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msgforjohn, United States of America


is a member in United States of America . He has been a member for over 3 years (1,411 days).
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About msgforjohn...

I love to read. I like to read a lot of different things. I like Carl Hiassen's made-up stories about Florida, and Neil Humphreys' true stories of Singapore. One of my favorite genres is what I call the "foodie travelogue," where I get to learn about food & places. "On the Noodle Road," by Jennifer Lin-Liu, is one great example of such a book. Read it!

This probably tells you I also love to EAT. Especially Asian cuisines: Indian, Chinese, Malaysian, Singaporean, Burmese, and on & on... :) I have eaten in Singapore, Hong Kong, Thailand, and (for a couple of hours) Taiwan, and loved it!

I live in California. Not too near the coast, not so far! Well, farther than I'd like. I love beaches. I'm not a sunbather; I love to walk along the coastline, explore tidepools, go whale watching, looking for seals, sea lions, & sea otters. Oh yeah, I'm an aquarium fan, too.

I spend some of my beach time photographing toys--toys I have packed in with me! Kinder toys, Doraemon, odd, unusual, retro & fun stuff... it's a fun creative outlet, and an excuse to get out & enjoy fresh air. I have a flickr full of my shots.

Is that enough profile for now? Thanks for slogging through it! If you need more info for the type of postcards I might like to receive, please just view my growing list of favorites. What I really like is to turn the card over & see a nice long message. It's that space full of writing that really helps us meet the world through Postcrossing!