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The writing prompts invite postcrossers to write about a different topic on their postcard’s messages every month. These are just suggestions though — if you already know what you want to write about, or the recipient gives you some pointers, that’s great too!

We’re slightly anticipating September’s writing prompt as we have some exciting stuff to share in the coming days. 😊 So, without further ado…

In September, write about your plans for the World Postcard Day!
World Postcard Day logo

The first World Postcard Day will take place in just one month, and we want to hear all about your plans to celebrate this special day! Are your postcards and stamps ready? Have you made a list of nice people or good causes to whom you will be writing?

Our plans so far include mailing as many postcards as possible, mostly to postcrossers out there! We’ve also bookmarked a page that promotes writing to old people’s homes in Portugal, to offer some much needed cheer in these troubled times. Is there perhaps a similar initiative in your country?

Beyond writing postcards, some other ways to celebrate the day include teaching a lesson about mail and postcards, visiting a postal museum, helping set up a library event, or simply spreading the word!

What will you be up to, on October 1st? Share your plans with the community on the comments below, and also on the postcards you write this month. Let’s get this party started! 🎉


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MrsBray, United States of America
I've bought some 4X6 mailing labels to recycle my received Postcrossing cards and will be sending a postcard to everyone in my address book. I also found a small postcard exchange that exists solely for Postcard Day - oddly, it's been in existence for 5-6 years or so. I'm excited!

Anne-Liam, France
Hello World !
I've created a special postcard to send on the 1st october.
I share it with the members of our French Speaking Postcrossing Facebook Group and we will send many postcard all over the world !

BeckyS, United States of America
On my Facebook page, I am going to post all things Postcrossing...all day long.
Oh, and I am going to write a stack of postcards. Your get a postcard! And you get a postcard! Everybody gets a postcard! :D

Gen24, United States of America
I am going to save some addresses for that day and have a nice postcard-writing day. =)

Flippie, Canada
I love the idea of Postcard Day. I'm so ready, I have postcards, stamps, addresses, a good pen and my "great" writing mood. I can't wait.
Let's Celebrate!

HFeyzanur, Turkey
Hello world: 😁
I have prepared wonderful postcards for October 1st.Yes, I’m ready.

I love the idea of ​​having a Postcard Day One. I look forward to sending postcards to 2-3 addresses that day.

mimmi, Germany
I am planning to create handmade postcards at work, where I´m in charge of a group of rather severely disabled people. For some, probably ALL of them, this will be the very first time they have ever sended a postcard on their own, and I´m really looking forward to this little project. Of course, every postcard will get a special sticker for that occasion, announcing the first "World Postcard Day"!

ezredax, United States of America
I am hoping to have a new postcard ready for World Postcard Day.

lilamint, United States of America
This month I plan on making sure I'll have enough mailing supplies on hand to mail a special postcard to each of my friends and family members on October 1st! Will also add a Postcrossing link to my Facebook page. 😃

Mattie07, Netherlands
I'm probably going to try and save some addresses, so I can have a nice relaxing afternoon writing postcards.

MagicMarie, Germany
I'll bake a cake and create a special postacard for that day! 🎂
We'll meet with some friends in Bielefeld and write maaaaaany awesome postcards, do a little secret-santa-game and have a GREAT time!! 😍 🎉

babytreese, United States of America
So many wonderful ideas! I love the 4x7 label idea MrsBray! I wish I could come to your party MagicMarie! I will be surprising my friends - especially the ones I have not heard from in years - with a postcard! Have fun everyone!

greenskull, Russia
I ❤❤❤ Postcrossing!

JoeGoodwin, United States of America
I am planning to send a postcard to every address in my mailing list. And I am actively promoting the event on my Facebook page, about once per week for the next month, inviting friends to private-message me their address and a theme request. It will be my personal challenge to find something in my collection that matches their interest!

Vera2013714, China
Maybe I'll write to someone I appreciate and try to get some postmarks that day - October 1st is also Chinese National Day......

Shashidar, India
As international post is not being allowed in India right now i am just sending a few postcards to my near and dear ones

knight99987, China
I think: I will send a letter to a friend far away,

HanaMoualla, Czech Republic
I have bought a year cad collection by one artist. Every month I am going to send one. Thank you for your reminder. Perhaps I will draw some special too. And I will write to my old pals too.

wifetoalineman, United States of America
I have the postcards ready, bought some washi tapes, stickers and send them to the world.

Rocky3000, United Kingdom
The idea is to have an online get-together with two friends via zoom. My recipients will be friends & family, just a handful, and some residential homes.
I will use any random card from my stack.

The get-together will have to be in the evening after work, probably ahead of of the real day as I want to write "Posted on World Postcard Day" and I am keen that the cards show the postal stamp of 1st October.

pathetiquejazz, Russia
We are planning to print a special card painted exclusively for us, and to organise a local meet-up. 💌
(🇷🇺Русские посткроссеры, заинтересованные в открытке - пишите в личку с указанием вашей страницы в вк (или где угодно) для связи🇷🇺)

ctr, Germany
Because the 1st October is a Thursday and a hard working day for me, I will write the cards to friends on Sunday but send them on Thursday ;)

amys2025, United States of America
I'm running dry on supplies, so I'll just spend September stocking up :D. Also, as my birthday is in October, it'll kind of be like a early birthday gift to me :)

LaimaK, Latvia
Hi! I make some handmade postcards and send them :)
My plans for September 1th, bought some special stamps :)

betslets, United States of America
I sent a postcard to Russia, one year ago, on October 1, 2019 -- I would like to celebrate that the card has been received (at least prior to October 1, 2020). Stranger things have happened within Postcrossing. . .I have already experienced some cards being received almost a year after being sent. For now, anything is possible. . .I plan to post several postcards that have been waiting patiently for travelling to places, far and near. And, of course, I'd like to receive some postcards (from far and near) myself. Hurray for WORLD POSTCARD DAY!

Almantina, Lithuania
I hope to send a bunch of postcards on this day. And write a post about it on my blog.

samquito, United States of America
the 5th SW meetup on 10th of october will have a special cancel postmark, which i had put in an application in march 2020, before postcrossing announced about the world postcard day. the postmark is celebrating "international postcard week" and "world post day".
we are not sure if the meetup will go ahead (due to the pandemic) - will be making a decision on 15 sept. but the postmark will still be used. more information about the meetup and the postmark can be found in the meetup section (will update it on the 15 sept). leave a message there or contact me directly if you have any questions about the postmark.

jm1122, United States of America
I'll be writing lots of postcards!

catinboots, Bosnia and Herzegovina
On that day I'm going to send a special card to a Postcrossing member.

munterholln, Germany
I like the card, and would write some one of it to my bet friends
so I hope I will get some :-)

fairylovefairy, China
We started a postcrossing group two years ago, and we has our first meetup in Sepember. So our 2nd anniversary will come soon. Now I am designing spacial postcards for our celebration meetup in September. And i will send them on the World Postcard Day.
PS, October 1st is also the National Day of China. I also plan to send some flag cards to my friends all voer the world.

wendyquilter, Canada
I'm going to send postcards to friends who are not part of Postcrossing and perhaps get them interested in joining.

Sall48, United States of America
I plan to print the special postcard and send to postcrossing friends near and far

MargaretMiles, United States of America
What a wonderful design--I would love to receive one of these cards to celebrate the day! I have some special cards of my own all ready to send on October 1st.

Argalil, Germany
I will be sending postcards to our friends and familiy with my 3 year old boy who loves to "write" his own postcards to his friends since he was 2 :) He enjoys gettig postcards as much as sending them. A passion he got from his mom and grandma ❤️

JuliaJuanita, Poland
I will send more and more postcards!
I love chosing them for people and waiting when someone got one :)

Bikurgurl, United States of America
I’m considering creating my own postcard for the event! How exciting 🖤

reiselustig, Germany
Hello Postcrossing-Team,
I just read by chance in the internet that there exists a worldpostcard day since 2012 on 30th July. There was written that it was initialized by a German woman. It is described at this website:
strange, isn't it?
However of course I will join your worldpostcard day at 1st of October :-)
Have a nice time!

KatyaHappy, Russia
I’m ready for that great day,postcards are ready for sending to some beautiful people

WistahSistah, United States of America
Among the postcards I will send will be one to the U.S. Postal Service, urging it to release a special stamp honoring Postcrossing. I can't understand why the USPS hasn't had one designed already. I urge all Postcrossers in the U.S.A. to send such a request as well.

sing613, China
To celebrate World Postcard Day, I want to send postcards to countries around the world, I don’t know if it will happen, hahaha

Dima1120, China
okay,I’m ready for that great day,postcards are ready for sending to some beautiful people.if you want to my card ,you can give me send email..

DewiRd, Indonesia
1 Oct, the day that's I always waiting.
I always send some postcards to all my friends from around the world. But this year, I only send the postcards to my Asian friends only and some friends in my country.
Because Indonesian post just open the mailing for Asian countries only.
Happy Postcard Day every one 🧡🧡

wurzelsofie, Germany
I've created my own special postcard for that day und I'm going to send a bunch to friends and postcrossers near an far. Also, I'm participating in the Interational Postcard Week which which this year is going to be October 4-11, so October 1st is going to be a good day to send out those postcards, too! :-)

harlingen, Netherlands
I'll sent the cards to friends alover the world. It will be my 500ste card to sent.

onlyme, United States of America
I plan on sending a postcard to my first Postcrossing address, my first direct swap address and my 100th Postcrossing address. 📫

doryfera, Canada
I'm going to send some postcards locally, to friends and acquaintances who aren't part of Postcrossing. Hopefully they'll enjoy the little surprise. If they say they really love it, I might mention Postcrossing to them, too ;)

AlexLysenko, Russia
I plan to send and receive my first postcards after the start of the pandemic

CindyBits, United States of America
At my wedding in Seattle we left postcards on the tables and anyone who addressed one out had it sent back to them while we were on our honeymoon in Cambodia. On World Postcard Day I will send everyone another postcard to celebrate! My friends think I am the only one sending postcards these days, but look at all these messages - WE know postcards are alive and well!

marcof2, Slovakia
it is important to me to maintain such a written form. It's a million times better than impersonal sms or forms of electronic messaging

toosberry, Australia
I plan to send a postcard to all the addresses that haven't register the postcard I had sent, I shall mention the original postcard ID and maybe i'll get a reply , that would be so rewarding !!

Pollyanna5, United Kingdom
I have bought a batch of stamps from the local post office. The lady who served me knows I do Postcrossing so, instead of just giving me single stamps of the correct cost made up the cost with 3 different stamps. So I have some commemorative stamps to use. Perfect timing.

309901341, China
I have managed to print out 100 official postcards of the World Postcard Day, just to make it unique, I will put my special Totem Seal designed by myself on the postcard. Anyone who is interested in receiving one can directly message me with recipient's address on this site. PS: No exchange is required but preferred! You can also ask for greeting texts in Chinese, Russian or Japanese(kindergarten-level writing).

Wish everyone a happy World Postcard Day!

majablossom, Germany
Ich werde an alle meine Mitglieder in der Pistkartengruppe eine Karte senden und diese auch wieder an Mitglieder so das am Ende jeder von jedem Mitglied eine hat und mit meinen Kindern gehe ich ins Postmuseum

WiscoFamily, United States of America
I'm letting cards be delivered before October 1st so I can get lots of addresses that day! I may send a 2nd card to some expired addresses too.

Anna-Hannele, Åland Islands
We will have a local meetup with the few active members we have here on the Åland Islands. I'll be happy if I get 5-6 members to join this meetup. We do not have more than 10 active members here. We need to find a place where we can keep safe distance. I am saving official addresses for this event. The week after on the 9th we celebrate the postmark day and will have another meetup then.

artdavinci, United States of America
I have created one special card that will be sent out on that day. I think that everyone should be given a name on the last day of September so that we all can send one on October 1st

shadow_ksenii, Russia
I'm going to print out unique postcards and send them to someone. I am saving up address requests for October 1 to get addresses on that day. On the same day, I will write to everyone and make a post on instagram.

HookedonPostcards, Canada
My partner is a photographer and book designer.
I am a writer.
We have created a unique beautiful postcard for World Postcard Day that includes, on the back, a poem I wrote, "And now, the road to where?".
We have produced 75 postcards to send. 50 with English text only. 25 with English/French text of the poem.
Looking forward to mailing them out October 1st!
Alas, because I am a new member, I have only two addresses - as of today - that I am allowed to send to.
I hope Postcrossing will allow us extra names to send postcards to at the end of this month for World Postcard Day.

Shalottslady, Belgium
I have had 500 original postcards printed. My students have written about 400 to refugees in Lesbos to cheer them up. A volunteer in Lesbos or Moria will hand them out to those refugees who will appreciate the gesture. The other 100 cards could be used for their personal writing. And i have already sent 8 to postcrossers (my maximum now).

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