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We really hope you’ve all been good boys and girls this year (and not just the children!), because Santa has most definitely been keeping an eye… Still, if you’d like to plead your case, perhaps a beautifully handwritten letter with some compliments wouldn’t hurt? 😉

We encourage everyone to keep this tradition alive, especially among the little ones. For many, this is their first time writing a letter, and it can be a magical moment of discovery and awe.

To give you a hand in this task, here’s the list of Santa’s addresses around the world:

Post Early!

In many other countries, it’s enough to address your letters to “Santa Claus” (or his name in your language). For instance, in Portugal you mail your letters to “Pai Natal”, and you’ll get a reply.

If Santa’s address for your country isn’t listed above, check with your local post office for more details and let us know in the comments. Happy Holidays, everyone! 🎄


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Have you been a good girl or boy this year? If so, it’s probably time you wrote to Santa and let him know! :)

In many countries around the world, writing to Santa Claus is a big part of holiday’s fun for the little ones. We want to do our best to keep this lovely letter-writing tradition alive, so every year, we ask you to help us compile an updated list of addresses where these letters can be mailed to. 8287990618 b742914ddf z

Here’s the list of Santa addresses for 2015, so far:

Check out where to send your letters to Santa in your country, and pass it along to the parents and children you know, to help keep the tradition going!

And if your country has a special address for Santa which isn’t featured here, just post the link in the comments and we’ll be happy to add it.


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I still remember sending my first letter to Santa. I was in kindergarten and hadn’t learnt how to write yet… so I decided to draw my wishlist instead! And, lo and behold, Santa did reply a few weeks later, letting me know he had gotten my letter and would see what he could do about it — I was beyond myself with excitement! :)

I stopped writing letters to Santa some time ago, but remained quite fond of these traditions that make holidays special. So today I wanted to pass along the links to Christmas Post Offices around the world, which many of you have been sharing with us on our Facebook page.

Letters to Santa

So far, we’ve heard of special services in:

Pass them on to parents of small children — or help the little ones write/draw their own letter to Santa!

If your country has a special service for the holidays which isn’t featured here, just post the link in the comments and we’ll add it.


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Letterpress (the magic art of relief printing with a press + movable type) holds a very special place in my heart. I love to stroll my fingers on the paper and feel the reliefs, knowing they were made through the love and hard work of a very patient person.

It turns out there are tons of patient, creative people with antique presses out there, as I found out while surfing Etsy… So many in fact, that it was nearly impossible to resist the temptation of stretching this post to include just another card… :)

So here you go, a post with a selection my favorite holiday cards, from the hands of the letterpressers of the world. Enjoy!



Fugufugu press Fugufugu press

Fugufugu press



amyb13 amyb13




sweetharvey sweetharvey




Got any tips to more letterpress goodness? Do share! :)


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Every year come November, we scout the internet for the cutest Christmas stationery, hour after hour of intensive and dedicated research. Our requirements are simple: something different and uncomplicated, and at the same time, something that will make the recipient smile. :)

This year, we’ve decided to put together a small guide to tip you on the best Christmas stationery we found out there. There will be several parts to this guide, so that we can cover different styles and sources. If you have any tips, please share them with us on the comments!

Our first stop is! Many people turn to Moo to make their own personalized postcards or business cards (using your Flickr photos, for instance), but did you ever notice their Ready Made design collections? There is some serious talent and cuteness there! Here are our 5 favorite picks for Christmas (texts from the moo site):

1. Blanca Gomez is a Spanish illustrator who began drawing as a child in Madrid, and although forced to grow up and get a proper job, she kept drawing by night. Her self-professed 'dedication to small things’ shines through here as a keen eye for detail.

blanca gomez, for moo blanca gomez, for moo

2. Marc Johns, a Canadian artist, creates whimsical drawings filled with dry wit and humour. His simple style shows objects combined in weird and wonderful ways and gives a voice to the inanimate objects we thought we knew so well.

marc johns, for moo marc johns, for moo

3. Tired of the same old greeting cards with mushy sentiments and “sorry for your loss” drivel? If so, are you in for a treat! Superindustriallove takes pride in its irreverent and offensive greeting card creations. Give them out at church or to kids in the hospital. Send them to slightly senile relatives or just buy them for your own amusement – the possibilities are endless.

superindustriallove, for moo superindustriallove, for moo

4. Frieda Bird is a graphic-designer living and working in Germany. She hardly ever leaves the house without a pen and some paper as she just loves to watch and draw. Everyday life, animals, people, things. Most of all she likes to spot and capture sweetness in everyday moments.

frieda bird, for moo frieda bird, for moo

5. Lara Cameron started creating patterns as a break from her graphic design job. Overwhelmed with positive feedback, she decided to take it a little more seriously. Her delicate work shows art deco and Japanese influences.

lara cameron, for moo lara cameron, for moo

For lots of more lovely Christmas postcards, visit!


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