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lafeeiulia, Spain


(or Yulia) is a member in Spain . She has been a member for 2 months (66 days).
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  • Languages: Romanian, Russian, English, French, Spanish, Euskara (Basque)
  • Birthday: 9th March
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Lat: 43.13, Lon: -1.67 | Google Maps

About Yulia...

Coucou! :)

I’m living in а humid region of Navarre, on the Spanish side of the Pyrenees, before having lived in France.

Born in USSR. More precisely: in Basarabia — a province in Moldavia, formerly part of Romania. Newly this region become independent state Republic of Moldova.

I consider myself as a cosmopolitan person, a World Citizen. That why I think would be nice to get one day a special passport, that gives the right of freedom of travel on planet Earth.

Well, let's go on...

I am fond of reading and writting essays and articles. I'm very interested in creating small crafting, gift ideas and stone painting.

I believe I am a Lifetaste.

I like to drive my bicycle, to enjoy the world cuisine... Carpe diem!

Well, I got certain parental duties I'm obliged to fulfill. DinoMama. That’s what I am, too. Grr!

And I Identifying myself as a Scanner. :)

Recentlly I become postcrossing addict. I'm Falling For Gorjuss...

The sending is as important to me as the getting.

I love the surprise of opening the mailbox and finding new cards from all corners of the world.

I’m so excited ! Can't Stop Singing –

Ten o'clock postman
Bring me a letter
Ten o'clock postman
Make me feel better...

Can’t stop thinking of postcards...

So, WHOEVER, send me a postcard now.

If you read between the lines, you will know what I am really want to receive ;)

No Kitsch Required. Provide Good Art.

Thank You FAIRY Much!

p.s. And you know, I am also thinking turn into a tree when I die...

Yes, there are even more interesting ways to leave this world. Goodby Coffins!

For example, the idea of artist Nadine Jarvis is one that appeals to many of us, I guess...

She has created a set of pencils from human ash — the ultimate afterlife memento for authors and scribblers everywhere.

"I would send you a bouquet of newly sharpened pencils if I knew your name and address.” ― remember this quote?
(You've Got Mail, a 1998 romantic comedy).
А вы замечали, как трудно рассказать о себе так, чтобы другие сначала взглянули на вас с интересом, запомнили, потянулись… и пришли снова — как читатели, партнеры или даже друзья?

Что мы чаще про себя говорим? Я женщина\мужчина, я мама, папа, бабушка, водитель, программист…

Скучно, малосодержательно….

А если так:

Я колокольчик.
Я книга.
Я календарь счастливых событий…

Вам нравится? Зачем это все?

Перевести себя в состояние полета и радужности. Вы не просто перечисляете, вы стараетесь представить себя тем, чем хотите быть, вживаетесь и пытаетесь прочувствовать.

Для вас я представлюсь так:

Я — импульс любви, трепетный свет в предрассветный час,
Я — плакучая ива и трава в самый горестный час,

Я — птица, что перо мне в руку вложила,
Я — залетевшая в рот смешинка,

Я — брюхатя "Ю" и от плоти кровинка,
Я — в детской книге любимая сказка-картинка.