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The writing prompts invite postcrossers to write about a different topic on their postcards’ messages every month. These are just suggestions though — if you already know what you want to write about, or the recipient gives you some pointers, that’s great too!

Sometimes it’s fascinating to get a little peek into someone else’s everyday life: the really little details like shopping lists and what they have for breakfast. It can vary so much between people, even within the same country or the same family, so it’s always interesting to get a look inside someone else’s fridge—or we think so, anyway!

In May, write about the foods you always keep in your fridge!
A peek into somebody's fridge full of fruit and veg

In my flat, the fridge almost always contains either halloumi or chorizo (along with the usual staples like milk and butter). Sometimes both! Two of my favourite meals are based around chorizo, and I’ll eat pretty much anything with halloumi (we usually fry it, but use it in a few different dishes). When talking about this prompt with Ana, I couldn’t help but evangelise for my current favourite chorizo dish: baked cheesy rice with chorizo and courgette (except that we usually substitute peppers in for the courgettes, as they keep their consistency a little better after being cooked).

Other than halloumi and chorizo, though, we tend to vary our meals each week, since my wife prefers to change things up. I suppose the other most consistent thing in our fridge isn’t actually for us: we have loads of veg for the rabbits, like chicory and coriander. For several years running, our supermarket’s app told us every year that we were the #1 buyers of parsley and coriander at the main store we went to—I’m not surprised, because all three of the buns love some parsley and coriander…

What about you? Do you have anything you try to always keep in your fridge? Feel free to share here in the comments, but also on your postcards this month! Especially if you have any tasty recipes (double especially if you have any good recipes involving chorizo)…

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Owlagdad, United States of America
I always keep pickled, sliced jalapeños and carrots. It’s the way I can jazz up cottage cheese or salads when dieting.
Moyuxuan, China
Rehlein, Germany
Wir haben immer Natur Quark und Milch im Kühlschrank, dass geht nie aus.
doryfera, Canada
At this time of year, I always have a big pitcher of cold-brewed tea or tisane in the fridge. Often it's mugicha (roasted barley tea), which is very refreshing.
SannyCollections, Germany
I will also share more about this on the post cards that I'll be sending, but always great to have in the fridge is for example almond milk or oat milk. I discovered these beverages instead of cows' milk and they're so multi-usage that it's a joy to make recipes containing them. Or just enjoying a glass of them purely.
Aguaroble, Egypt
I currently don't have a refrigerator, to save electricity. I can afford it because I'm lucky enough to live in the city, next to shops, and I know that it's not necessarily easy for everyone. But I hope that small actions can have a positive effect on the planet in the long run.
According to a study done by the International Energy Agency and energy for growing hub a few years ago, a refrigerator consumes about 500 kilowatt hours per year. For comparison, a Nigerian's annual electricity consumption is 115 kilowatt hours, an Ethiopian's 84 kWh, and a Chadian's 12 kWh.
Iris_Khan, Russia
How interesting to read the comments on this topic! Thanks for sharing this.
sips, Germany
During this time of year I always have strawberries in my fridge 🍓🍓🍓. From may to june it is strawberry season in Germany (at least in my area) and I love strawberries - for me they are the best, most delicious fruit of all! And even though I could buy them all year at the supermarket imported from far away countries, I only buy them during may and june from the local farmers who grow them in the fields near my hometown.
Other than that I always have some kind of chocolate in the fridge 🍫🍫🍫. Can anyone live without it? I can't!
Regndroppar, Finland
I have always carrots, cottage cheese, yoghurt, butter, cheese and cucumber/Bell peppers in the fridge.
GuteFee, Germany
In my fridge is almost always a can of dogfood, becauce Paul is a little Havaneser Breed and always picky on bis food. He is too small to eat a whole can, so I store the left overs for the next meal in my fridge. As the cans are clearly labeled and well covered with a lid, I am not afraid that anyone will take it by accident … :)
Selena, United States of America
This is a great topic! Food! 😅 I always have cheese, eggs, tamari sauce, carrots, either oat milk or soy milk or coconut milk, blueberry or strawberry jam, butter, maple syrup, vermouth, and chard or spinach.
Phibatola, Greece
Milk 🥛 feta cheese 🧀 Tomato 🍅 eggs 🍳 bread for sandwiches 🥪
Lies76, Belgium
The usual : meat-products, mayonaise/ketchup, dairy ... i.e. food that would otherwise spoil.
Also vegetables & fruits, confiture/jam ... which do not necessarily need to be in the fridge, but I cannot leave my fridge half empty ;-).

something I keep NOT in my fridge, are drinks (except oatmilk) because I prefer to drink beverages at room temperature.

have a nice day :-)!
Dan0509, Germany
Skyr and cottage cheese, milk
at61, Italy
In my refrigerator, in addition to possible leftovers from cooked meals (never throw away leftovers!), there are always yoghurts, cheeses, vegetables and fruit, cold cuts, and many bottles of fresh water, especially in the summer heat...
I confess that in the bottle space there is often also beer and above all wine, for convivial meeting moments with friends.
Best regards from Rome, Italy
GayeDoreen, United States of America
Always heavy whipping cream for coffee, Orange Juice, eggs and milk.
ruthkepler, United States of America
It's hot and humid in summer where I live, so the refrigerator is full! I always keep a mix of green/black iced tea, my favorite beer & wine. Watermelon is refreshing. My favorite natural peanut butter. Mayonnaise. Pickles. Yogurt.
Pangolee, United States of America
Kombucha, tofu, leftovers, plant or nut milk, produce for us and our house rabbit, hamsters and gerbils, dog and cat food.
Verabrady, United States of America
Feta and Parmesan cheeses to keep the hubby happy. I eat anything and am thrilled when I can save buying sale items.
Bookworm72, United States of America
Mmmm haloumi and chorizo. Yum! Haloumi Mac and cheese and chorizo and eggs for breakfast tacos routinely are served at our house. We have a ridiculous variety of milks. Regular, lactose free, coconut, oat and almond. Also I need gluten free items so gluten free bread and "tortilla" chips because I looove guacamole.
curlierthanthou, United States of America
Usually sharp cheddar, my sweetie’s non-alcoholic beer, butter, a zillion condiments, habanero jam, and in the freezer a couple types of bread, mountain huckleberry ice cream, and a snowball that makes me chuckle each time I see it (from our December snowstorm…extremely rare here on the northern coast of California) Oh, and frozen peas for emergency ‘ice pack’. ⛄️ 🫛 🧈 🍺 🌶️ 🍨
steviewren, United States of America
Cheese, butter, tons of condiments, naturally fermented veggies and cold brew coffee, either in the process of brewing or in the pitcher for daily consumption.
gingercribbs, United States of America
Peanut butter, strawberry preserves, cold brewed coffee, eggs, and fresh vegetables for salads.
Talenx, Germany
ice cream and yogurt.
Carol1, United States of America
Always: Greek Honey Yogurt, fresh raspberries and blueberries, and Half and Half for my coffee.
Great topic!
buffie, Netherlands
Always a bottle of cola in it. Cervelaatworst cheese milk butter and bread 🍞
loving6thgrade, United States of America
Chobani plain Greek yogurt, sour cream, an assortment of cheeses, eggs, milk, carrots , celery, romaine lettuce, blueberries, apples, oranges (cuties), mayo, mustard, pickles, my husband’s beer.
Annventure, United States of America
I loved reading everyone’s responses to the prompt! I always have a few bottles of champagne in the fridge in the event of a celebration. And eggs and English muffins!
Kristina90, Russia
I always have eggs, butter, pears, milk for my husband, pickles, apple juice, and lots of face masks and patches in my fridge.
Misia76, Japan
cheese and eggs😋
BlueVWBeetle, United States of America
Brioche English muffins, eggs, butter, milk, bacon, Coca Cola, orange juice, pickles, a variety of meats, fruit and vegetables, cheese, sausage,condiments and garden seeds.
Yogurt tubes for my grandbaby.
ezredax, United States of America
HI, I usually have buchu (Asian Chives), Jamaica (hibiscus Flower) water,
eggs, mayonnaise, various condeiments that do not have vinegar, turkey breast sliced for sandwiches, Almond Milk, goat butter and prickly pear cactus (nopales). I grow the cactus here is S. Texas it is practically a weed. :) Demaris
EddieYeager, Australia
Milk, eggs, veggies and Laoganma chilli sauce
Eddy16, Germany
A bottle of Paulaner Oktoberfest beer from 2018 was for our best friend who died unexpectedly from a brain tumor 😥
nasal spray, because they have to be stored in a cool place,
Eggs, jam, butter, yoghurt
Ana_Meimei, Singapore
Singapore is so hot and humid which leaves me perspiring all day long. Cold water, honey and yoghurt.
Demmi, Romania
eggs :) but reading the topics made me fill up my fridge!
Pofta Buna! ~ Enjoy your meal! ~ Bon appétit!
Happy Postcrossing Appetite to You All!
:) :D
dragonflye, United States of America
Robertsons Marmalade and Heinz Piccallili
RamonaW, Germany
Very interesting topic, I will definitely use it for one or the other postcard.

In our fridge you will always find, among other things: NotMilk, milk, butter, cold cuts for the dogs.
We usually get sausage fresh.
But outside the fridge you can always find Nutella (for my husband), wine to cook with, lots of spices and coffee ;)
Flippie, Canada
We keep always in our fridge; Gouda cheese, Greek yogurt, butter and 2 different kind of juices.
Bookhuntress, United States of America
Lots of condiments, 4 or 5 kinds of cheese (Parmesan, cheddar, gouda, gruyere, etc.), Fairlife Milk, cold brew tea, eggs, maple syrup, butter, leftovers (though we eat them in a day or so), fruit, lettuce. The freezer compartment has ice cubes, homemade muffins and breads (so they don't get stale), frozen peas, ice cream.
PaiviM, Finland
I keep my coffee in the fridge, for some reason.
Elzastar99, Russia
milk, eggs, sour cream, carrots, beets, potatoes, cucumbers, greens, tomatoes, kiwi, dates.
LadyReiko, Germany
In my fridge is always Milk. I need it every morning, like other people need coffee in the morning. I drink it with cacao or need it for my cornflakes. (or muesli).
GlendaJ, United States of America
nonfat Greek yogurt, carrots, salad mix, fizzy water (non-calorie, various flavors), apples.
opalus, Japan
In the refrigerator, there are eggs, tofu(豆腐), natto(納豆), and yogurt, which I eat every day. And rooibos tea.
kimchi_wz, Germany
I always have cold water in fridge. Even when it‘s freezing cold, I always crave for icy cold water. Another staple in my fridge is apparently…. Iced tea 😂
notme1978, Norway
It varies. But the most commont that always have in the fridge no matter what, is: carrots, eggs, milk, onion and butter.
orange_memo, United States of America
Milk, Bread & Eggs (The basics for any breakfast or brunch).
ceoramalho, Brazil
Fruits, yogurt, juice, eggs... and as we have Autumn now in Brazil, I keep vegetables and mushrooms to boil soups, my favorite food ever!!! I love also Miso soup!!
LookOutKid, Germany
It‘s interesting to read your comments. On one hand I‘m lucky, that so many people have so various meals (my fridge is never empty). But on the other hand I think about the many,many people who have nothing to put in a fridge, they don‘t even have a fridge. I‘m dreaming about a peaceful world, where everybody can have a good life.
Rita_Sofia_Meneses, Portugal
Well, one unusual thing... my eye tear drops ahah
nikkixiaolu, China
i'm shocked and admired the comment that not use fridge! it's co cool to make a better world from a small action!
daydreamsunlight13, United States of America
Yogurt, fruit, cheese, and water
Aquajewel, Singapore
Amway protein powder, some supplements, black sesame powder, facial sheet masks, silver gel and some crackers.
quichelady, Japan
cold-brewed green tea and Natto, fermented soybeans
isignaslily, United States of America
Hands down we always have fresh whole milk in glass bottles, fresh eggs from a friends farm, bacon, cheese from a local dairy, homemade cherry jam, syrup from a local source, and fruit (oranges, grapes, watermelon). Our counter always has mixed nuts on it, a bunch of bananas and coffee. Our freezer always has ice cream, a ton of beef and cases of fish.
idontcollectstamps, Philippines
Cheese, red wine and 2 bottles of beer.
Anne_DD, Germany
In my fridge there is always milk, eggs, butter, cheese, mustard and a bottle of soja sauce. And often there is potato salad prepared by my husband (my husband is the king of potato salad :-)
sharon3, Canada
They go in soups ,stews, salads, lunch boxes and picnic baskets.
Here's to carrots!
adventures_with_liz, United States of America
Condiments - Duke's Mayo (hey, I live in the South), Sriracha, Dill Pickle Mustard, Pickles, Heinz Ketchup (no other will do). Butter, eggs, almond milk.
Devola, Lithuania
champagne, eggs, hard cheese, butter, sausage, Spanish ham, jam, canned beetroot and cat food
NvGal, United States of America
aside from the regular eggs, milk and condiments etc., i really like sun-dried tomatoes in oil and artichoke hearts. huge variety of cheeses. always have yogurt, and if no fresh berries and nuts, then they are in the freezer! we have at least 4 berries for variety and i keep most of our bags of nuts in the freezer; we have at least 6 different nuts to choose from. if it's hot (summer time) i might store my sourdough starter in the fridge too.
Maybelle, Norway
The norwegian BROWN cheese!
It has a sweet caramel-isj taste and is supergood on bread/crisp bread served with a cup of tea, or milk.
Hypocras74, France
j'ai toujours dans mon frigo des oeufs, des yaourts, du fromage, du jambon. En cette période de l'année (avril, mai, juin) des fraises, de la salade, des concombres. Et parce que je suis français et que j'aodre ça, j'ai toujours un pot de moutarde. ET des pommes toujours des pommes.
I always have eggs, yogurt, cheese, and ham in my fridge. In April May and June, it is strawberries time. For spring and summer there is always salad, and cucumber. And because I'm French and I love it, I always have a big jar of moutarde de Dijon. And apples, always apples!
Bon appétit !
Liubeizou, China
chili sauce, milk and eggs! My favorite :-)
HM, Netherlands
Horseradishpuree = Mierikswortel
HatHair, United States of America
Beer. Cheese.
danaviolet, France
Dairy products, being a dutch girl I love them, mashed garlic in a small jar, veggies, some prepared food out of the freezer, slowly defrosting, 50 ml lemon juice in an open bowl to absorb some strong smells especially from french cheese.💜
Aditya, United States of America
This fridge looks absurdly clean and organized. I feel attacked lol.
Anastasia_A, Russia
sosa_sami, United States of America
I will always have pickles and some kind of cheese. I love trying new brands! I also have an absurd amount of hot sauces
Bikurgurl, United States of America
We always have almond milk, cow milk, eggs, yogurt, cheese, orange juice, mushrooms, apples & lemons, Meds, strawberry jam, nuts & seeds, yeast, and condiments galore: jalapeño pickle relish, Mayo, several mustards, sweet chili sauce, tamari, malt vinegar, cholula, and salsas 🖤
Tara_Bell, United States of America
I don't have a fridge, because they use too much electricity. I guess I could write about that, ha ha, "life without a fridge."
JoRaKa, Germany
I always have a lot of fermented food in my fridge😉. It definitely needs 1/3 of all storage space😳. But I love and need it😂
alyceclover, United States of America
Always have: spicy brown mustard, catsup, mayo, Saucy Susan (duck sauce,) minced garlic, fresh garlic cloves, lemon juice, Arizona Green Tea w/honey/ginseng, margarine, store brand whipped topping (do not like Cool Whip) for coffee, eggs. Sometimes have Oat or Almond milk, hotdogs.
Theresa0027, China
It's a nice topic! I always wondering what I can write to share or to capture the moment in my daily life. Things in my fridge today: egg, milk, cabbage, beef, chocolate and hydrating masks.
madisonbrown, United States of America
Constantly in my fridge: brie cheese, mushrooms, and kale! Yum!
bookgirl, United States of America
Cheese, eggs, half and half (cream for coffee), mustard, miracle whip, ketchup, whipped cream, canned dog food.
michypoo, United States of America
Hi I’m in NewYork and a grande starbucks is about 5/6$ so I make a big container of my own iced coffee I make every 4 days , creamer for said coffee , iced tea, eggs , protein shakes in little containers Almond milk all condiments and salad dressings and always some different types of yogurt to snack on at night when I get the munchies because if I have any chocolate it will somehow disappear without any recollection lol
JD_and_Mei, United Kingdom
We always have potatoes, carrots, and onions in our fridge.
We can do so much with them (about 70% of our meals throughout the week use at least two of them)!

Here are some meals that we make often:
- Cottage pie (potato & onion)
- Sausage hash (potato & onion)
- Spaghetti Bolognese (carrot & onion)
- Chicken noodle stir-fry (carrot & onion)
- Vegetable cream stew (potato & carrot & onion)
- Chicken katsu curry (potato & carrot & onion)
Ina-Mathilde, Germany
Hello everyone!
In my refrigerator at all times there are:
Butter, cream (for cooking or if I want to quickly bake a Swiss roll, which is filled with cream and jam), several cups of natural yoghurt, ham, salami, cheese, organic lemons, carrots and very important: always a bottle of white wine and a bottle of sparkling wine !
Greetings from Bavaria from Lidwina
Ina-Mathilde, Germany
Hello everyone!
In my fridge there are always:
Butter, cream (for cooking or if I want to quickly bake a Swiss roll filled with cream and jam), several cups of natural yoghurt, ham, salami, cheese, eggs, organic lemons, carrots and very important: always a bottle of white wine and a bottle of sparkling wine!
Greetings from Bavaria from Lidwina
krshmv, United States of America
An absurd amount of condiments ...I am always curious when I see a new-to-me condiment and always end up buying it to try. They have taken over my fridge!
blurunner7712, United States of America
I always have jalapenos, cabbage, salsa, berries, eggs, mushrooms vegetables, corn tortillas, yogurt, cheese and iced tea! I love cooking, baking and I enjoy trying new recipes!
Kewl, Philippines
hahahahaha I have to search what is halloumi! Interesting to read what everyone has in their ref. For me, frozen cut up vegies: onion leaves, carrots, bell peppers, ginger, etc. Aside from eggs, iced tea, water, chocolate bars and left over food.
dempsterstreet, Germany
Always: Lavazza coffee, fruit, cheddar, ingredients for salads, eggs, mayonnaise, hot chili sauce, soy sauce, Vegemite, peanut butter, jam
and chocolate. Did someone mention strawberries?? They're my favourite...
Wine and, if I'm really organized, passion fruit juice.

Also, always ice cubes in the freezer!
Emergency cocktails are not to be taken lightly...
ashleydelavallee, United States of America
I try to always keep the following items stocked:

-half and half (for my tea each morning but also to use if I don't have any milk)
-cheese (mostly for snacking)

Since I live on my own I only cook a few meals a week so I buy fresh produce and meat for meals as I need them. Otherwise it will go bad and I try not to waste food!
Zhuoli_Tian, China
eggs,quick-frozen food(dumplings, 包子(steamed stuffed bun?)),meat,vegetables(carrot, cabbage, tomato, eggplant, zeccini, cucumber...depends on what I bought), garlic&ginger(for cooking as spices), butter, and ice cream!
AnnaIvanna, Russia
Hello everyone Such a simple and interesting topic! It's always interesting to look in the refrigerator to a neighbor)))
I always have: milk, cottage cheese, eggs, pear or blueberry jam, yogurt, soy sauce, and in the freezer - strawberries for cocktails, sea buckthorn for tea, meat and fish pieces.
Alusru, Germany
Cheese and eggs, homemade bread, homemade cream cheese
ThunderboltKid, Australia
In our fridge, we always have: 2 litres of full cream milk, eggs, butter, leftover rice, sauces - tomato/ chutney, Bonox (beef stock), leg ham or some deli meat. Also Dad's medication (needs to be keep in fridge)
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