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Raisa (aka Asato) from Russia loved drawing ever since she was a child… but it’s only in the past few years that she decided to take it more seriously. To practice, she started drawing small characters on the postcards she sends…

Raisa's hand-drawn chibi characters Raisa's hand-drawn chibi characters Raisa's hand-drawn chibi characters

… and they turned out great, really brightening up the postcards! :) We were in awe of Raisa’s talent so we decided to ask her some questions about her little drawings.

Your style seems Japanese-inspired… is it so? Are you a fan of anime/manga or Japanese things?

Yes! I read my first manga when I was 22, and it was like a bomb! Since that day I’m a big fan of japanese manga and anime. Moreover, Japanese “chibi” (which means “little”) style is very handful for postcards, and there are a few other reasons. First, there is actually not much space on the postcard for the drawing, especially if you plan to write something beside, so it’s better to draw something really small. A “chibi” is a character with oversized proportions and its big head is a very convenient way to express characters emotions as, literally, there is more space to draw them comparing to a realistic-like character. That makes your character look a bit childish, funny, and really lovely. And this style is not too serious or too complicated and easy to draw.

Raisa's hand-drawn chibi characters Raisa's hand-drawn chibi characters
How do you decide what to draw on each postcard? Do you adapt the theme to the recipient, or focus on what you’re enjoying at the moment?

Of course, it depends mostly on the recipient. Every time I get an address, I start thinking about what to send and what to write… I wish I could send to the receiver some good emotions with my postcard or make it interesting. Drawing helps me a lot, as it’s the way you can easily express your thoughts and emotions or tell something. For example, you can describe in details the national costume, but isn’t it easier to picture it and write few notes? :)

Sometimes people write about their favourite films or books in the profiles, and if I don’t have a postcard that would match them, I can draw a character they really like on the card! It’s also a nice chance for me to share my own favourites, such as “Harry Potter” or “Star Wars” which are so famous. Honestly, I dream to receive a postcard with my favorite characters, but so far, no luck!

Raisa's hand-drawn chibi characters Raisa's hand-drawn chibi characters
What are the member’s reactions when they receive your postcards? Do they appreciate the extra effort?

Thanks to the special Postcrossing’s friendly and kind atmosphere most members write at least “thank you” like for any other postcard :) Some people send long messages where they write how they were glad and excited to see my drawing, some people do not pay special attention to it, some offer to send a card back or to exchange letters. But, any reaction is OK for me, as I don’t want to claim something special back. So long as I enjoy drawing, it’s a pleasure for me! Seriously, I hope just to put a smile on someone’s face.

Raisa's hand-drawn chibi characters

Thank you Raisa, for sharing your lovely drawings with us! If you’re curious, you can see other drawings on her postcard gallery.


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59 comments so far

Sutomi, Germany
..awesome...maybe one day I get a postcard from you with one of your great little drawings..I really love to find those little surprises on the incoming postcards ..keep on doing your great drawing Raisa ;o)

Olga23, Belarus
It`s very nice. I very respect peoples, who can drowing. It`s splendid! And I think, more peoples will glad to receive such figures.

aberline, Australia
Absolutely amazing!!! Oh I hope to one day get a card from her...what a talented artist!!!! Each drawing has such character :-)

ctim, Sweden
Wow! Your creativity is inspiring. I hope to receive a postcard from you one day =) Keep up the good work!

NaglasDrugys, Lithuania
Wow, the drawings look so lovely! You inspire me to try drawing aswell :)

lucymonty, United Kingdom
Beautiful work, you are a very talented illustrator :-D

Moyuxuan, China
So do I:D
Have a look:

Luluz, Finland
Lovely little illustrations! Would make my day for sure!

martha66, Netherlands
great job, Raisa, hope to be one of the people to receive a card from you and I will certainly appreciate it.

mollyhb72, United States of America
You're so talented! I also hope to receive one of your postcards one day. :-) Keep drawing!

ned44440, Ireland
Great work. I'm sure that your drawings makes each card extra special and brings a smile to.the recipients face. Keep up the good work.

studniczka, Poland
Wow, how beautiful! :)

sumares, Puerto Rico
The chibi illustrations are kawaii ^^ Thank you for sharing the images in this post and for sharing the little gems on each of your outgoing postcards! What a special treat for the recipients!

DracuLaura, Germany
I'm not that into Manga and Anime, but these are adorable, well done! Scully & Mulder

DracuLaura, Germany
btw, I just came across the profile from, she draws very cute postcards.

graugans, Germany
I wish more people would have the courage to show their talents. I love Mail Art and these drawings are adorable! I hope to be among the lucky postcrossers to receive one of your cards one day!

rosenbusch, Germany
Nice drawings...

nisnoopy3, Malaysia
Hello Raisa, I'm so glad to see your cute Chibi drawings! I like your Chibi Ciel Phantomhive. He is sleeping soundly on the ground. Adorable! :D :D

You are most welcome to join our Anime & Manga Fanclub in Postcrossing forum. We discuss many things in the fanclub.
Please drop by when you have time! :D

See ya and keep up the good work! You have a talent in drawing! :D :D :D

itsmeraincrystal, Philippines
Oohh so lovely! I'd love to learn how to draw chibis too! ^_^

schnueffelliv, Germany
I've got a card from Raisa last year ( I think the one with Scully and Mulder from X-Files is mine *hehe* ) and I love to see more drawings from her because of this Blog post

I'm sure she makes a lot of postcrosser very happy. I love to receive and send beautiful decorated cards.

So, postcrossers. Go and make your card(s) special!


marivan, Belgium
Splendid Raïsa!! On my profile I invite people to draw or paint or be creative in any other way. I'm always very thrilled when I receive such a card

emotis, United States of America
Wow! Such talent!! :)

zomertje, Netherlands
Awesome, hope to get a postcard from here in future, like the drawings very much...beautiful. thanks for sharing your story

Asato, Russia
dear friends, thank you a lot for your kind comments! I hope these drawings inspire you to draw too or share your creativity in any other way :)
Yes, I definitely will take a look at the forum. Nice idea!

Luna24, Czech Republic
So pretty drawings.I hope to receive your postcard someday :)

mrs_magoo, Turkey
That's so beautiful:To draw,to draw for someone else,to draw someone else to make him or her happy:)
Life is so beautiful when sharing .And what a talent!

Daydreamer13, New Zealand
What wonderful drawings Raisa!Your drawings do make me smile!
You are filling the world with sunshine :)

nugget, United States of America
I love to get cards with added artwork like these drawings. Thanks for sharing, Raisa!

ZenCat, United States of America
Wow! Raisa, your drawings are beautiful!

kapple94, Korea (South)
Wow~your drawings are amazing!
They are very beautiful and cute:-)

Carescrafts, United States of America
Your drawings are awesome! I always draw a picture on the postcards I send also! :)

mapa, Belgium
beautiful drawings. So lovely characters. I'm Always a little bit jealous of people who can draw. I'm an absolute 0! Would love to receive such a postcard one day! Keep up the good work!

-Laila, Netherlands
Raisa, it just looks lovely! It makes receiving a card feel like getting a little present on an ordinairy day!

iphoto, Australia
Outstanding Raisa! :D What a awesome talent you have :D

Heads up to who ever or what ever chooses who sends what to who ... My fingers are crossed that I will be on Raisa's " to send to list" soon :D


Roadrunner73, Germany
Very beautiful drawings, Raisa. Hopefully one day I will receive one of them.
I´d love to do so as well, but I´m definitely not talented enough.

Emilieisme, Malaysia
nice. But I.don't draw this, I only draw owls, if I found that receiver also like owl like I do. (^_^)

linku, Germany
very very beautiful!!!

keldar5, Canada
I love cards like that. It makes them extra special because someone took the time to add something.

Saintois, Belgium
I hope one day I will get card like that..

honeybee, Austria
Wonderful! What a great drawing talent you are!

TandemStoker, United States of America
raisa, you are so talented! what a wonderful treat to receive one of your drawings on a postcard :) makes the postcard extra special for the recipient! keep it up.

Linda17, Netherlands
Awesome, so beautiful!

ConstantGardener, United States of America
!!! Love the IMAGINATION !!! :)

sabina777, Germany
So cute !!! I wish I could draw so nice !!!

msgforjohn, United States of America
Love it! She is very talented.

jjetsam, United States of America
wonderful talent! I would be thrilled to get a card with such great art.

guise1201, United States of America
Very talented wow!!

Kampenwandgucker, Germany
They are sooo cute! I hope I will get a postcard from Raisa too... ;)

Knerq, United States of America
So cute! I hope I get a postcard from you one day!! :D

Ejderha, Netherlands
Raisa, your Chibi drawings are so cute! I also love to draw on my cards sometimes and looking at your creativity makes me want to do that even more. Thank you for sharing. (^-^)

riazkhan4880, India
They are really awesome and cute!!!

You have a unique talent. Hope to get a nice card from you and my thank you card is ready is for :)

Live long and prosper

junysmilex, Russia
It's so cute! I hope one day I get a postcard from you! =)

kamikm, United States of America
The drawings on a postcard always brighten up my day!! Someone took the time to actually darw something. Keep drawing!! :-D
So cute!!

dartheather, Australia
They are beautiful. I hope if I ever receive a postcard from you that I remember to use my manners and thank you. All The Best. Heather

AlexandriaCH, Indonesia
Awesome! They're all cute! >_<
I hope someday we can exchange some cards

Alexandria from Indonesia ^_^

huikit, Singapore
Lovely! I wish she got my address one day. :)

YiliLoh, Malaysia
Beautiful artwork! Wish to receive a postcard from you! :D

mysweetlife63, United States of America
I love these! Wonderful!

knetty, Germany
absolutely lovely!

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