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If you would like to follow my craft Instagram: @writingelephants

I'm Selin. I am an English Literature graduate. I am happily married and have two beautiful cats: Edward and Shadow. Due to the fact that I got married last year and my husband got his overseas military assignment to Netherlands; we live here in Netherlands for two more years and do not know where we would go next yet. I love learning new languages so if you teach me a few words in your own language while sending your postcard on my way, it would please me a lot.

I was a cast member in Disney in Orlando a few years ago. So if you write me anything about Disney, your favorites or generally your thoughts&feelings about it, I'd love to read it. In addition to that, I travel a lot and I love getting postcards from the places I've travelled, so if you're interested in different cool postcards from other countries that I've collected, you have a high chance to receive one as a reply to the one you've sent me :) Also, I'm open-minded about the kind of postcards you're thinking of sending to me. I don't have a specific interest on that but I would love to receive anything that has an elephant pattern or anything of elephants as long as you don't send an elephant to my address as it would be hard to keep an elephant as a pet LOL. I'm pretty obsessed about them though, and one day if I live in a tropical jungle, I would love to have my own elephant and keep it with me as a member of the family :) My favorite color tones are pink and purple and I love collecting stickers.

I've done my year abroad in Spain and learnt Spanish so if you write me stuff in Spanish, I'd love it. I also took some Russian classes in highschool, could challenge myself reading and understanding Russian if you send it from Russia. As I love elephants, it would be so cool to receive elephant and other cool stuff from India ♥

Apart from elephants, I would love to receive some cool, motivational quotes that would brighten my day. Anything positive is highly appreciated

Anything you send will be highly appreciated. I'm super excited to receive your postcard and hear about you. If you're confused what to talk about, you can just tell me about you or your day or your favourite stuff to do, disney and elephants! I love elephants < 3

Lots of love,


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