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Today is Earth Day, and we thought a good way to celebrate the day would be to tell you about an event held some time ago, where postcrossers came together to help plant a pine forest in central Portugal. Enjoy this sunny report!

After a hiatus of two years due to the pandemic, it was time to get together again to expand Postcrossing’s tiny forest! So in early February this year, a group of postcrossers gathered once more to plant trees and reforest a part of the old Pinhal de Leiria, an historical forest from the 13th century which was mostly destroyed in a disastrous fire some years ago. It will take years and years for the forest to regain its previous splendor… but you know what they say: “the best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago, the second best time is now.”

This time, the plot we replanted was in the dunes nearer the Atlantic ocean, which gave it nice views over the sea. (I like to think of all the tiny pine trees growing with a sea view!) All of us moved along the previously plowed rows, taking care not to damage any trees that were already growing on their own. All morning we made holes, put little trees in them and covered them up so that they were protected from the fierce Atlantic winds. Here are some pictures:

Baby pine trees on trays are being inspected by two postcrossers Several people dig holes and carry trees to be planted A dog is being cuddled on the left. On the right, a tiny tree is planted in a row of sand Group photo of the participants!

We planted around 700 tiny maritime pine trees, also known as “Pinus pinaster”. Maritime pine is a relatively fast grower, and native to the Mediterranean, so it likes our hot summers and rainy winters. It’s also a great tree to hold onto the dunes and help stabilize coastal regions. Talking to the organizers of the reforestation initiative, they told us the seeds that sprouted these baby pines had been sent from the forest that existed here to France before the fire, and were now returning home to be planted here again. Hurray for seed banks!

A tray of healthy, small maritime pine trees

After a picnic and some coffee, it was time to go back home, with the feeling of a job well done. Maybe something to consider, for a future meeting in your country? We invite you to roll up your sleeves and go for it! 🌲 And if that’s not possible but you’d still like some ideas of things you can do to make this hobby greener, check our Towards a greener planet page! 🌲

PS: All the pictures in this post are by Tetyana (aka tatytrofamets), who did an excellent job reporting on this fantastic day!

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mezzanine2, Canada

Congratulations on this positive environmental initiative. It's a good reminder of that saying, "think globally, act locally."

ave, United States of America

Hooray - what a super initiative! A little forest now grows thanks to the care and vision of dedicated Postcrossers! What an inspiration...

teicher, Germany

That was a really good thing. Every step that helps our battered earth is an important step.

ned44440, Ireland

Inspirational and such an awesome project.

Aguaroble, Lesotho

Wonderful! These small trees are so cute, and it's amazing to think that they are going to stay there (hopefully) for centuries...
I wish there can be more similar projects in the future, in other countries!
O B R I G A D O !

Aina-the-unicorn, Russia

Great initiative and you did great job!
Here in Russia a few years ago there was an action by Greenpeace to collect acorns in order to plant oak forests in future. I collected acorns under the oak trees in my city.

Ann34, Belgium


Linda-Marie, Belgium

What a nice project. Well done!

andreabetweentwoseas, Germany

How wonderful!
I like the conbination of doing somthing for the earth and the future, for the climat and to safe the soil in a group at a fantastic place!
Imagine: Lots of postcrossers in every country do the same…Let‘s do it!
I am looking forward to get to know the next planting story!
Happy earthday!

Mona_Berlin, Germany

What a wonderful thing to do!

Lilly7022, Germany

What a nice idea! I love it. If more people make such projects, our World will be a better place! For humans, plants and animals, for the Region, for all.

ezredax, United States of America

How wonderful!

ludwigvm, Portugal

It was a great day!
For me it was the first time i joined a group of poscrossers, and i’m looking forward to the next…

Matt81, Germany

Amazing project! :)

portoraj, Portugal

Fantastic - kudos!

please count me in for the next planting :)

AlexisAhotep, Portugal

Well done! I've been to this place 3 times, for the same purpose. Now, there is a similar project in Monchique, reforest after the fires and much richer, because quite diversidade trees are planted 🙏

beizou, China

How meaningful!

wilmavz, Netherlands

Chapeau for the hard work.
With all the climate changes it becomes more obvious how nature and human alike need trees and other greens for their existence.

Miguel-Isaias, Portugal

It was a pleasure to get together again.
Happy eathday!

Verabrady, United States of America

Those of you out there doing something for all of us are also Earth’s gifts. Thank you. May your efforts be fruitful. And EVERY DAY we should be able to shout out HAPPY EARTH DAY 🌲


Happy Earth day.

Feliz78, United States of America

What a great project!

TwasBrillig, United States of America

Good work! And have you been able to visit the ones you planted a few years back? Would love an update on them!

I'm not so great with planting, but every time I travel, I donate money to plant trees and sea kelp to more than offset my share of the emissions.

sacdalton, United States of America

Thanks for your good work. We avidly support your project and have planted trees in our area through the Sacramento Tree Foundation. Together we can make a difference. Bravo!

GayeDoreen, United States of America

What a wonderful endeavor!

Flippie, Canada

Thank you for the Sunny report.

shayper, Canada

Wonderful! Thanks for sharing this news!

msquared47, United States of America

Good job! I love it!

Nizhoni, United States of America

Happy Earth Day to you - what a wonderful initiative your group of Postcrossers undertook. That is inspiring! Enjoy the spring season. Thank you!

Lablauri, United States of America

What a wonderful thing to do for our earth. Love to see how things are going years from now. I hope some day to visit Portugal and see these trees .

tozorunt, United States of America

Wonderful. I’d love to join a trip like this:)

cjf3848, United States of America

Great Earth Day project!

amy666, Switzerland

That's a wonderful story and I really appreciate large organizations (as we Postcrossers definately are 😀) to help environment and care for nature.
I'm more into avoiding plastic, sustainability and food waste.

Hope there is enough water to let the pines grow!
Thanks again to everyone who made this amazing project happen 🌲

jeroenvberlo, Netherlands

🌳🌲 Lovely Post. Keep up the good work 🌲🌳

Poste, United States of America

Thank you all for planting more trees!
Approximately half of Washington State is forested and several areas that lost trees to one disaster or another continue to have new tree starts planted. In May of 1980, millions of trees were knocked down by the mountain volcano eruption. Mt. St. Helens volcanic eruption area is really looking good, after millions of seedlings were planted, and is very popular to visit. New construction areas require nature improvement. The Oso Landslide area is vastly improved. We breathe out and the trees take it in and give us fresh air to breathe in and continue the process. I mail a postcard and another one arrives.
Happy Postcrossing Always!

RamonaW, Germany

Eine wundervolle Idee.
Danke an alle, die an diesem Projekt teilgenommen haben.

postboo, Norway

Beautiful! ❤️

QueenBees, United States of America

Another thing I love about Postcrossers ! Willing to be part of the solution!

beesknees, United States of America

well done. congrats

LaLaMedia, United States of America

So Grateful to see this. EarthDay Birthday Everyday from Postcrossing!

BottleTreeWanderers, Australia

Fantastic job everyone! Such a great initiative.

Somaco, Germany

Love it!
Thank you all :)

betslets, United States of America

Loved seeing this post. . .always enjoy photos of Postcrossers from around the world, too. Please keep us updated on all the growing trees. Belated greetings for Earth Day -- and remember Arbor Day - April 28.

HookedonPostcards, Canada

What a great project, and so impressive that you are sustaining your efforts. That's what the earth needs from all of us. Thank you for sharing, and for doing!

DavidWong, Singapore

Great works!!!

denisse82, United States of America

This is wonderful and must have been such fun too.

cleopatra-matta, Italy

Inspirational!! 😍

EasterLuLu, Canada

i love this idea contuinue this way never give postcrossers!!!<(^-^)>(ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧!

Demmi, Romania

Awesome project!

isaluna28, Germany

Thank you for sharing this with us

NIDUSKA, Finland

great work

Dr-K, United States of America

Beautiful work. Thank you.

-Hector-, Japan

Congratulations. This is also a good idea for meetups, not only meeting to sign postcards but also to do something good for the environment.

water_and_fire, Poland

Those lovely baby pines 🌲🌲🌲😻

Luziaceleste, Brazil

Every year I am more proud to join this project. Congrats. The tme is now for sure.

cerres, Estonia

Very cool project! 💚

AsterArt, Belgium

I'm not very happy at the moment. I have serious health problems. But this initiative makes me so happy. It calms me down. Thanks for sharing this.

Carygirl, United States of America

I helped plant trees years ago in a nearby town. Very satisfying to see small trees grow big.

alison41, South Africa

A wonderful project. A big shout-out to all who participated.

KaraKat, Norway

You all rock! Thank you for doing it! :-)

LindsayB, Australia

A wonderful project. Thanks to all those who joined in. The whole world benefits.

Eric94, United States of America

Awesome work :)

Crumblycake, United Kingdom

Wonderful. Hope someone stayed behind to look after those trees!

robinmp, United States of America

That is so wonderful 🤗

artdavinci, United States of America

INSPIRED to plant a few trees to make up for the trees who have helped me communicate throughout the years

alinaK2011, Russia

It's wonderful that such a community raises such topics and helps nature🌱

Sandy220, Taiwan

It's a great event

keetna, India

This is lovelyyy! Kudos to you all, extremely happy to be a part of postcrossing community!

Sochi, United States of America

Congratulations 🤎
This is so wonderful. A big THANK YOU to all those who joined in on this project.


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