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I love perusing random postcard walls on the website, just to see what lovely cards I can discover. Apparently I’m not alone in my little pastime, since quite a few of you have found SeanPatrick’s gallery and sent us the link! :)

Sean uploads photos of his postcards to the website, but with a twist: featuring himself as well as the postcard! Here are some of his photos:

SeanPatrick's postcards SeanPatrick's postcardsSeanPatrick's postcards

It took a little getting used to, but I must confess I love it and couldn’t stop myself from going through his entire gallery, like a mini-stalker! I was intrigued by his unusual approach to the postcard wall, so I decided to reach out to Sean and he explained:

I was curious what the postcards would look like upon arrival when I sent mine and I wondered what they might look like in the hands of those that received them. Then it occurred to me… why not take photos of myself with the postcards I received?

Brilliant! How often have I wished for the same thing, to get just a glimpse of the reaction that lights up someone’s face when a postcard I’ve sent finally arrives? I think we can all relate to that.

SeanPatrick's postcards 1

Sean’s photos are taken by either himself or his daughter, and a bit all over the place: his home, his wine shop or while he’s out and about outdoors. He says many people enjoy seeing their postcards like that.

SeanPatrick's postcards SeanPatrick's postcards

Postcrossing is about connecting people, first and foremost, and the more I look at Sean’s wall, the more I’m reminded of this. At the end of each postcard’s journey there’s always a person who will receive and hold that card, just like he does… the smile on that person’s face as they open their mailbox and find an unexpected postcard there – that’s what it’s all about!


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Sunneva12, Norway
lovly postcard gallery there! A great idea by the way, also been a bit curios about how the people I send my postcards to reacts when it arrives. Hopefully they like them! :-)

happy postcrossing

ned44440, Ireland
What a lovel idea. And fun too!!!! I hope I get to send Sean a postcard someday.

HofVliet, Netherlands
This is indeed fascinating and inspiring......

rosenbusch, Germany
funny idea.....

Flight_of_Icarus, France
I already knew SeanPatrick's gallery and always thought it was the best one on Postcrossing ^_^ Here's the opportunity to say that ;-).

browntrout, Germany
Great approach! And great T-Shirts!

jennylee60, United States of America
Great idea, it makes me smile! Keep up the good work

Luziaceleste, Brazil
Love the matching tees to postcards colors, crazy....

linku, Germany
I appreciate people who do what they want to become true!

jaenelle, United States of America
This is really lovely idea! I often wonder if people like the cards I send and this way the senders can see!

zie, Malaysia
haha..I used to be Sean's mini-stalker/ secret fan too;') Always burst out laughing the moment I saw those photos! Good job Sean;')

aberline, Australia
A Ha! yes! great to see Sean Patrick featured and to know lots of other people find his wall fascinating too. I also found the total effect compelling and I just had to look at all the pics! Its cool to hear his thoughts on why he did it, I love everyone's creativity on postcrossing!

franhunne, Germany
Sean also asks to send him self-made postcards - you do not need to be Michelangelo to get featured in his gallery ;-)
I only send out self-made postcards when someone REALLY desires those as I know very well my sketches do not come even near art. To be featured in a gallery with a self-made card makes me wince (just look at the flawed design) - and proud, too, (hey, the recipient thought it good enough to make the effort to add it, taking a photo or scanning it). Thank you Sean.

AnneMarrit, Netherlands
What an amazing idea! It is so funny! I often wonder if my card is appreciated or if it goes into the bin straight away... SeanPatrick's gallery proves me wrong. This is what makes post crossing, amongst other things, worthwhile!

pucky, Netherlands
This is really fun!It lifts the human being above the cards!
Great idea!

GoCindy, United States of America
What a great idea!

LadyP1964, Germany
I'm not a regular postcrossing blog reader but somehow every time I do come and read its about something "just that little bit different"...... love the idea, puts a real smile on our faces.

Emilieisme, Malaysia
It's great! :)

Stasele, Netherlands
I love the idea - and will try it out (for some postcards) too. Great blog entry!

UmutKoc, Turkey
Wonderful idea, so inspiring ! :)

Sabincia, Poland
this is awesome :)

Ridur, Sweden
He's got my postcard (proud) :)))

kugusch, Germany
I've been in SeanPatrick's Gallery of received cards a time or two or three myself and wondered about it. It's been really fun to read about this!

deb0rahanne, Australia
So real...... love it

indestructible, Germany
great idea! i hope some day i'll get his address :)

Goldcrest, Ireland
Fantastic! You know have another gallery
stalker :-)

YOIYUMTEWA, United States of America
So cool, Sean. I hope to get your name/address some day and see what cool picture it ends up in!

georine, Namibia
What a great idea! Love the pics :))

andrac, Indonesia
Love his idea..

Conelmate, Argentina
Awesome idea. Reminds us that it's not about the postcard, it's about the people!

nisnoopy3, Malaysia
It's very nice to show the postcard along with the person who received it. Sometime ago, I received this card from France. The sender uploaded the image. I found it so beautiful with the green grass as the border. It makes the card feeling so romantic! XD

lorieb, United States of America
I love this and it inspires me! :)

graugans, Germany
What a fun display of postcards! I totally love this. Very inspiring and I will think up something for my cards of 2015.

nediam_nori, Finland
cool :) keep going, Sean!

BeckyS, United States of America
You Rock Sean!!!!

nugget, United States of America
Great idea! I will have to take a look at his fun gallery. Thanks for sharing.

lionessrampant, Canada
I love this idea! So fun.

Ebbles, United States of America
VERY cool idea. The absolute worst is when a carefully-selected card is registered with no message from the recipient...makes me feel as though I've failed. Sean takes care that this will never happen to anyone who has sent him a card. Big thumbs up!

Red_and_Green, Poland
It's great to see Sean here :) And read about how it all started. I already saw his wall before and I must say I was truly impressed! Love the idea! =) I hope I will get his address one day too... :) It would be really awesome to see my postcard in the receipient's hands... Sometimes I can see a small piece of a tablecloth, desk or carpet that serves as the postcard's background and I enjoy looking at it as it's a part of somebody's everyday life. I can try to imagine the place where the postcard is. But seeing postcards this way - with Sean's face, his home or garden, his smile... This is absolutely delightful.

sinta, Indonesia
He sent me wonderful hurray and uploaded my card, thanks, Sean!! :D

YiliLoh, Malaysia
Hm.... it's such an interesting and cool idea! :) Thanx for sharing! :)

zomertje, Netherlands
Really like it...Supercool. Hope I may send him a card someday1111

hedwigsfeather, United Kingdom
What a cool guy! I hope I get to send him a card someday.

Amiya, India
What a fun gallery!

Purple-bear, Japan
I've been his gallery before, and of course I love it;) It's really fun!:)
I especially love his uploaded cards with his lovely CAT!!;) Ha ha:)
I hope to get his address someday:))

wwwera, Israel
just noticed - PC reached 500,602 members, half a million!!!!

bz_iya, Russia
Oh, Holy God of the Randomness, make it so that my next card would be for Sean!)))

curtbobb, United States of America
Sean's idea and follow-through beats the traveling gnome game for communication and context.

luvwhidbeyisland, United States of America
He looks like a happy guy with each of postcards. I am sure it makes the senders happy as well!

inki1963, Germany
Great Idee. I will keep my fingers crossed that I also get Seans address!

isagv, Germany
I also knew Sean's Wall already. :) Great wall. :)

canbcpost, Canada
Such a creative way to show your received cards, well done!

aude259, France
nice idea: love it !!!!

Vladisa, Russia
I saw this "received postcard's wall" before and i did not like it really((( I want to see the postcard but i see only Sean always( and his position is very unattractive often! Sorry for my truthful brickbat...

Seadragon, Netherlands
You go, Sean ! High paw to you and your cat !

rosna, Belarus
frais approche non conventionnelle et plein d'humour!

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