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Blog > A new Postcrossing stamp... from Ireland!

Dia dhuit — or hello from Ireland! 🇮🇪

We have good news coming from the North Atlantic today: An Post is getting ready to release a lovely new Postcrossing stamp tomorrow, on October 5th! Irish artist Cathy Dineen did the illustration for Design HQ, who created the stamp. It features postcards being passed from person to person. Have a look: Postcrossing StampIE Isn’t it just gorgeous? 😍 Cathy did a wonderful job of capturing the connections that the project sparks as well as its diversity on this small format. And the launch is just days before World Post Day takes place, which is a nice bonus too.

The stamps will be available throughout the country and on An Post’s online shop… but if you’re in Ireland or can make it to Dublin in the weekend, there will be a large meetup on October 7th! Attendees will be able to visit the General Post Office’s museum and check out the Witnessing History exhibition too. More details can be found on this forum thread.

Hurray for beautiful stamps that honour Postcrossing and its community!


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58 comments so far

radiohead92, Germany
One of the most beautiful postcrossing-stamp ever. I hope that Germany will issue also such a stamp sometime!
Happy Postcrossing everyone :-)

FairyFoot, United Kingdom
Fantastic. Shame I can't make it for the launch.

chrissybaby, Ireland
Love the stamp! Cannot wait for the launch tomorrow!

Restu_Amalia, Indonesia
Congratulations Ireland ❤️❤️

zomertje, Netherlands
Congratulations to your beautiful stamp Ireland, hope to get one !!!!!!

Fireblossom, Germany
Wonderful stamp. I would love to get one for my collection :)

ned44440, Ireland
Looking forward to going up to the Launch tomorrow. Should be fun and An Post are also issuing two postcards to go with it as well.

geminiscp, Portugal
I'll have it... SOON!!!! :D Lovely!!!!!! :)

EricaEDolinting, United States of America
It is pretty! Well done Ireland. Hope to get one someday!

Sfander, Canada
Oh...that's lovely! I must visit the site and purchase some of the stamps as keepers, but will definitely order the postcards for sending out. Great job Ireland...good for you!!

robinmp, United States of America
I love it!!! I hope I get a card from Ireland using that stamp real soon :)

BabyKitten, United Kingdom
Love the stamp. I'm looking forward to the launch tomorrow.
Happy Postcrossing.

DucksinAtriangle, United States of America
This is a beautiful stamp design, congrats to Ireland!

fisherman, Ireland
A really nice artistic stamp capturing the spirit of Postcrossing - Looking forward to attending the launch on Thursday and the International meetup on Saturday.

Brane_Nina, Serbia
If somebody have opportunity to send me this stamp, i offer various postcards from Serbia (FOTW also), covers, FDC's, maxicards, stamps...

shui, Taiwan
What a gorgeous postcrossing stamp design!! :-D Congratulations!!

mary29sabah, Malaysia
Beautiful stamps! Hope to receive one from Ireland! Congratulations!

svolery1, Switzerland
Very nice beautiful
It's possible for exchange with postcrossing stamps from Switzerland

Flippie, Canada
Hiep Hiep Hoera! for Ireland! What a great stamp. I can't wait to recieve one....Cheers, Anneke

Zastia, Switzerland
Congrats Ireland, will now look out for the first one in my letter box.

harrickson, United States of America
Congratulations Ireland - such a nicely designed Postcrossing stamp!

miwi2, Germany
I hope some Irish get my address soon;-)

honeybee, Austria
It looks really wonderful. What a great stamp.

lilacs, Germany
Wow! ...will one come to me?

alexturner8, Ireland
Yay I'm from Ireland I am excited to use this stamp!😊

KoJep, Indonesia
Like it...Hope i can get from official

KikiXinyiwang, China
Wow ! I really want to have one.

NIDUSKA, Finland
really nice stamp

martha66, Netherlands
In Dublin's fair city...... wish I could be there with the launch. Looking forward to receiving one.

Jesterday, Netherlands
Ooow how nice, I love Ireland 💚

mounten, Italy
What a lovely new stamp, congratulation Ireland I hope to get one soon. Thanks and ciao from Italy!

triplightly, United States of America
How wonderful! We need a postcrossing stamp here in the US

Firsanna, Russia
Looking for this, help me please

emmahyuk, China
Congratulations! Looking for this stamp on a postcard to me. It is so wonderful. Many thanks.

alterego, Canada
What a cool stamp! I would love to find one in my mailbox one day! Congratulations, Ireland!

werewegian, United Kingdom
Lovely stamp. Hopefully I'll receive one soon

afrique, Congo
Wow! So exciting and a great design, this one really captures the spirit of Postcrossing!

purplejewels, Ireland
such a lovely stamp..proud to be irish.cant wait to send them to fellow postcrossers..happy days

D1ana, United States of America
An Post also sells a postcard with this stamp design:

thomasi, Germany
Fantastic the new Ireland postcrossing-stamp !!!!
I hope we become here in Germany, by the German Post a Special
postcrossing-stamp too in the near future !!!!!!!!!!!

iphoto, Australia
Thanks Ana 👍I so luv your thoughtfullness with the link to An Post Online Shop ... I’ve sat here sipping my coffee, as you do “Down Under” - ordered my Irish Postcrossing FDC, collectors envelope, plus stamps with ease, it took all of 5 minutes 😊 Australia might be on the other side of the world but you always make me feel like part of the Postcrossing Community/Family❣️

Grace_the_Unicorn, China
How beautiful the stamp is!I I like it!(。ò ∀ ó。)

Matthew07, Malaysia
Congrats. Brilliantly designed stamp. :)

hatley, United Kingdom
nice stamp it is a pity that the uk does not issue a stamp for postcrossing

moonlightlaura, United States of America
wish the USA would issue one!

Anori, Germany
I like this stamp. Hope to get it.

moniquec, Belgium
Very nice stamp !

Patiently waiting for my first postcard from Ireland after almost 670 received cards from other countries .
Keep my fingers crossed !

HM, Netherlands
Hopefully this stamp will bring a lot of new postcrossers!

I hope all Irish members will sent out the maximum number of cards stamped with this nice postcrossingstamp!

sunrise0312, China
Wow!Vrey beautiful stamp!Hope one day I can get it.

radiofan, Austria
Lovely stamp, hope to get it soon :)
It really depicts the process of Postcrossing - without knowing about each other we send out nice cards with kind messages and hope to put a smile on the faces of each other :)

TexyDeb, Greece
Great design!

WilmaT, Netherlands
Wow, great, yesterday I received a meetingcard with the new Irish stamp. It is a beauty. Thanks to the sender Amitexo and the ones who signed.

Topas, Germany
lovely design

ydnic, United States of America
Received this postcard and new stamp today! Beautiful!

cmdanne, United States of America
Cool riptides of postcards...Captures Ireland's essence I am on the lucky hunt to find it..

Liudmila0304, Ukraine
I already have this stamp and a postcard !!! Hurray, hurray, hurray! :)

vinayakaamr, India
I received this beautiful stamp today with cancelled first day cover and post cards and stamp, which I had ordered from their postal website. Awesome stamp and post cards.

Lario, France
Very beautiful stamp

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