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The writing prompts invite postcrossers to write about a different topic on their postcard’s messages every month. These are just suggestions though — if you already know what you want to write about, or the recipient gives you some pointers, that’s great too!

This month, let’s talk about sports. Do you have a favorite sport to practice or watch?

In June, write about your favorite sport.
The Little Mail Carrier is strong!

Although football is the sport most commonly associated with Portugal, I have to confess that I don’t find it particularly interesting myself. Instead, my favorite sport is definitely swimming! I love the feeling of slicing through the water, and there’s nothing quite like jumping into a pool on a hot summer day. I try to make time for it at least once a week, and often bring a friend along, so we can chat while we lazily make our way across the pool.

If I had to pick a sport to watch though, I would be most interested in watching a game of Quidditch, which I recently discovered is a real sport with tournaments and everything. I hope it’s as fun to watch as they make it look on Harry Potter!

What about you? Which sports are your favorites, or which do you like to watch? Share them with others in the postcards you send out this month!



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QAYBERT, Malaysia
I never knew quidditch exist 😂

Navoda, Sri Lanka
I love Football.

ned44440, Ireland
Mine has to be football (soccer) and I follow Nottingham Forest but the Irish game of Hurling is a fantastic game and it is said to be the fastest team sport in the world. I don't know if that is true but it is a really fast game.

Hoova123, Slovakia
My favourite sport is swimming

krishnangokul, India
I love to play cricket

dZenichka, Russia
For us, the very best sport is ice hockey. Fast, fast, real man. As the song says: Real men play hockey. Coward does not play hockey.

linyao1147, China
I like to play badminton and table tennis.

WHMeg, United States of America
Quidditch is a wonderful sport! Our son played it while a student at Emerson College in Boston. His team even went to the Final Four! At first, that event was known as the World Cup, but as quidditch spread throughout the world, the US event became the US Cup and there is now a true World Cup run by the IQA (International Quidditch Association). In the US, there are college/university and community teams, as well as the MLQ (Major League Quidditch). There is also a version for the younger set, called "Kidditch." Some of the Emerson College friends of my son have played on the US National Team which is the current IQA champion!

athanasi, Greece
I love swimming!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

CaWe, Germany
I like to go swimming but also walking, walking with sticks in the nature makes me a lot of fun.

vlada_123, Russia
I like riding a bike and swimming!

Emwinon, Germany
I love ice hockey, but only watching in tv.

slpascual, Philippines
I love tennis...

In Russia, hockey is no less popular than in Canada. So definitely hockey! And of the summer sport, of course, football (Soссer).

norilco, Russia
I do not like sports, I hate athletes, especially lovers, they are two-faced, it’s about Russia

ashiquet, India
I love cricket. Mahendra Singh Dhoni is my favorite cricket player

IrinaAlexandr, Russia
I like swimming and stretching)

mounten, Italy
I like Tennis and Biathlon. I practice Qu Gong for several years now it makes me feel good.

nm_rockhound, United States of America
Even though competitive eating and poker are now considered sports in America, I prefer baseball and NASCAR.

AnnaLeonidovna, Russia
I love skiiing! 🎿 In summer I prefer walking.

msquared47, United States of America
I love watching baseball and hockey!

Absynthe, Canada
Well, I live in Canada where basketball is now the sport to be watching! Go Raptors!!

moonlessnite, Canada
Target shooting. Sailing. Hiking.

AmitxSahoo, India
My favorite Sport is Football. Even though Cricket is very Popular in our Country, I really love to watch and play football. Not only that I am also a predictor.

Since the 1998 FIFA World Cup I am watching Football and also predicted the winner correctly. 2002 WC was not upto my expectation and I was upset that Germany didn't score in the final.

Then the year was 2004 when UEFA EURO was hosted by Portugal. I supported the Host country as I really liked their Jersey and they had some amazing players like Nuno Gomes, Deco, Luis Figo, Simao, Rui Costa and I remember their GK Ricardo (Who scored the winning penalty against Spain).

In the 2006 WC, I picked 3 teams and supported them. Germany, Portugal and Italy. At that Time Portugal was very underrated but I liked them and their Jersey. Italia were Champions while Germany finished 3rd and Portugal came 4th. I was happy for those teams and 2006 is the best FIFA World Cup for me hosted by Germany.

2010 And 2014 WC just pass by and 2018 World Cup hosted by Russia was really very nice.

Frau_Wolfson, Russia
I like to watch the game of football! I especially like to be ill, I know the rules. But I wouldn’t play for anything, I can’t do it!) I try to go to the pool before work, I still have to learn the style of "crawl" and "bras". It is not so easy! And in the summer it's good to go rollerblading in the park with your favorite tunes ...

Elfihsu, Taiwan
I'm not good at sports, but sometimes I play badminton and have fun. I also would like to watch tennis games.

celticshk, Hong Kong
I love running, and I’m still waiting for a postcard from a Postcrosser writing about running marathons.

Giansa, Italy
Basketball!!!!🏀🏀 I love this game!!!

betslets, United States of America
I actually like participating in bowling and golf. We live close to a bowling alley where we can escape the weather outdoors and meet with friends. As for golf, growing up in a resort area, there were golf courses everywhere and it was great exercise (because we walked the course rather than rode in golf carts) and were able to challenge ourselves.
Baseball and basketball are our favorite spectator sports and the best tickets in town are with the highschool and college teams.

nikos8109, Greece
My favourite sport is paintball!! Not only I love to watch,but I am also a member of a team 😊😊

wifetoalineman, United States of America
I am looking forward for the football except the weather will starts to get cold.

BevV, Zimbabwe
I enjoy walking and swimming. I teach swimming to beginners at the school where I work as well as coach tennis and field hockey. When I was in the States, I got hooked on ice hockey and baseball.

hanna_cyx, China
Walking after supper. Is that kind of sport for you too? :)
My son is 2 years old and loves to walk with us. We teach him how to speak or read everything surrounding while walking. And he enjoy this family time so much, so do we. :)

meiadeleite, Portugal
@hanna_cyx Walking definitely count. I was once told by a postcrosser that walking to the mailbox was their favorite sport! :)

APol, Poland
Are there any Parkrunners? I love Parkrun - every Satursday morning at 9 am 5 km you run in the park with others but in your own pace! Also you can Nordic Walking or just walk, run with dog! Great time in any weather!

Angela1029, Taiwan
I love swimming, my swimming is amazing!

FABIO, Brazil
I love volleyball and water sports too

Sarimantsala, Finland
I love running, bowling and yoga.

CatharinaG3, Netherlands
Reading Harry Potter I thought quidditch was the only sport I would like to see. But muggle quidditch sounds interesting too! :D

Franzi-ska, Germany
I love Zumba! I can not live without Zumba! it belongs to me!

SVGG, Cyprus
I' m a big fan of tennis, watching Roland Garros at the moment and cheering for Novak and Karen, love biathlon with its stars, and hockey, love Canada-Russia battles, but this year Finland was awesome at the World Championship.

Talal90Ahmed, Iraq
in Iraq- we love football and running-cycling-swimming and more sports-

eisblume_73, Germany
I love Biathlon.

knopf-17, Germany
Okay, walking counts, so this is my sport! Also I'm going to dance with my husband and love it.
The best sport to look in TV is ice figure skating!

poli_go, Bulgaria
I practise body shaping and pilates, sometimes - folklore dances and hiking, and I am also a volleyball fan and like watching tennis.

tanii, Belgium
I love watching tennis and visiting tournaments all over the world and of course collecting tennis postcards too

CherLody, Turkey
Yees! I love karate very much and I am doing karate since 2015.

DrHyde, United Kingdom
It's the cricket world cup right now, so I just sent a card to a lady in Portugal where I wrote about the match between New Zealand and Bangladesh I was at yesterday. I'm sure she'll be terribly confused :-)

surfclub66, United States of America
I love surfing best. :) Anything at all that relates to surfing. :) I also like tennis, volleyball and golf. I would like to try fencing- that looks like so much fun. :)

what a great time to write about Cricket, as we celebrate this month on sports the world cup is happening in England with great interest from the playing nations. As we support our country & say "bring the cup back home once again"

Roha, United States of America
Tennis is the one for me. Watching the French open now.

Hadistian, Indonesia
I love Futsal and Badminton

Nmangamer1, United States of America
I've actually never really been into sports; however, since I met my wonderful girlfriend from Brazil, I have grown to really enjoy watching Futbal with her! We watched the 2018 World Cup together!

Flippie, Canada
I love Aqua-fit, a sport in water.....mmmmm....

MrsBabl, United States of America
Fútbol! Women’s World Cup in France!

pochaccoE, Hong Kong
I love badminton.

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