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Remember last year, when the Postcrossing community celebrated the 150th anniversary of postcards? Thanks to you all, October 1, 2019 was a day filled with festivities, cake, friendship… and so, so many postcards! It was truly a happy day, in which our favorite means of communication was celebrated across the globe.

So when the day was over and the party was done, we thought… wouldn’t it be great if there was a permanent day in the calendar in which postcards were celebrated every year? 🤔 A day in which we send postcards and talk about them non-stop, teach kids how to write their first cards and just generally spread the joys of happy mail! The more we thought about it, the more it made sense, and many of you seemed to agree, going by your enthusiastic response to last year’s events.

World Postcard Day - coming soon!

So today, we’re happy to announce that October 1st, the day in which the first ever postcard was sent, will henceforth be known as World Postcard Day! 🎉

A “World Day of…” becomes a thing if enough people celebrate it, so it’s up to YOU to help put this day on the calendar — and truthfully, we couldn’t think of anyone better than the Postcrossing community to start this movement.

So how can you take part and celebrate this special day?

First of all, mark a big red circle around October 1st on your calendar and be prepared to write LOTS of postcards! This will be the day of the year to send postcards to all your friends, relatives, people you admire, those who could use a little support or cheering up, your mail carrier, or even to strangers. Plus, if you request a postcard through Postcrossing on October 1st, you’ll even receive a special badge on your profile when that postcard arrives.

Last year, quite a few of you got in touch with your local libraries and offered to showcase your postcard collections, resulting in lots of colorful displays. If there is a library or another suitable location in your area, we encourage you to contact them about the possibility of doing a display, or maybe even holding a small postcard-writing workshop (if it’s safe for you to do so where you live).

Although in-person meetups are not encouraged this year, we can still get together online to show our favorite postcards or write them as a group. If you’re thinking of organizing an event, consider planning some activities ahead to make it more interesting (maybe a quiz about the history of postcards, or a game of postcard bingo) and let us know about it so that we can add it to the World Postcard Day’s calendar of events.

Together with a few postcrossers, we’re currently working on a lesson plan for teachers to introduce the little ones to the joys of making and writing postcards, and help the next generation get started on the art of postcard writing! If you’re a teacher or a librarian and have suggestions, or you’d like to make sure you receive it as soon as it’s done, do get in touch.

Also, we’ve been working with our friends at Finepaper who have been running a postcard design competition for Portuguese art students to make an official postcard for this year’s event. In a few weeks, the final design will be chosen, and this postcard will be made available on the World Postcard Day website, for all to download and print.

And last but not least, help spread the word! There’s a lot of us, and if everyone tells someone about the World Postcard Day, we’ll turn the day into a huge postcard party. 🎉 Send your friends to, or use the hashtag #worldpostcardday on your social media posts.

If you have more ideas on how to celebrate the World Postcard Day, feel free to get in touch or leave a comment below. That’s all for today — stay tuned for more updates soon, and let’s get this party started!

82 comments so far

vishnurm19, India

This is such a wonderful thing to do! I'll mark my calendar :)

greenskull, Russia

I ❤❤❤ Postcrossing!

ned44440, Ireland

What a wonderful idea 😍. Time to get the thinking cap on and come up with some fabulous ways of celebrating this day 👏👏👏.

keohusa, United States of America

Thursday is my 12 hour day at work, so I'll see if I can do something on a nearby date.

Luziaceleste, Brazil

Love the site. Huge congrats guys for constantly reinventing the machine and keeping the engine tuned! We will celebrate for sure

harrickson, United States of America

Very exciting news! Thank you for sharing!

BestWishesEric, United States of America

This is a great idea. I'm in!

cinciong, United States of America

You guys rock!! This is awesome. Thank you for doing this! I love the History page too!

Tjoks, South Africa

This is a super idea and I might just do something with a group of kids☺

Flippie, Canada

I'm working as a recreation therapist in a long term care home and make a program on Thursday Oct.1 about writing postcards. I will try to mail them on the same day as well. For myself I will write most of the cards for everyone I like to send too on Wednesday, the day before so I can focus on the seniors.
I love the idea to have every year from now on a Postcard day. -YEAH!-
Cheers, Anneke

betslets, United States of America

Love the idea! Every day is Postcard Day for postcrossers. But to have a designated WORLD POSTCARD DAY is very exciting...(lots fewer calories than World Donut Day, etc., too) And the world needs a reminder for people to positively connect with each other in such an appropriate, safe, and simple way.

IndonesiaRaya, Indonesia

so happy to know it, can hardly wait !

Ronaldo-Reis, Brazil

Very good! I suggest that for each person who requests a postcrossing address on October 1st, you release 10 more addresses to celebrate World Postcard Day!

footprintleaver, Singapore

Can you make an exception to release more addresses on the World Postcard day?

kojep, Indonesia


JonathanChua, Singapore

Great idea to move forward..........let's go.

HarryBrasil, Brazil

Great ! The “World Day of…” is always commented here in Brazil ! Great achievement !

BestemorVonnie, United States of America

Wonderful idea to celebrate World Postcrossing Day!
Now, planning how to celebrate.....!

figtrees, United Kingdom

I'm genuinely excited about this. :)

Thanks Ana and Paulo for a lovely, positive idea, especially this year.

Dianxxxxxx, China

Wow, that's really cooool!

Jacob, India

It is a great idea . I think there should be a theme each year so that we can make an impact through The World Postcard Day. For example we could choose " honouring Covid Warriors " as this years theme and send postcards related to the same.

Navoda, Sri Lanka

My idea is that it is better to have an essay or poetry writing competition to celebrate this day.

H1ldeke, Belgium

Lovely idea ❤️ ! Let’s do this ! 👍

HappyGrandmother, Netherlands

This is What a postcard deserves in a world full of e-mails! I marked my calendar 🗓🥰

Demmi, Romania

#postcardrevolution2020 <3 #worldpostcardday

Geminiscp, Portugal

Wonderful news!!! Can't wait!!! :)

joaohenrique, Brazil

Looking forward to it! 🤩

tealjardiniere, Türkiye

Hello from Turkey 🇹🇷 This is really terrific and wonderful idea. I am an English teacher at a high school. So, I will be so appreciated to help you about World Postcard Day. So, you can write me back how I can do for this great project.

With loves...

bigred398, Canada

This is a great idea, let’s show the world we really care about everyone.this brings joy and smiles to people everywhere’.

NIDUSKA, Finland

nice idea

stargazer-daisy, United Kingdom

This is such a great idea. Thank you. Receiving postcards brings me much joy and the excitement of finding out where my next card will be travelling to. 🇬🇧😀❤️

beesknees, United States of America

I'm in!

Gen24, United States of America

So excited! I am going to make sure to save some addresses for this special day!!!

jakobina, Germany

I am counting the days.......

Maestla, Spain

I love the idea! And, since October 1st is my birthday, I guess I'll remember the date :)

Aj73, United States of America

This is a wonderful idea! I'm definitely in.

JoyceM, Netherlands

Wonderful idea. I marked the DAY October 1st.

Solea, Belgium

What a great idée! I'm so excited about it. 🇧🇪💌🤩

wurzelsofie, Germany

Great idea! However, there seems to be more than one World Postcard Day - according to a German TV programme yesterday there is another World Postcard Day on July 30th! :-) Never mind, Postcrossing makes every day a Postcard Day... ;-)

LoLaV, Netherlands

I'm looking forward to it! In the meantime I try to continue to collect postcards from everywhere I've been.

jeroenvberlo, Netherlands

Thursday , October 1th. Check.✅⭕

Ga-li-na, Russia

I will definitely join the holiday !!

Barbiesoup, United States of America

Only 60 days from today for the BIG EVENT. Time to Party again!

Nana805, France

Great news !!
I’ve marked it on my calendar !

aerobear, United States of America

I’ll save up official postcard slots to send as many as possible October 1st!
This is awesome... thanks, Postcrossing! ❤️

amys2025, United States of America

Totally going to do this. Long live Postcard writing!

RoniStamps, United States of America

Does anyone know of any shops that will sell World Postcard Day themed postcards?

travelswithcharlie, United States of America

Is anyone making official WPD postcards?? I'd buy a pile of them!

Augustina1, Netherlands

Yes! October 1st... is marked on my calendar. Lovely idea.

EugeneOnegin, Russia

It's a wonderful idea, I'm so excited and I'll wait for that special date *^*

I have a little idea about postcards sent the 1st October. What about people whose all postcards are traveling and that's why they don't have an opportunity to get a new request and ID. I think that there will be many postcrossers who would like to send a postcard that special day to celebrate it. Could you make it possible to send 1-2 postcards more on 1st October for users whose all postcards are traveling? (✯ᴗ✯) Or if it's unfair to others it would be great to allow all of us send one more postcard that day /ᐠ。ꞈ。ᐟ\ Thanks for your reply in advance!

m_lapka1986, Russia

а у меня день рождение 2 октября!)))

ranee49, Australia

What a lovely idea. I think this year, especially with so many people unable to travel, postcards from all over the world will be treasured.

Susaninutah, United States of America

Love this idea. I’ll be putting together info for my local school district and Girl Scout council to get more kids involved. Is there a way to do a classroom to classroom exchange?


Very good idea, yesterday I sent some postcards, and I circled the red on the date writing.

ujjavaljainn, India

How to do that I am confused

evkoirina, Russia

Добрый день, дорогие друзья!
Благодарю за интересную идею и информацию. Отмечаю этот день в своем календаре и с удовольствием отошлю открытки своим друзьям и родным. И расскажу об этом своим знакомым и друзьям.

Polina_Klimenko, Russia

Oh, it is so wonderful!!!! Postcrossing, I love you!

Agani, Spain

That's amazing Idea!! 🥰🥰

Aphrora, China

Well, this is the same day as China's National Day
——friends, maybe you will receive a postcard celebrating two holidays!

MailFromNanning, China

Great idea! I'm IN ♥

Postikortti, Finland

What a wonderful idea, I hope to send and receive lots of happy postcards!

jjjPagaimo, Portugal

Just wonderful. I look forward to that day coming. Thank you

LemOksans, Belarus

Здорово! Поддержу идею и запрошу много адресов на сайте 1 октября!))

NanaPam, United States of America

Love the idea of World Postcard Day and will be getting ready to send lots of postcards!

Lynneizle, United States of America

I agree with the others, please release more addresses for us on Oct. 1.

Chaosleg, China

Just curious if we still can participate in Finepaper World Postcard Day #POSTCARD REVOLUTION 2020 contest?
Though I found the Submissions were closed in July 31,2020.

mimceu, Portugal

Boa ideia
Eu já aderi .

HFeyzanur, Türkiye

Excellent news, you postcrossing family good idea.
I am in.

jellicle, United States of America

Count my vote for allowing more cards to be sent on October 1!!! But we need more addresses. If I don't have an "opening" I won't be able to request an address. I wouldn't want to delay sending cards due to holding slots open for the special day. Hopefully more guidance will be forthcoming. I'm loving Postcrossing. Just want to be able to send more cards.

Cheryll, Suriname

I really hope that our airspace will be open around october 1st 🙄's closed since march.
My fingers are crossed!

HM, Netherlands

Saving up slots!
And sent the max at Word Postcard Day!

merryCM, Germany

I see....sooooo many more postcards will be send on Oct 1st 😮 . . . WOW.
Oh, you not enviable post(wo)men . . . to drag so much more on this and the following days ! We should have a thank-you present for them on that day.

comette, United States of America

How Fun!! Count me in!!

ezredax, United States of America

Working on a design in a few days. Still catching up on things.

How fun! Count me in!

TravellerMel, United States of America

Christopher Arndt Postcards has created a special First World Postcard Day postcard ( I've ordered a bunch, so I am ready for World Postcard Day!

TessLynn, United States of America

Great idea!
Count me in

Shashidar, India

Brilliant idea and i would love it if the theme of the first world postcard day wold be related to honouring the corona warriors
Anyway happy postcrossing day in advance
Happy postcrossing

teicher, Germany

I am very happy about this idea and immediately thought about designing my own postcard. I sat down at my desk and put my idea into practice. The postcard has now been designed and commissioned. When I get the finished postcards I will start describing the first ones.
On the postcard you will see a small red airplane and children who are happy about the many colorful postcards that fall out of the sky.

Happy Postcrossing

susanalucas, Portugal

Hi from Portugal. Would love you guys from open an exception and give us extra address from other members to send on this day. I'm new in this site and I still don't have many addresses to send. If you give us a chance to have extra addresses, I will put them all on oct. 1st and since Portugal have the marke to celebrate this day, it will be so great.

daria_morel, Russia

Wow, it sounds cool! I'm in!

lauranalanthalasa, Germany

I would really like to know if everyone is getting a free "slot" for sending a card on World Postcard Day. I just recently joined Postcrossing and can only send 6 cards simultaneously. Unfortunately I didn't reserve any free slots for the World Postcard Day and I fear none of my travelling postcards will be registered until October 1st. I will be really sad when I can't send a card on this day and have no chance to earn the special badge on my profile :( I guess many postcrossers face the same problem and are equally sad. Please give us just one extra allowance for this special day. Thank you.

moosje73, Netherlands

🎫🌍🎂🍰🥁Happy postcard day every one around the world.


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