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About Stasele...

About me:

I'm German, 50, married, mother of two, translator and language-lover.
My heart lies in Lithuania, where I spent ten years of my life.
My favourite cards are...
... written in the sender's language!
(Yes, it's so easy to make me happy...)

PLEASE write your card
IN YOUR OWN LANGUAGE, without translation!
English is very welcome from native speakers :)
Oстальных прошу смело писать на родном языке.
Vielleicht kannst Du sogar in Deiner Mundart schreiben?
Een kaartje in jouw streektaal zou ik geweldig vinden!
Lietuvaičiai, rašykite lietuviškai!
用中文写.- 請用中文寫.
당신이 한국어로 작성하는 경우, 번역하시기 바랍니다

I don't speak all these languages, but I would love to see them in your writing (can read Cyrillic in clear handwriting).
I will do my best to understand the text with the help of my friends, and an online translation tool.

As for pictures, I prefer
- single view
- standard size
- real photo cards
- with your username please

Please rather do NOT send
- food or recipes
- baby animals or children
- views of Moscow or St.Petersburg, if you live somewhere else

I'm very interested in
♥ language, alphabet, letters, script, and ♥ all sorts of signs & symbols
♥ advertisement (Ad cards): commercial, social, environmental...
♥ unspectacular views from where you live, or love to be
♥ unusual buildings, towers, bridges or monuments
♥ reflections in glass, mirrors, or water
♥ architecture from the 1920s-1960s
♥ simple or recycled objects
♥ flags, maps, currency
♥ Союзмультфильм
♥ quirky things
♥ birds
♥ frogs
These are just suggestions.
Only please do not forget to write in YOUR♥ language!

Staselė - Стасяле

Some people have lots of cards to choose from.
Why not make my day with one of these?

♥♥ dialect
♥♥ human portrait. By this I don't mean just a picture of a face, someone in national dress etc. A portrait is an "artistic representation of a person, in which the face and its expression is predominant" (Wikipedia). The name of the person should be known to the artist
♥♥ accordions, accordionists
♥♥ aus deutschsprachigen Ländern gern Ansichtskarten mit "Schönes.."
(habe schon Schönes Bensheim, Bielefeld, Düsseldorf, Erlangen, Göttingen, Münster und München)
♥♥ des pays francophones, si possible: "Saint..." (j'ai Saint-Nazaire, Saint-Malo et Saint-Lunaire)
♥♥ any versions/parodies of the "We Can Do It!" theme
♥♥ Romeo&Juliet (anything related to their story)

For any "♥♥" card, I'll be happy to send you a reply card if you indicate your address!

Usually, I send one card every three days - check my Stats :)

I try to make a difference on by lending to small businesses across the world

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