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About VonKellcsiis...

Hi there!
I'm VonKellcsiis but you can call me █WOLFGANG█~

▲I like to read, write, draw, compose and play music and play v-games. I collect stamps, flags, stickers, IKEA catalogues, LEGO figures, maps&plans, newspapers, envelopes, cards and postcards. I ♥ learning languages, foreign cultures, and travelling∇

▲I'm totally OBSESSED with AXIS POWERS: HETALIA anime~!!∇

▲Please, write the next sentence in your mother language in the postcard:

"I'm not afraid of the death but of the oblivion. That's the real destruction of the soul."

It would make me really happy. Thank you!!∇



●(!!)● PLEASE write CLEARLY!●(!!)●

●●Please, NO arabic, korean, chinese or greek alphabet, or similar. I can't read them. Cyrillic, latin and japanese-furigana are ok!



●(!!)●I LOVE ADVERTISING POSTCARDS~ Don't be afraid to send me one!●(!!)●

●(!!)●FAVORITE LIST is a guide to what NOT TO SEND me (postcards that I already have)●(!!)●

●Here they are some suggestions if you don't know what to send me:

●●Military related
●●Guns related
●●About history facts, historical places, buildings and affairs (especially WWI and WWII)

●●Your town/city/country or anything typical/traditional!
●●Castles, bridges, churches, cemeteries and monuments
●●Vintage, old and pin-up
●●Vast open landscapes and nature

●●Cute things!
●●Beaux arts (paintings, sculpture, architecture...)
●●Music and everything related (especially classical music)
●●Originals and collectibles (like Artist Trading Cards!)

●●Asterix, The Little Prince, LEGO or IKEA (I ♥ them!)
●●Advertising postcards~
●●HANDMADE if you're an artist

●●Odd, funny or weird
●●Skeletons and anatomy (human and animals)
●●Statistics and country info postcards (FAVORITES to see the ones I already have)



●Write the date on the postcard to see how long it toke from your country to mine!

●If you feel like drawing something on the postcard or sending a drawing WITH the postcard, go ahead and do it! I keep all the drawings in folders♥

●If you feel like sending me a letter, stamps or some coins, stickers, bookmarks or anything traditional from your country, do it! More than sharing postcards, we're sharing little pieces of our culture! Even a tea-bag (dry, please!!) is ok if it's typical from your place~!

●Historical facts and anniversaries ("On a day like this one, X years ago...") from every country drive me crazy! Traditional recipes from your place, little pieces of your mind like short stories, quotes, poetry; metro, train, bus stations or airports plans... whatever that comes to your mind~! I will save all of them as the most valuable treasures~♥

Let's be friends, OK?~♪♫
ʕ •ᴥ•ʔ Wolfgang