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About Olivia...

Hi everyone

I'm Olivia - or Liv for friends

I like reading/watching crime stories, writing love stories and cooking. Love "Game of Thrones" and british tv crime drama´s like Lewis and SHERLOCK.❤❤
I love music ( Coldplay❤, Ed Sheeran❤️❤️, OneRepublic and many more ) and I wish, I could play an Instrument. I'm a hobby author and passionate photographer. I was born in a small town in saxony when the GDR still existed.

I'm a medical laboratory scientist in a Lab of a small regional hospital but currently on parental leave. I'm a mom to a son (born 11-2016) and married since 06-2018

What I whish for my received cards?

some clues ( but I will like every card you send )

-birthday crads in Nov/Dec
-christmas cards are welcome @ christmas time
-aquarell paintings/illustrations ( esp. natasha chetkova and chinese ink )
-cherry blossoms/sakura, lavender, orchids, poppy
-related to music
-golf ( my boyfriend is a golfer )
-your!! hometown/homeland
-Oxford / Cornwall / London / british things
-landscapes , beach
-ferris wheels
-if you are a craftie or use your own photos, send me your hand made card - I will love it!( but please use an envelope for protection)

Tell me how you live. How does your room/house/flat look like? Is it big/small? Big city/small town?
tell about you, the things you love and your dreams for the future
describe your favorite place to be
some words in your language ( with translation )
Suprize me with your story!

make your card special... don't let the backsite empty. Please, write as much as you can or use stickers and tape.

every! card is very welcome
I prefer my cards handwritten and stamped, not in envelope. ( except hand made) Please use a nice/special stamp :) I love the second little picture on the back. Please date your card.

But, please, NO Touchnote cards!

Sender of IN-226276 I got your card on April 16th 2018 but the ID is older that 1 year so I can‘t register it


I usually register my cards the day they arrive. I upload my sent and arrived cards.

happy postcrossing

Thank you for reading this and sending me a card

I'm on Twitter (feel free to get in touch) @schnueffelliv