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We really hope you’ve all been good boys and girls this year (and not just the children!), because Santa has most definitely been keeping an eye… Still, if you’d like to plead your case, perhaps a beautifully handwritten letter with some compliments wouldn’t hurt? 😉

We encourage everyone to keep this tradition alive, especially among the little ones. For many, this is their first time writing a letter, and it can be a magical moment of discovery and awe.

Letters to Santa

To give you a hand in this task, here’s the list of Santa’s addresses around the world:

In many other countries, it’s enough to address your letters to “Santa Claus” (or his name in your language). For instance, in Portugal you mail your letters to “Pai Natal”, and you’ll get a reply.

If Santa’s address for your country isn’t listed above, check with your local post office for more details and let everyone know in the comments below (with a link, if possible). Happy Holidays! 🎄


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lia79, Slovakia
In Slovakia,the address is: 99999 Ježiško
"Ježiško"(baby Jesus) replies to those who write their address...

jezergirl, Italy
Here there is the Italian initiative:

WilhelmNottbohm, Gambia
wonderful post! in german Wikipedia we have this list: - maybe you could add a local language Version? Thank you very much!

NIDUSKA, Finland

Anita---, China
no santa claus in China?(⊙_⊙)

giorgina80, Italy
Thanks 🎄🎀

is there any project for charity? tied to Santa Claus ?thanks a very beautiful initiative always romantic

Mathy, Czech Republic
Christkind (Ježíšek) in Czechia:

Vánoční pošta, Boží Dar 1, 362 62

More info in Czech language:

RalfH, Germany
Shouldn't he have a Postcrossing account?

Cat_MaryLou, Germany
An den Weihnachtsmann
16798 Himmelpfort

Hier werden alle Briefe die einen Absender haben auch beantwortet.

Norway_girl, Norway
1) Julenissen i Norge ("Santa Claus in Norway")
2500 Tynset

Writes back if you include postage for santas letter

2) Julenissen ("Santa Claus")
Havnebakken 6
1440 Drøbak

(Letters with only "Santa Claus", "Santa Claus, North Pole" and other letters with unspecified addresses ends up here as well)

Writes back to some senders.

Maria_Buchelnikova, Russia
г. Великий Устюг, дом Деда Мороза,
Вологодская область, Россия

VonKellcsiis, Spain
I've tried but I can't find where to send the letter here in Spain :(

ktuzes, Switzerland
For Switzerland:

Until the end of December the Swiss Post will forward all letters addressed "to Santa" no matter if the address is fictional or random.

For more details please check this press release by the Swiss Post:

I know it's from 2014 but I've checked and it's still up to date, the number of letters has even increased since then ;)

Hope this helps and happy holidays!

P.S. From what I've read they also reply to emails sent from outside of Switzerland as long as it's written in one of the three national languages (German, French or Italian) or in English. Might be worth giving a try for those people whos national post office doesn't offer this.

Chaallo, Netherlands
Not a adress in The Netherlands?

Rutvika, India
Could anyone tell where would it be in India!

ZoeinJapan, Japan
Super !!!

estelalee, Taiwan
I want to know the address of Taiwan~~

gekijuls, Belgium
Last year Canadian Santa replied:)))
(Though I sent letter to 7 others and even included corresponding national stamps....)

vigneshraja, India
No address for Santa in INDIA ?

kissyberlin, Germany
We wrote to Santa in Himmelpfort/Germany with our 3-years old for the first time 2 weeks ago and received an answer today. The little one is so very excited :-)

vanessachiu, Hong Kong
Here is Hong Kong's Post Office Address:

<香港中環康樂廣場二號 香港郵政總部 聖誕老人收>


This is my first time posting to "Santa" !

PoohBearLover, United States of America

LaylaSoccer, United States of America
THAT IS SOOOOO Cool! I Love Santa! :3

PoohBearLover, United States of America
That would be really cool!

Vet-al, Ukraine
Ukraine / Україна:
м. Київ;
вул. Хрещатик, 22;

Nadukcha, Russia
This year have sent 16 letters to "Santa" all around the world with my 10 yo daughter in the end of October. We got only one from France while but fingers crossing.

Nadukcha, Russia
I only would like to share with you ;-). I find this generation for letters from Russian Ded Moroz, write letters to my friends' kids who live in another countries and send it and envelope pic by e-mail. Also I added colourpages as a small gift. Now the need only print it and put to mailbox. I hope kids will be surprise and happy ;-) to get this surprise.

JeanetteJose, Netherlands
A book with "Letters from Father Christmas" by J.R.R Tolkien (the one from the Hobbit). Every December an envelope bearing a stamp from the North Pole, would arrive for J.R.R. Tolkien's children. It would be a letter in strange spidery handwriting and a beautiful colour drawing. They were from Father Christmas, telling wonderful tales of life at the North Pole. And North Polar Bear messing things up. A hilarious read and very funny drawings.

rosita_chang, Taiwan
How about the address in Taiwan

lafeeiulia, Spain
Chişinău, Republica Moldova, Oficiul Poștal Central MD-2012, pentru a lăsa în lădiță scrisorile adresate lui Moș Crăciun. Only til 15 of December.

AnMiSa, Germany
When my children were smaller we did not only write to the German Weihnachtsmann in Himmelpfort, but once tried the one in Finland. He didn't answer at Christmas time. He just wrote a nice letter sitting by a lake in summer. So funny!

lafeeiulia, Spain
In Spain there is no Santa’s addresses. But in Navarra (Basque Country) in North of Spain there is Olintzero, is a character in Basque culture and tradition, charcoal by profession.

Nummel, Germany
I always find it a bit arrogant of grown up people writing to the Christmas post offices to get back a letter. It is mostly a team of volunteers working there who can hardly manage to answer all the letters from children. Adults trying to collect special postmarks etc. by expecting answers cost those teams an awful lot of time that they would need to write to those kids who still really believe in Santa, maybe had a very tough year and should get so much more attention.

eva_tls, Russia
For the Tatars:

Кыш Бабай и Кар Кызы
422035, Республика Татарстан,
Арский район, село Яна Кырлай

CatharinaG3, Netherlands
In the Netherlands we normally give presents at Saint Nicholas' Day, not at Christmas. Children write wish lists to Saint Nicholas, though usually not by mail. But the rumble about Santa is growing here too. Here in Maastricht is at the moment - the whole month of December - a Christmas Market, including a House of Santa Claus, where you can visit him!

sunyvette, Taiwan

TeacherNicci, Taiwan
Thank you, @sunyvette!!

springwater, Hungary
Hungarian St. Nicholaus:
2425 Nagykarácsony

leia_guimaraes, Brazil
In Brazil, children write to Papai Noel (Santa Claus). There’s no need to have an address: you just put Santa Claus’ name on it and deliver it at any post office.
Adult people go to the post offices and pick out some little letters to patronize them and give the children a gift (as like it was from Papai Noel). Post offices make free delivery of Santa's gifts.

GraceSEH, Malaysia
Is it alright if I send it to santa claus in other countries?

graeae, United States of America
Is there a way to send letters from Netherlands?

Jarmo, Sweden
In Sweden the address is:

173 00 Tomteboda

navi, Taiwan
TAIWAN address as follows:

To: Taiwan Santa Claus
P.O. Box 11-111 Beitou Mingde
Taipei City 11299

地址:11299 北投明德郵局 第11-111信箱

SiuranaTarraco, Spain
There is no address for Santa in Southern Basque Country, as our children write to Olentzero, a charcoal maker who is intended to live in a deep forest- even if nobody knows what kind of an address could be there, Anyway, our little people are very lucky, as according to the Spanish tradition they can also write to the Three Wise Men, whose address is very easy: "Bethlehem-Orient".

Benbeng, Thailand

_samy_, India
No address in India so I'll probably send it to another country in the spirit of Christmas;)

Nadukcha, Russia
My daughter got the second letter from Canada!!! Thanks Santa!
Now I have a question to all members ;-) is it possible to get free letter (by snaimail) from your national "Santa" for kids from another country?
This year my 10 yo daughter take part in school project "Letter from Santa". She wrote to letters to different countries.We have sent them in the end of October because Russian post service is too slowly and it take about 2-4 weeks to get the another country. Now we got only two letters back (France and Canada). But we still hope to get more some late. As I know the most countries have free letters only for kids inside country.
If you have free post address for xmas letters in your country can you share with me, please? Thanks to all for any information.
PS. we are going to try write again next year ;-)
Merry Christmas and Happy New year!!!

franciscojclima, Portugal
To Santa Klaus,
The project of Postcrossing is giving and receiving. It is such a good project because if we think deeply, this is a fundamental principle of life.If I am pleased to receive cards; I would ask Santa Klaus what could I do in order to give Santa Klaus benefits in what my received postcards concern.

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