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About Gerda...

Hello!! My name is Gerda, I'm married and we have a son (22 yo and a daughter (20yo). We live in the little village Garrelsweer ( This village is in the north of the Netherlands in the province Groningen. I work 3 days a week at the Dutch Food and Consumer Product Safety Autority. I'm an active volunteer at our dorpshuis (= community centre and has no connection with churches). I love animals, so we have 3 cats, 2 chickens and 1 rabbit. I've been born at a farm with cows, sheep, horses, goats, rabbits, chickens, peacocks, dogs and cats. Maybe that's why I love animals.

My hobby's are:
- collecting stamps from all over the world. I hope to get the stamps specially for postcrossing or other nice stamps. So if you have the possibility to put your postcard in an envelope it'll be great for keeping the stamps and please don't put tape over the stamps.
- reading books. I like Donna Leon, Carol Drinkwater, Santa Montefiore, Tamara McKinley and others.
- music from the 70's and 80's are also favorite. Abba is still my big favorite! I like the Dutch "palingsound" like The Cats, BZN, Jan Smit etc. The music in our dialect Gronings I also love very much. We talk this dialect as much as possible. A lot of young people don't talk it anymore.
- making jigsaws puzzles from 1000 pieces and drawned by Jan van Haasteren and the Wasgij-puzzles.
- and I'm active on Facebook ( with family, friends and others and I play some games.

When you send me a cart with nice stamps.
I like cards from
- your own city
- the royal family from your country, except Russia because I've got many cards of Nicolas and his family
- cards from Irina Zeniuk (teamwork from 2010 I've got them 3 times)
- cards from Leonid Baranov
- with books
- maxicards
- maps
- flyers about festivals, concerts, movies
- cards with a tekst in your language, with your translation on the other site
- if you don't know now, look at my favorites: it's my wishing list.
- please send cards from your own country.
- meeting-cards from Postcrossing
And please try to send nice stamps on the card you send me instead of post office strips.

Please can you send me your card in an envelope, so I can collect the stamps seperate.I have so much fun with this little pictures

Special request for stamps if it's possible:
- the stamps from march 2016 from the royal family from Luxumburg
- Luxtram in Luxemburg (2017)
- the Swedish royal family
- the stamp Götterdämmerung from Germany
- the stamp for the 150e birthday from the artist, designer and typhografer Peter Behrens
- European stamps of bridges
- the World Post Day Stamp 2018 from Malaysia
- Postcrossingstamp from Moldova 2018
- 100 Jahre Frauen Wahlrecht 2019 Deutschsland
- lapwings 2018 from Lietuva.

When you send me a card, I always read your profile.

Best wishes, viele Grüße of lieve groet,

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