

GIBSONMS, United Kingdom
If any Slovenian members would like to send me a postcard, I can send them a card with the Guernsey Postcrossing stamp in return!

chrissybaby, Ireland
Great stamp - would love to receive one :) I have attended the Guernsey event last year, but I am not able to make it to this event.

ThePOSTCARDPerfect, United States of America

PilotOne, Portugal
Congratulations to Slovenia and to all its Postcrossing members!

CeciliaLany, Indonesia
Nice stamp!
I hope I'll get one from my Slovenian penpal:)

jeroenvberlo, Netherlands
Postcrossers from Slovenia, you are a great bunch :D
Congratulations with the new Postcrossing stamp.
I hope I'll receive one this summer.

P_Cat, Israel
Such a wonderful stamp! I never received a postcard from Slovenia(( Hope it will happen one day, and if there will be that stamp on a postcard, I will jump like at stamp))

Poste, United States of America
This stamp is fantastic and it would be nice for every country to have one.

GarciaCuenca, Spain
In Spain is 0.90 euro for Europe postcards and 1.00 for International postcards. Is nice only need 0.60 euro for postcards.

honeybee, Austria
Great stamp! I love it. In Austria we pay 0,80 Euro for postcards inside Europe and 1,70 Euro for overseas.

LoloBert, United States of America
Great Stamp. I think the USPS should issue a stamp. Maybe all the 53000+ US Postcrossers started a campaign we could get one issued.

Vadimas20, Russia
Great idea and execution! I hope my e-card comes with a brand.

Robin67, Austria
It is always too cool, when a Postcrossing stamp comes out! I, too, wish I could get it on a card. It should be out for more than a year though.

eriefraters, Netherlands
Wow, what a wonderful stamp! I really hope to receiving it one day ;)

nugget, United States of America
Fun stamp! I hope I'm lucky enough to get on a card someday. Does anyone know how to start a campaign to get a Postcrossing stamp issued in the US?

HM, Netherlands
The stamp is a bit more exciting then the boring website of VillaCreativa, a business group that probably did not put much attention to this stamp except for naming themselves large on this item.

They did not manage to get the horizon horizontal, and I do not like to see the head down from the person jumping on the beach of a country without coastline, happiness is head up to the sky.

But I like blue and the posthorn - and it's for the good cause anyway! I think I get spoiled with so many postcrossing stamps that I became critic.

zachary, Canada
Best Postcrossing stamp yet

ciprea, Italy
What a lovely stamp! In Italy we pay 0,95 Euro for postcards to European countries and 2,30 Euros for overseas. Rather expensive, isn't it?

Luluz, Finland
Lovely stamp! Hope to get it some day!

miklenic, Germany
Very nice! The german postal administration should consider to release a special postcrossing-stamp too!

bennyalba, United States of America
I had no idea that there were pc stamps issued by various countries. Hooray!
Thanks, Postcrossings, for making us so happy.
As for expense, I ALWAYS put a more expensive stamp on my postcards, just because it might give pleasure to the receiver. Here in the USA, where some scoff at real mail (vs. email), I am grateful that we still have a post service.
Hip Hip Hooray to all.
Benny, an artist in California

carolreader, United States of America
I hadn't realized how expensive it was to send cards from some countries (I knew of some). US international postcard and letter rates are the same - $1.15, which converts to 1.044 Euros. Within the US, the postcard rate is $.34.

bhiemstra, United States of America
I love the postcrossing stamp. Good job Slovenia postcrossers! I would like to see all the US postcrossing participants unite and start a campaign to get our own postcrossing stamp. I have yet to receive one from any of the countries that have them, but I look forward to the day I receive one.

CatharinaG3, Netherlands
I love it! And as far as I can see, the head IS up, it may look different because the person is wearing a kind of shawl. Contrary to HM, I think the horizon not being horizontally is just fine, it gives extra movement to the image. I really think it's a wonderful Postcrossing stamp!

YiliLoh, Malaysia
Wow! It is a lovely stamp. I wish to have a postcard with such stamp. Hopefully someone will surprise me! :P

aberline, Australia
Hey Slovenia does has coastline, a tiny bit, doesn't it? Although I think a more typical mountain view might have made more sense I agree. It's still special to get a postcrossing stamp and it will generate more knowledge of the hobby and that's a good thing isn't it?! Lets all never give up trying to get a stamp from our own postal agencies!!! Come on Australia Post!!!

geminiscp, Portugal
Congratulations for another stamp! Don't really like it but would love to have it, of course. ;)

horyuji, China

florencen, Australia
who would have envisaged the geeky boys project would grow like this.

Kat_44, United States of America
Another fun Postcrossing stamp. Congratulations to Slovenia! If anyone there would care to send me a postcard with this new stamp, please message me and I'll provide my mailing address. In return for the favor, if you also provide your mailing address, I'll be glad to mail you a special card with some special stamps. I love Postcrossing!!

riazkhan4880, India
Beautiful stamp indeed. All my fellow postcocrossing people from Slovenian please send this stamp to me cancelled as well as mint. It will go right into my collection and a surprise postcard will be sent in return. May all your wishes come true. Live long and prosper.

kandan, India
Many thanks to all concerned who mooted this idea and to the postal administration of Solvenia the first country.All other counties may be requested for such issue and such stamps on different design may be considered for periodical issue like Philately.I am eagerly awaiting a postcard from Solvenia with this post crossing stamp.

Nancy1974, Netherlands
I hope to receive one, it looks beautiful.

TandemStoker, United States of America
Such a wonderful stamp and exactly how I feel when I receive a postcard :)

Wouldn't it be great for all countries to have a special POSTCROSSING stamp/s? What do we need to do to get this done?

♥ Shirley

Luziaceleste, Brazil
Lovely! Very beautiful, congratulations Slovenians!

-Bille-, Germany
Congratulation Slovenia!

@HM, you wrote: I do not like to see the head down from the person jumping on the beach of a country without coastline, happiness is head up to the sky.

This was my 1st impression too.

But please have another look to the picture. You can see the person from behind - head up to the sky.
Please note the knees and the feet.

dkbharathi, India
congratulation slovenia for the beautiful stamp and its postcrossing members. I will be grateful if some body can send me the beautiful new stamp. thanks in advance.

Roadrunner73, Germany
Congratulation. It´s really a beautiful one (especially now as summer is coming) and it would be great to find it (hopefully) soon in my postbox.

bornokyo, Philippines
Nice stamp but they forgot to put my country - the Philippines.

Braam, Australia
Congrats to Slovenia on such an appropriate stamp! All over the world, linked by our joy in making friends through Post-Crossing! I wish that Australia Post would issue some stamps in a similar vein. At the moment it costs $2.75 to send a card or letter from Sydney to Europe via Air Mail, with an International stamp. Worth every cent! Cheerio, Bev Braam.

gin1417, Philippines
indeed a feat! so nice! :)

Prakashchandra, India
Beautiful stamp...we have to appreciate the intiative of Slovania....I hink other coutries will follow the gesture of Slovania.

Orenlawyer, Russia
Congratulations!!!! =)
P.S. Can we swap? I have postcrossing stamp from Russia!=)

AngieD, Germany
Hope to get a Postcard with this stamp

Anactf, Portugal
What a lovely stamp! Congratulations!

Blogger, United States of America
I love it! Jump for Joy at a postcard in your mailbox :D I have written several times to the US Postal Service, but no response. I know the rule is no stamps about organizations, but I will still keep trying.

Luciano, Brazil
Congratulations slovenian postcrossers! I hope to receive one :)

jinasensei, United States of America
Very cool!

Robert-in-Australia, Australia
Congratulations Slovenian Postcrossers on your accomplishments in getting your postal department to release this stamp, and congratulations also to your Post Master General on his/her farsightedness in recognising Postcrosing in this way .. what a pity Australia's Post Master General was not so visionary !! .. for inspite of all my letters to him, he does not want to make a postcrossing stamp :-(

HM, Netherlands
@aberline - yes correct! Slovenia isn't landlocked as I thought it was - I crossed Slovenia last year twice.
@bille1 - on second thoughts!: thanks for pointing out (I should put on my readingglasses permanently), I apriciate that

To promote postcrossing is a good thing, maybe a lot of worldwide stampcollectors get attention to this stamp and google postcrossing.

nisnoopy3, Malaysia
I received an official card from Slovenia on the same day this blog is uploaded! I was surprise with the coincidence!

Congratulations for this wonderful stamp! Really a fun and exciting stamp! I hope to get one someday! :D

David123, United Kingdom
Who would have thought there were so many Postcrossers in Greenland! Congratulations Slovenian Postcrossers for getting this stamp issued. All the best from the UK.

dhia341, Malaysia
do message me if you can send me this stamp :) i would be very grateful!

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