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The writing prompts invite postcrossers to write about a different topic on their postcards’ messages every month. These are just suggestions though — if you already know what you want to write about, or the recipient gives you some pointers, that’s great too!

Here in the UK, it’s already started to snow, which to me means it’s the ideal time to wrap up warm inside and do some daydreaming. So here’s a suggestion from Isaac (aka whitefroststreetboi) from our forum topic of suggestions for the monthly prompts:

In December, write about what you’d do if you won the lottery!
British Library Crime Classics on the shelf

As usual, I’ll go first! I have all sorts of dreams about what I’d do if I won the lottery! Most of them are sensible ones: buy a house, invest, put money into my pension fund, pay off my student loans, and donate a good chunk of it for people less fortunate. But let’s say you have plenty of money to do all those sensible things and do something a bit wilder, or fulfil a secret dream. What would you do?

I think my main indulgence would involve that house I mentioned after all, though. I have a lot of books already, and you can be sure that I’d buy more if I won the lottery! So I think I’d build myself a library, with plenty of room for expansion. I’d especially like to finish up my collection of British Library Crime Classics (I love the cover designs—wish I could send those as postcards!) and display them all together… and then it’d be nice to have a little reading nook or two in that library, to hide away and read.

So, what about you? What would you do, if you won the lottery? Do you have any big dreams you’d try to fulfil? You can tell us about them here, and use this as a prompt for your postcards this month if you’re not sure what to write!

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Moyuxuan, China
Buy a Steinway grand piano :-D
Jilly_Bee, United Kingdom
I would pay off all my bills, I would assist family,
and then I would open a donkey sanctuary, donate to a small charity, and buy so many postcards and stamps, I would need a bigger house :)
RabiataGoldangel, Germany
I would also donate a lot.
But I'd like to buy some neighbouring proberty to build a house there for my parents, my sister, my nieces and me. We would have a big library and a swimming pool. Our old house could become a big garden.
And I would visit all the places in the world I've never been, like Scotland, Ireland, Japan, Norway, Sweden...
Ineslein5, Germany
une flûte traversière en or
ned44440, Ireland
For me: I would build a house with a large dedicated postcard room 😀. I would also travel - wouldn't it be wonderful to send postcards in Travel Mode from every country in the world - a lofty ambition 🤞.
For family: I would hope to ensure that everyone would be at least comfortable with no money worries 😀.
For others: I would hope to make a little difference by donating to worthy charities 😀.
shucho, Japan
I would like to donate all the money to the conservation charity!
I studied a lot about environment and climate change at school and I think it’s a big problem. I want to save endangered species, too 😊
ruthkepler, United States of America
I'd have a little oval shaped terrace in my back yard built that I keep designing in my mind.
Patries, Netherlands
Buy a house for my sister, and a permanent plot for my tiny house. Would for sure travel more (not per se by air) and donate to a few good causes too.
chuusolji, Germany
I would buy my cello (atm its borrowed but I have it for quite a while now), would want to give my mom the money that she can pay off the bill for her house, travel lots, give my little sister enough money that she can buy herself a horse and some field and of course donate.
But I would save a lot of it since the money can be gone really quick :)
Irina_G007, Russia
There are many stray animals in Russia. People kill, torture and just insult them. I help stray animals. If I won the lottery, I would be more of a help to them and the dog and cat shelters.
HookedonPostcards, Canada
1. Make sure my sons and their families have enough to pay off mortgages, etc. 2. Create a foundation to ensure that some special charities receive in perpetuity. 3.Take my mother on one last trip of her choosing. 3. Travel the world, times 2 or 3 by plane, by boat, by train, by car, by foot ... whatever makes sense for each destination.
HM, Netherlands
A large box of Australian homemade, dark chocolates.
beesknees, United States of America
This is one of my regular daydreams - I think of things I would do - usually when driving - I enjoy it - but I dont even buy lottery tickets!!!! - I couldn't handle the disappointment every week!!!
debster, United States of America
In no particular order: I would probably move from New Jersey in the US to Florida. I’d buy a small house or condo there. I’d donate lots of money to my favorite charities and help out my family and friends. Then I’d travel. It’s a dream of mine to go across the country by train.
Ramya, United States of America
I would leave money monthly with our local diner to feed a person or family a meal each day-anyone that came in, needed a meal but was seeming to be short on money.
MAHuebner, United States of America
Establish an endowment with AWIU so that funding for grants that help women & children around the globe, in perpetuity.
underthebed, United States of America
Would purchase land in the country and put up tiny houses for elderly woman and young girls who are homeless that wanted to live on the land have a garden and learn from each other and help one another. And build a big barn to take in rescue animals.
dnrhott, United States of America
Buy houses give to charity do things to help the environment save some get a nice postcard museum going.
lindeclark, United States of America
First I would help those in need. I mean really in need. Our homeless in the city, and others struggling to put a roof over their head and buying food for the family. I would also donate to our local food bank, and the Samaritan Center.
Secondly I would donate money to American Cancer Society, Shriners hospital and St. Jude.
Thirdly, I would give money to my son to make his life better for he and his growing family.
Fourthly, I would buy a new car. Nothing fancy, just practical.
Fifth, I would keep enough money to afford some luxuries like a couple trips, and investment in my art business.
Katsel, Germany
An sich geht es mir soweit ganz gut, dass ich mir überlegen müsste was ich unbedingt ändern wollte an dem was ich habe. Klar ein Haus wäre toll. Auch für die Kids. Für die würde ich auf jedenfall Geld weglegen, so daß sie nie Sorge haben müssen. Auch meinen Eltern würde ich etwas zukommen lassen, so daß sie noch ein schönes Leben führen können. Ein schönes Auto für meinen Partner. Leider kann man Gesundheit und Frieden nicht kaufen. Das ist aber wohl das Wichtigste!!! Im Großen und Ganzen würde ich einfach mein Leben genießen und das Schöne mit Freunden und Familie teilen. Einen Teil würde ich in die Krebsforschung spenden.
Gertarud, Germany
Apart from all the sensible stuff as stated above (donating, helping family, saving some), I would buy myself a yellow vintage VW beetle cabrio (with my lottery winnings I will have enough money for the maintenance!)
omurk, Türkiye
I'd build an animal sanctuary to save animals. Then buy a field to live with my beloved friends in a big house.
Stuart-Huang, Hong Kong
I'll buy more lotteries to win more (just joke).
Bossmare, United States of America
I would buy another nice driving pony, maybe a Shetland or a Halflinger with a new Meadowbrook cart and harness. Then, I'd donate money to various animal charities, travel, travel, travel by ship!! When I got back I'd buy a nice ranch and open an animal sanctuary for all animals, especially horses. I'd also sponsor a free spay/neuter clinic for cats/dogs w/medical care.
Flippie, Canada
Retire, that's the first thing I do and my husband too. No mortgage and travel to the places where we like to go. (we have a long bucket-list) Pay for a very nice vacation for my best friends and there 2 boys. Donate some money to my nephews for school. Donate some money for the seniors. When there some left our I will put on a bank account so we still interest every year for a nice active life before we go.....
mason_k, Hong Kong
Quit my job, play on my pianos every day.
doryfera, Canada
I would move out of our apartment, buy a modest house, donate lots more to my favourite charities (e.g. Seva Canada), then set aside some funds to travel when the world opens up again. And lavishly treat my friends, if they'll let me!
margreetbtn, Netherlands
I would donate a part and the other part I would travel each year with my husband and kids to a place of interest: Canada, USA, China, Eastern Europe, Hawaii is on my bucket list. Making memories, that kind of stuff :-)
Waldo, United Kingdom
Does no-one like champagne?
Mattie07, Netherlands
I would buy all the books that I want to buy, and save the rest of the money for college. If there’s any money left I’d also enjoy taking a trip.
BegunovRoman, Russia
That's what I would do with the winnings.
Firstly, I would buy a plot with a sea view and build a nice house.
Secondly, I would buy a good car.
Well, in the third, I would organize some kind of business.For example, the leasing of railway wagons.
ruth707, United States of America
- I would give to our local food bank.
- I have always loved hot air balloons. I would have a special shaped balloon made for me and hire a team so it could be flown all over the country to the balloon festivals.
- I would definitely save most of the money for the future. Save for the rainy day (that always comes).
paradonym, Germany
1st rule: don't tell anyone
2nd rule: keep your work. Stay there.
3rd rule: don't change your spending habits for at least half a year coming.

Things like tax avoidance strategies come automatically with it later on. You shouldn't do this in the first place.
paradonym, Germany
Personally I'd look at things like the dividend aristocrats ETF (which is IE00B5M1WJ87 for the people who know what this is).
Spending would be the worst thing to do with it - especially a house nowadays in developed regions in europe.

Maybe I'll spin up on Covid-19 antibody research, or I'd try to convince developed state governments to distribute vaccinations to developed countries because I think a larger worldwide first-vaccination-rate is much better than US and EU getting their thirds. I think I'd try to fight the "me first" scheme everybody falls into from time to time - trying to get that changed to an "everybody first, then me".
bhuney05, United States of America
Ooooh I would first donate to a few charities. My favorite is St Judes children hospital. Then buy me a house big enough so grandkids could have at least 2 bedrooms a girls room and a boys room. Then a playroom. It's gotta have a library. That would probably be the biggest room in the house. Gotta have several acres cause I want some woods for us to play in and go wandering around and see nature. I want a huge pool for the kids all to be able to play in. My kitchen would be ginormous. Enough room so kids could come in there and help make cookies and learn how to make biscuits. I want a walk in pantry and cellar so I could can and store food for years to come. Oh man I'm dreaming big now. Might as well have a nice size garage so I can have my favorite car. 1965 mustang. And I want it pink with pearlescent paint so it glitters so beautifully.
adoptusplease, United States of America
I would pay off the house notes of all my cousins and family. My lottery would go to the biggest greenhouse and EDUCATION for all.
juliya1616, Russia
Я бы купила дом))
grasmuss, United States of America
I'd buy a house next to my son so I could be close to (future) grandkids, a travel trailer for hubby's and my adventures, and a cozy ski cabin so he could go skiing and I could stay toasty inside and the kids could join us there too. I'd make certain there was enough money for a housekeeper because I hate cleaning house! Once that was done I'd plan on more travel overseas. Guess I better start playing the lottery.
joshelton, United States of America
I would buy a horse and I would buy some electric guitars.
Gerda-RD, Netherlands
When that happens I would buy houses for our kids andfor myself a lot of stamps for sending more and more cards.
Momo173, Canada
If I won the lottery, I would buy a big place for a pet friendly cafe and hire military veterans and homeless. It's been a dream I have had for years!
Dustybee, United Kingdom
Q: What would I do if I won the lottery?

A: I would give all Postcrossers free stamps for a year. Then I would have a slave to lick all my Postcrossing stamps for me. I would buy Alcatraz and have all politicians incarcerated there. Finally, I would eat a peach and sip a cool pina colada. aboard my private yacht. .
ElNino, Russia
If i won the lottery ill put card in aframe and all my guests will see it
MaggieTk, Russia
I would have gone to study to be a pilot. and I would fly constantly. perhaps I would even buy a plane and, most importantly, show my old dog the sea
Mari07, Russia
If I won the lottery, I would spend some of the money on stamps and various postcrossing stuff, and donate some to help animal shelters.
VanessaBettencourt, United States of America
I would donate a part and with the rest, buy a house and make my dream come true, publishing my novels the way I imagined.
Gypsypost, New Zealand
Well I'm VERY Boring. Many years ago I did actually win a Lottery, Not a huge amount but enough to get me off the benefit, pay off my mortgage, and help out my brother and daughter a little bit. Then with careful budgeting a few years later I bought my retirement home - mortgage free-and I live happily on a pension with a little savings. Enjoying life's simple pleasures is the best!!!
PaiviM, Finland
I would probably buy a smaller flat for me for the old age. I love my home but I live in the 3rd floor and there is no lift in the building and it is not probable that there will be one. So maybe in 20 years I have to move to a house with the lift. (I shouldn't be a problem because Kone lifts are actually been built in my town in Southern Finland. Did you know that Kone is a Finnish family company? It builds elevators and escalators which you can see all over the world :) )
helenagil, Portugal
I would probably buy a house for me and for my daughters. I would by, too, a new car for my usband and new motorbikes. I would do, also, an animal shelter, for dogs and cats.
moonlessnite, Canada
Donate to some worthy surgical charities, such as the left-palate repair and women's post-natal fistula re pair charities. Have a skate-board pit and PUMP-JUMP mogul for bmx bikes for the kids locally to play on. Create some good Nursing scholarships. Get a good boat. Take more courses like celestial navigation. Buy a grand piano and take beginners lessons, right from scratch. Maybe take private tutoring for math. i no longer want to take an trips.
JeremyChung, China
In my opinion, living in your own apartment makes people feel safer and more comfortable.
If I win the lottery, I will buy my own apartment. A few years ago, I almost saved enough money, but when I was going to buy a set, the price of the apartment rose rapidly! Price of the apartment in our country are rising too fast. My money became insufficient to pay for a small one, so I had to keep waiting. Living with relatives at present, I feel that my privacy and space are very limited. Many people I know don't own real estate either. They can only choose to rent. The rent may go up at any time, and they may have to move frequently. However, when all their money is used to pay the rent, they are less likely to buy their own property in the future.
This story sounds boring, but it is true.
LalaMoon, Czech Republic
When I will win the lottery my plan is to:
- find the best doctor to cure my brother illness
- buy a house for my mum
- invest in my father business to make it shine
- found an international association for the defense of nature and reforestation
- find the perfect home where my husband and I will have an edible forest garden and a cultural center
- explore the world as I could never before
- create an amazing home where my husband and I will live, where we will have an edible forest and a cultural center
GayeDoreen, United States of America
I would hire a private jet company to fly my mom (from Wisconsin) to my state (Virginia) and put her in the best care facility close to me. I personally cannot take care of her because she is crippled and blind. But then I would have the luxury to see her more often. She is 102 and who knows how long she has but right now she is pretty much in a hell hole of a facility that doesn’t care. It is heartbreaking and I would be able to afford better for her at the end.
greCulAch, Canada
I would settle my debts. I'd switch from full time to part time work. I would largely hoard the money and just live a slightly easier life.
Alina_Dorogonova, Russia
I would give any amount to cure my grandfather, donate to charity, take my sister to Australia and show her koalas live (this is her dream), buy a big house for our family, sign up for additional courses in biology and chemistry to successfully pass exams. If there was an opportunity, I would travel more: I would visit various ancient places, castles, study the history of these places. And of course, I would set aside part of the amount for further use. Of course, winning the lottery is certainly pleasant and unexpected, but you need to remember that there is always a chance of success or a big win in life and it does not depend on whether you bought a lottery ticket or not...
Jasmijn_Helena, Belgium
Depends on the prize money, but I would put a lot in my savings account to live on my interest.
Stay home from work and write postcards every day.
Donate some and make sure my kids can study whatever they want without needing a loan. Buy an apartment near our house for my mother and one on the Belgian coast for my father-in-law.
Florallle, United Kingdom
Lots of stamps, lots of postcards.
hobbymail, United States of America
i DID win a lottery, matching 5 of 6 numbers, for $7,021 in 2000. It was so exciting, better than a roller coaster ride! It would not pay off the mortgage or buy a car, so I was paralyzed over how to spend it. I put it in the bank. 1 year later I needed surgery for the 1st time in my life so the winnings went to pay most of my insurance deductible. I think I healed faster without that worry.
Randfichte, Germany
Es soll doch tatsächlich Leute geben, die auch wirklich im Lotto gewonnen haben. Ich gehöre dazu. Vor 8 Jahren waren es in der Tat 6 Richtige. Vorher hatte ich Schulden und musste jeden Cent umdrehen. Nun besitze ich ein Haus und habe die halbe Welt bereist, was vorher undenkbar war. Nun, seit Covid-19 ist das ja etwas schwierig, aber im September diesen Jahres besuchte ich nach Monaten ohne Reisen die wunderschöne Insel Island. Es war fantastisch! Ich spende auch einiges von meinem Vermögen und habe ein ganz süsses Patenkind in El Salvador. Selbstverständlich kann ich nicht die ganze Welt retten, aber ich habe mir gesagt, andere sollen auch was haben von meinem Geld. Es macht mich vielleicht nicht total glücklich, aber es beruhigt ungemein, keine finanziellen Sorgen mehr zu haben.
Randfichte, Germany
(Sorry for writing in German. Maybe someone can translate. Thx.)
jeffbh, United States of America
Where I live, the odds of winning the "Megamillions" lottery is an astronomical 1 in 302,575,350. The odds of getting hit by lightning in any given year is a more likely 1 in 1,220,000. So, if I had purchased a lottery ticket, and a week later I was declared the winner, it really wouldn't matter, because I probably would already have been killed by a lightning strike. But I suppose my heirs could use the money.
zapandtulle, Switzerland
I would take three years off to go to a literary writing school where I could meet people with the same interests and improve my writing skills :)
melilot, France
I would buy a house in the countryside not far from the mountains. The house would not be so big, but the garden, oh the garden... A park...
And fulfill it with multiple animals.
Donate to some useful projects to help people becoming autonomous too.
Opening a store that would be a mix: selling books, records, various objects, ... and organizing exhibitions there too, and why not a bit of food too, or at least a café with yummy pastries, and a coworking space, and propably well... I would buy the entire building, and let's see whait is possible to do with it :)
Jennyke, Belarus
in case of my winning i'll be many horses. Young strong horses my pleasur and sport, and horse shelter for old and sick animals, so they'll be able to live the rest of his life in comfort.
akalle, Sweden
If I win alot, and I could only dream about it, even if I play, I think the most I had won before is SEK 3 000 (about € 300)
I would move to a warmer country, where the sun is always shining. And there have a house with a large craft room and all that stuff that I really 'need' but can't buy today
Buy a lot of champagne - my favourite drink
Help my son and grand children
Invest for the future
And just enjoy life
tetsu70, Japan
If I were to win the lottery, books will be my first priority. Although maybe the second priority as I will need to find means of storing the books first. It might make it more plateable for my Missus if I got the storage materials first. Travel would be another source of enjoyment but with the Covid bug just now, books seem a more satisfying option.
sduzynski, United States of America
If I won the lottery I would pay off loans, give some money to family and donate money to some of the animal rescues I support. I would buy a house. In my house I would have a library where all the books I own would be on shelves. I would have also have a sauna in my back yard as well as a garden. I wouldn't have to work so I would spend time traveling the world.
AnitaLouise, United States of America
I have lots of plans so I would need a lot of money, LOL. First of all, I would like to build a multicultural center for children so they can be exposed to different cultures. After watching the movie Maid, I wanted to provide housing in several cities for single women and women with children in need. I would also get myself a little cottage somewhere and provide for my family members and a few friends.
AnnekevanDorp, Netherlands
Oh... then I'd buy a big building and remodel it with lots of guest rooms and common areas. And all year round people would be allowed to stay there who feel lonely. And I would come up with all sorts of things, so that they would have a very pleasant and good time in and around that building!
Ceres1849, United Kingdom
Give it all away to the people and Projects who really need it, I have always been happiest and met the most amazing people when I've had very little money. Altruism or madness you may think!
Quitzia, France
J'achèterai une très grande maison où habiter avec toute ma famille.
Je créerai une gigantesque librairie/bibliothèque publique...
J'achèterai un magnifique piano à queue.......
Bibbi5, Germany
Eine Weltreise mit AIDA crouse oder eine Tauffahrt mit Aida crouse.
AnisimovaTatiana, Russia
If I win the lottery, I will go traveling. I want to see the whole world.
Ophiflake, Canada
Of course paying off debt would be the first thing along with other wise financial choices like investing. I would move to a new country and retire. I would build the perfect craft/hobby room and spend my time gardening, traveling, and volunteering with animals.
kathilo, United States of America
Goodness abounds! I love how so many folks mentioned donating to a charitable cause. Yes! Definitely!
Personally, I just want to get out of debt, and then help my siblings get out of debt.
And hire a cleaning lady!
Huliana, France
I would probably buy us a house with a garden for the children. I would also organise a family world trip, go visit my biological family in Tahiti, French Polynesia. I would of course share some of the money with my parents and siblings. I would donate too to help medical research.
blueberrynite, United States of America
Pay off debt, buy a house, run away for a little while, treat my family to a great party, pay it forward, donate my paychecks, become my own "Shark" investor, build a museum, create a botanical garden for my city, take care of my parents, be a secret Santa, get another degree, take fun classes, read and watch movies all day, laugh.
RowanP, Netherlands
Buy a very large villa with a swimming pool and a thick lambo
YuCao, China
As a child,I have to give all the money to my mother. If I don't do that, mom'll gets mad, besides I will easily lose the money. So what does mom do with all that money? Let me think. Maybe she'll sign me up for more extracurricular training. How sad! Turns out winning the lottery isn't always a good thing...
yalciner, Türkiye
It depends on the amount of money I got from the lottery. :) But there are many things I would like to do.
I would save some of it and do my best to increase my saving. I would spend some money for my masters' degree because in my country, there are private institutions who require a fortune for BA and MA degrees and some of them have very high- standard education quality. After my masters' program was over (and if I still had enough money), I would give up working and studying for a year and I would stay in either Oxford, Cambridge or in London. I would start writing my first book there.

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